Complicated Love

Hi Fan fiction readers, I am writing the second chapter. Hope this will be okay…

Pacing around the dark room, the goth stared blankly at the ceiling, wondering about what happened at the Pizza Parlour. "Robin…Robin… Why is he acting so strange recently?" The puzzled Raven thought and lied down on her dark and comfy bed and just fell asleep unknowingly.

The next day…

"Yawn!" The boy wonder yawned as he walked lazily out of his room. Coincidently, Raven also walked out of her room with a book in her hands. Their eyes met and a tingling feeling could be felt running down both their bodies. "Oh… good morning…" Robin reacted and dragged his feet to the kitchen. Raven could not even reply and he just walked away, Raven was spending the night before wondering, should she tell him that she was crushing on him all along, or should she keep it a secret…

"What is for breakfast friends?" The alien princess asked cheerfully as always. "Bacons and eggs… Yum!" Cyborg exclaimed and gulped down his food in half a minute and rushed to his room. Raven walked out in a loss and even lost her footing, "Hey Rae, you okay?" Beastboy caught her in time. She nodded and sat down with a big frown on her face. Robin, who was sitting in front of her, did not even touch his food, he was thinking about what Starfire told him the other day. "I have something to say… But you will have to wait till tomorrow morning." It kept repeating in his mind.

Robin could not hold it any longer, he hated the way and how close Starfire has been treating him. "Starfire… I have something to say…" The boy wonder took her to a corner and whispered. The cheerful alien princess looked at Robin, and then at Raven, Raven was staring at them, looking rather uncomfortable. "Well, I…" Robin was about to finish his sentence when Starfire grabbed him and hugged him. "I like you Robin, please do not leave me…"She said, fighting back her tears. "Please do not be surprised fellow Robin, I…I am pregnant…" She said with much sadness.

"You are what!" Beastboy who was playing with his new 'Game Cube' gasped in amazement. He nearly fainted. Raven was surprised too and was depressed, "If she is really pregnant... I cannot go between them…" She mumbled and rushed back to her room. Robin was really jolted after her last sentence.

"How… What… How did you…" Robin stuttered.

"I am sorry, it was so sudden but since it happened, we have to take responsibility as the parents…"

"How are you so sure I am the father?"

"I have the report, let me show you."

She flew to her room. Soon, she went out holding a piece of paper in her hands.

"Look, it shows positive."

Robin was taken aback and walked to his room. Beastboy shrugged his shoulders and went back to his game.

"What did I do wrong?" Starfire said to herself and flew back to her room.

In the meantime…

Raven was sitting at her desk; she took out a piece of paper and started to write: Dear Robin, you are a father now. Congratulations! Uh… I am going back to my hometown, Azarath, for maybe a few months and I will not be coming back so soon. Just a farewell letter to you I guess… Well… Please let our friends know and help me say congrats to Starfire too. I am sorry if it is too sudden but goodbye… I like you…

A teardrop rolled down her cheeks and landed on her paper. She folded the paper and left it on her desk. She took out her clothes which were all about the same (All of them are the same attire) and dumped them inside her bag.

"Raven… I am sorry" Robin who was lying down on his bed mumbled to himself. He was in love with Raven all along but had no intention to tell her or to anyone. He was going to be a father now and had to take full responsibility.


Raven looked at her clock and threw it on the floor with her powers.

"It's time." She got up from her bed and took the letter which was on her desk and slotted it under Robin's door.

"Goodbye Titan's tower, goodbye everyone… Goodbye Robin…"

She wiped her tears and took out her books; she laid some sand forming a symbol and got ready to go to Azarath.

The next day…

"Cy, bb! Look" Robin dashed to the kitchen, holding the paper Raven wrote to him.

"Oh no!" Beastboy gasped.

"Raven…" Cyborg said.

Robin walked miserably to his room and met Starfire walking out.

"Good morning friend, why do you look so glum today?" Starfire said cheerfully.

"Raven… she is gone…" Robin opened his automated door and locked it. He sat down behind the door and said to himself.

"Raven, I did not even say goodbye…"

Well, is it okay FF readers? Hope you like it? Read on and find out more, is the pregnancy real or just a hoax and will Raven come back.


Cloe. =D