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Complicated Love

Raven yawned, just getting out of bed. It was 6 in the morning with not even a soul in the living room. Raven was always the only one to wake up first, as she wanted everything to be peace and quiet for her meditation. She really hates the 7am arguing every morning, that is the time when Beastboy and Cyborg argues about breakfast.

This is how it goes:

Starfire: What's for breakfast?

Cyborg: Waffles with sausages! / Beastboy: Tofu waffles!

Cyborg: It's sausage waffles without the TOFU!

Beastboy: NO, it's tofu waffles without the SAUSAGES!

It keeps going on and on, until Robin and Raven got really sick of it. The same thing happened today, when everybody woke up excluding Raven who got up early, the argument began. Without any waste of time, Starfire decided to go out for pizza, and it really solved the matter.

At the pizza parlour…

"I am going to the room of washing, please order something nice to eat, maybe cucumber, anchovies, egg, fish pizza, perhaps?" Starfire grinned and walked away happily, so without further ado, Cyborg and Beastboy looked through the menu for something suitable to eat. "Uh, I'm going to the washroom as well. Don't wait up, guys." Robin almost immediately said as Starfire had gone. Raven had developed a small crush on Robin secretly over time. They have always been pretty close.

Raven watched as Robin left. She noticed Robin walking towards the lavatory and looked as if he was searching for someone. "Who is he looking for?" Raven thought to herself and to her surprise, she saw Robin approaching Starfire and they talked quite a lot, looking kind of intimate in a sense, which made Raven uncomfortable.

What was their relationship? Is Starfire having tricks up her sleeve or are they just merely friends?

Find out in the next chapter,

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