a/n : a lot of people don't want this story to end…so I thought I could give u guys an extra surprise chapter! :) I might do a sequel when I'm done with my other story, but for now no sequel.

3 years later

"Where are we going, daddy?" Connie asked her dad Shane for the fifth time.

"You are just like your mother; you can never stand surprises can you?" He shot Mitchie a smile as she held on to his waist.

"Nope!" their daughter shouted happily.

"Well, do you know who we named you after?" Shane asked his daughter.

"Yes! Granny Connie," she said with such eagerness that lightened up.

"Well, we're going to visit her right now." he said pointing to Mitchie's mother's grave.

"oh," their daughter said with a small smile. Just like her mom's. Shane loved that smile, and know he would get it every day from both his wife and his daughter.

Mitchie walked up to her mom's grave, and went on her knees, just like that night 3 years ago.

"Hi mom. I hope you can hear me. Today was Connie's 3rd birthday. She looks like you. She seems so happy. I hope you can see us right now, life's going great. Shane's always there, so are Nate, Jason, and Caitlyn. Josh (Caitlyn's and Nate's son) turned 3 too. He seems perfect for little Connie. I hope one day we can meet again, bye." She got up and kissed her daughter on the cheek and moved in to gently kiss Shane on the lips.

"I love you," he whispered quietly.

"Love you, too," she whispered back.

"Mommy and Daddy sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love-"

"Connie," her dad gave her his famous 'daddy' look.

Mitchie picked up her daughter. "You see, one day you'll fall in love, too. On that day, you'll understand why mommy and daddy love each other so much."

"YUCK! I don't like boys, especially Josh, he eats my ice cream."

Shane and Mitchie started laughing. "Well maybe someday you'll fall in love with Josh," her dad told her as he took her from her mom.

"Nooo! Ewww! I'd rather marry Dan (Jason's and Francesca's son)." They all laughed as they headed to their car. They were a happy family now, and Mitchie and Shane were cautious to give little Connie all the care that her grandmother didn't get.