"Just the man I was looking for!" I said, deliberately looking for him where I knew he would be, helping set up the sound equipment.

"Hey, ready?" he said, twisting some chords and putting them in various places.

I shuffled my feet, No, "Yeah, actually I was wondering if you wanted to move up the time of our date?"

He looked up intrigued, "To when?"

"After the show?" I suggested, please, please say yes. He nodded in agreement, I smiled wide, my plan would definitely work, "Okay, see ya."

He turned back to the amp and chords, I walked onto set and the host, Jay Brand, immediately took interest, "Jude Harrison! Hey little lady-" I half listened as he explained that he would talk to me first and ask me some questions and just to answer truthfully, and then I would perform, and he shouldn't know the song I was singing so he can act surprised, apparently that is his weak point. After he finished I went into my dressing room and found that my outfit was set up on the chair next to the vanity.

I looked over it once, I guess I have style, then I noticed a note from Portia on the vanity, make me proud sweetheart , Aww, Portia, I will. I got dressed and walked out of the room. A stage man came up to me, "You Jude?" I nodded, "You're on in 2." I hurried to set and made sure my guitar was close to me so I could be ready.

I saw Jay smile at me, I felt encouraged, then I saw the camera man count down and the light fade it, when everyone cheered I couldn't help but smile. "Hey everyone we are here with special guest Juuuuuuuude Harrison!" The cheers got louder and my smiled got wider.

"Thanks for having me on the show Jay." I said sincerely, this really was better than I expected, and I had held it to high standards.

"So Jude, the world wants to know what's up with this new girl that is rocking the music industry." he said.

I, still smiling, replied, "Well, I only just recorded my first single, but its great to be here."

"Well, that doesn't matter, I have a feeling about you, you're gonna be big girly." He laughed, and I gave a light laugh in return, "So Jude, tell us about this song your singing today."

"Well I wrote two songs for the occasion and decided on this one because, well because its better," Everyone laughed, "I wrote it Sunday night, I guess you could say I was inspired by recent events, but you'll just have to listen to know what its about." I just kept on smiling.

"Recent events, huh?" I nodded, "Could this have to do with any boys?" The crowd, ooh-ed at the mention of my love life.

I laughed a little, "Kind of."

"So do you have a special someone?" he asked and the audience went quiet.

They anticipated my answer, "Well," It got quieter if that was possible, "I do have a date tonight, maybe if it goes well, I'll come back with another single." I gave a mocking wink. The crowd laughed along at my terrible joke.

"Ahh, then lets hope your date is fantastic! Everyone wish Jude good luck." Jay demanded of the crowd.

I looked out at the crowd, everyone chanted, 'Good luck Jude!', everyone except, one, everyone except Tommy.

"Well Jude, its time for your song, right after the unfortunately timed commercial break!" he said to the camera.

"And clear." The cameraman said.

I stayed on set, but I did look around, and I saw Portia running to me with Jamie by her side, "Honey you are doing great!" she cooed, "Keep up the good work! I gotta go talk to the producers about your next appearance." I laughed at Portia as she walked away at a speed fast enough to be a run.

"You really are doing great." Jamie said, I smiled at him, "Jude are you just going out with me to make Tommy jealous?"

"No, of coarse not! I really do like you Jamie, trust me, when I met you I dreaded working with you, but now I cant wait to come into the studio to see you." His face lit up, how cute. That wasn't a lie, he was really fun and cute and I did like him, the Tommy thing was just a plus, but who knows, I could maybe eventually like him more than Tommy.

When the show came back on Jay just introduced me singing a brand new song, "Hiii. I just wrote this song, its called Liar Liar, and I hope you like it."


You said I was your everything

You said I was the one

You played me like a radio

You used to love that I had no shame

Put my pain into us

Hold my hand to the flame

Tell me you love like a star

Tell me you want me wherever you are

Tell me you'll breathe me till your last breath

Liar liar

Oh liar liar

Bit by bit I feel the draft

Just sit back and watch it burn

Hold your eyes up to my veins

Call out, call out my name

Tell me you love me like a star

Tell me you want me wherever you are

Tell me you'll breathe me till your last breath

Liar liar

Ohh, liar la liar

Liar liar

Ohh liar liar

Tell me you love me like a star

Tell me you want me wherever you are

Tell me you'll breathe me till your last breath

liar liar

Oh tell me love me like a star

Tell me you want me wherever you are

Tell me you'll breathe me till your last breath

Liar liar

Ohh Liar liar

"Thank you." I glanced through the entire crowd, but I didn't look at one person in particular, by now I hope its obvious that it was Tommy.

I smiled and walked off stage, and camera man said, "And that's a rap, great job everybody."

And I walked over to Jamie, "You did great Jude."

"Thanks, let me take my car home, you can follow me, unless you would rather take my car." I said.

"Now what kind of date would it be if I didn't wait on you hand and foot?" He smiled, and I smiled back, he held my gaze for a minute, it wasn't weird though. It was comfortable, "I'm glad you decided to go out with me."

"Me too." I said grabbing my keys, "So, I guess I'll see you soon." He smirked. I walked past him to my car.

Jamie was a lot of fun, I didn't except anything he took me to do. First he decided we would go ice skating, and me having the balance of a three legged donkey I resented, but he held my hand the entire time, but we still fell, a lot. It would have just been me but since he was holding my hand I dragged him down with me.

Later he took me to a starbucks and bought me some coffee and we just talked for a while, it was sweet. Then he took me to a drive in movie, and he didn't kiss me once. I think he felt me give off the vibe that I wasn't ready. All in all it was one of the greatest nights, then I got home. Unfortunately, to my disadvantage Sadie was home, and it was too early for her to be asleep. Maybe I could get away with, I'm really tired. I got plenty of sleep since Sunday night but maybe I could pull it off, with all the time I've been spending in the studio.

Jamie pulled up to my house and to my surprise he turned off his car engine, "Your sister home?" I nodded looking down, "Wanna go do something else?" I shook my head 'no' either way I would have to confront her, because if she wanted to talk to me, she would stay up, "Well I'll walk you to the door."

"Thanks," I said barely audibly. I got out of the car and paused before walking towards the house, Jamie walked up next me and took my hand to comfort me, and my legs started to move, very slowly.

He held my hand and when we got to the door, I turned to him, "Thanks again."

"No problem." He started to walk back to his car.

"Wait!" I said grabbing his arm so he wouldn't leave, "Do you want to come in."

He smiled, "I would but, Jude its now or never."

I drooped my head, "Yeah."

"You'll be fine," He lifted my chin so I would look at him, and then he gently stroked my cheek. At that moment it felt like talking to Sadie wouldn't be as hard as I thought. I looked at him for a while, his warm hand on my chilled cheek. I leaned up slowly looking from his lips to his eyes in case he was reluctant or he pulled away, that would have been embarrassing. I got closer and he didn't pull away, he leaned in too. When our lips connected I felt warm all over. He held me tighter as I put my hands around his neck. For my first kiss with Jamie, I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.

He was the first to pull away and I smiled at him. He took my hand, "That was even better than I imagined it."

My smiled got bigger, and I kissed him on the cheek, "Goodnight Jamie." I said, he walked down the path to his car and I opened to door looking back to wave a goodbye to him.

Sadie was sitting on the couch, and surprise, surprise Tommy was right next to her. They were watching mean girls. Ugh, gross Sadie, cause Tommy really wants to watch that. Then I realized that they hadn't turned around, they didn't notice me. I took the advantage to jet up the stairs, made it half way, "Jude? Is that you?" Sadie kills my silent plan.

Well, no way out now, "Yeah." I say.

"Good, I want to talk to you. So does Tommy but I'm your sister so I get privileges." she said turning off the movie, and getting up, Tommy also got up, when he smiled at me I kept a stoic form. "Bye Tommy." Sadie said and Tommy left. "That was a great song today."

"Thanks Sadie." I said. I as already restless I just wanted to be left in my room, I would talk to anyone, except Sadie or Tommy at this point, "Look I'm really tired, so could I sleep?"

"No way, you have to tell me everything!" she squealed.

Wait, so she wasn't going to tell me about her and Tommy being back together, "Oh, you mean my date?"

"Of coarse silly! Come on, lets go to your room and you can tell me all about it." Sadie said, so excited she slid past me and got to my room before I even made it up the stairs.

I walked in, slightly relieved, "Well, Jamie is really sweet." I said closing the door on my way in.

Sadie had made herself comfortable on my bed, "Where did he take you?" she immediately started questioning.

"Ice-skating." I replied setting my stuff down and sitting next to her on my blue comforter.

"But, you cant ice skate." She gave me a quizzical look.

I laughed at the memory, "Yeah, I fell, a lot, but he held my hand which helped keep me a up a little."

Sadie cooed at the fact of Jamie and me holding hands, "What else?"

"Well then we went to starbucks and just talked, then we caught an old movie at the drive in. It was really fun." I said truthfully.

"Did you kiss him?" I was truly surprised this wasn't the first thing Sadie asked.

I smiled, and she gasped knowingly, "Okay, not like major make out, but a really sweet goodnight kiss, yeah."

"That is SO CUTE! Jude, you might have a boyfriend!" Sadie said.

I smiled at the thought, I wouldn't mind dating Jamie he was sweet and cute, and he obviously liked me, I was about to say something when Sadie chimed in again, "Oh, speaking of boyfriends," and here comes the wonderful news about Tommy, "I took your advice, and Tommy and I both agreed to keep out relationship completely platonic." Platonic? Uh-oh, that means I was wrong? Wait that also means I need answers, definitely not from Sadie, I had to talk to Tommy, and soon. Maybe even tonight. Platonic? That's a big word for Sadie.

"Oh jeeze, you must be so tired, sorry I kept you up any longer I just had to get the juicy details." Sadie said smiling as she headed for the door.

I laughed, "Well, not that juicy, but glad you enjoyed yourself." She laughed as she basically skipped out into the hallway, "Hey Sadie!" I called her back in.

She peeked her head in the door, "I forgot, I actually have to go out, Darius said he wanted to see me after the show and I completely spaced," Lie, "Will you cover for me with dad, if he comes home and asks? I shouldn't be out that much longer just maybe 2 hours tops. If I get too tired I can just crash at the rehearsal space."

Okay so I just told one whopper of a lie, but with good reason, I wanted to talk to Tommy, and truth was, with Tommy, he could whisk me away to Thailand in one night, so I really didn't know if I would make it home until morning or not. The truth is Darius told me to take Thursday off and not to worry about another song until Friday, and from then on we could kick the album out.

"Of coarse." Sadie said with a smile as she skipped out again. I got off my bed and ran down the stairs and straight out the front door. I hoped Sadie wouldn't notice that I didn't start my car. I ran straight onto the side of Tommy's yard. I bent over and grabbed some rocks from the ground. I threw one at the window. Miss. I threw another and it bounced off.

I waited, but there was no answer, come on Tommy I know your home. Youe lights even on in your room. "Tommy!" I whisper screamed, and threw another rock at the slightly cracked window. Still no answer.

I was about to throw another rock when the window glided open and the curtains pushed away to reveal Tommy, "Jude?"

"Yeah. Hey," I started and hesitated for a minute looking down at my shoes. I didn't exactly know what to say to him after icing him all week, "I think we should talk."

"I think that's a good idea. I'll be out in a minute, don't go anywhere." he said closing the window again.

Yeah, I was the one that wanted to talk and I was going to leave, actually I was kind of a coward, so I guess it shouldn't surprise me that he said something like that.