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Hold me tight

You're the voice I hear inside my head

The reason that I'm singing

I need to find you

I gotta find you

Mitchie loved her ring tone, she utterly adored it. Every time her phone rang it sent a slight shiver through her body. Up till now she couldn't believe that she Mitchie, the poor completely unknown girl, was dating the Shane Gray, the famous rock star, who every girl on earth wanted to make out with. To her though, he wasn't the famous rock star. He was her Shane, the one who was always over protective and careful with her, even when he kissed her, he made sure it did it delicately as if he was trying to hold her together and not to break her to pieces. Every time she sat next to him she would glance at him to make sure that he was real, and not a piece of her imagination.

She picked up her phone and looked at the number, it was her dad. He'd left her mom and her right after they got back from camp rock. She still remembered the day he barged out of the house, leaving her mother completely shattered. Shane flew to them as soon as she called him. He had finished his tour, and bought a house neighboring Mitchie's just so they could be together every day, and she loved every single moment of it.

"hello," she muttered half willingly.

"Mitchie!" she heard her dad wherever he was," Oh my goodness, thank god you finally answer. Mitchie, your mom's in the hospital, she…she…oh dear god what did I do?" Mitchie jumped of her bed and began putting her clothes on, her mom needed her.

"Dad, what hospital is she in?"she stuttered quickly.

"Um…the State Hospital…Mitchie, I'm so sorry, I did something wrong, horribly wrong.

"Dad…can you hold on a second, tell me everything when I get there," she said hanging up on her dad, and dialed Shane's number.

"Shane," she said helplessly, "my mom's in the State Hospital, I don't know what happened, my dad just called, can you drive me there?"

"Yeah, I'm coming right away," he answered with a confused tone.

"Please, hurry," she said hanging up. 'Oh dear God, please hurry up Shane.'

She stepped out and locked the door behind her waiting for Shane out in the front porch. She saw the BMW coming out of the garage next door, and quickly ran to it, opening the door quickly. She stepped in and said quickly said "State Hospital, quickly Shane." He gave her a worried yet confused look, and drove off.

Entering the hospital she quickly went to the help desk, "Connie Torres," she said hurriedly.

"OH MY GOD! YOU'RE SHANE GRAY!" she said screaming and looking at Shane who frowned and muttered something under his breath.

"JUST GIVE ME THE NUMBER OF HER ROOM, GOD DAMNIT!" Mitchie shouted angrily. She felt Shane put a hand over her shoulder.

"Calm down, baby, your mom's gonna be fine, just calm down," he whispered to her. She took a deep breath, and looked at the woman again in the eye. "Room 379," she said.

Mitchie quickly walked over to the elevator and pressed the button to go up. "Come on," she muttered impatiently. She felt Shane's hand intertwine with hers; she looked at him as he leaned to kiss her forehead. "She'll be alright, baby, don't worry."

Finally the elevator door opened and they stepped in. She pressed the 3rd floor button and finally they got there. She looked around and saw her father standing in front of room 379 tears streaking his face. She had never seen him like this. "Dad," she whispered, "is she OK? What happened?"

"Mitchie, oh Mitchie, you'll never forgive me," he said between sobs.

"Dad, what happened here? Can you at least tell me what happened?" she heard her voice crack.

"Sir," she heard Shane say loudly, "what happened? Can you please ease a bit and tell us?"

Her father put two hands on her shoulder, "Mitchie, your mom…she's not coming back…she's…she's dead."

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