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"-" are to indicate blocks in Eriols memory of Clow

The lively scene of Tomoeda Highschool was it's usual perky self, harmony between the laughter and smiles was bountiful here. Amoungst the various Sakura Tree's, sat a navy haired boy, gazing off into a farther distance that was invisible to innocent eyes. His face was pale and transulcent, it complimented is knowledgable and kind, blue eyes. The past four years refined his body and sharpened his assets to form a matured and handsome young man. As the reincarnation of Clow Reed he inherited his magical powers and they, too, gradually grew to a substatial level. Framing his eyes were a set of glasses. The glasses were not necessary for him to remince Clow's past so his orbs and mind where drifting through his former self's past. Aimlessly wandering through scences and thoughts of Clow Reed's mind.


Even I ,myself, Eriol Hiiragizawa, riencarnation of Clow Reed, who was one of the most powerful magical beings of time, do not know everything. I do not know all the results of intentional actions. I do not know the meaning of life, but I do know why we live. I do not know how big is the universe is, but I do know how small how it can be. I do not know if there is an edge to our existences, but i do know that we can fall off that edge. I do know that we can survive such a fall, but I don't know what side effects may occur or how bold is the scar. It frustrates me that I cannot gain full access to Clow's memories, barriers that my mind cannot wander by. I close my and then again concentrate on the unclear past.
This certain memory happened somewhere before or after Clow adressed Yue and Keroberus of his natural coming death. I can't retain the memory's place or the conclusion of the battle but I do recall the reason and opponent.
I began to channel through the "chapters" of Clow's memories, lingering on the details and important information. I began to see what Clow has seen, feel what he has seen, smell what he has seen, hear what he has seen, and thought what he has planned. I was Clow, right at that very opaque moment, vaguely present.
This memory was obscured and blurry, almost as if you were looking through damaged or unclean glass. Clow was standing before a man with a blood red aura, his mere being was wicked. He had very dark, straight and well groomed hair. It was as black as night, as black as a crows dark feathers. His skin was pale and smooth, it was almost colourless. These characteristic's were almost kind in contrast with his eyes. His hate filled orbs were a crimson red, burning with malevolence. His flamming orbs were glarring straight at Clow, almost as if he was staring at me. I shivered inwardly. His lips then curved into a humourless smirk, Clow began to speak.

"Fei Wong-san, how nice of you to drop by" he greeted kindly. I could feel him smiling at Fei Wong.

"Hello big brother, I hope I didn't interupt anything important" Fei Wong answered sarcastically.

"Oh, don't worry little broth-"

"Cut the kindness crap Clow, give me your magical powers" he hissed unpatiently.

Fei Wong Reed flicked his hand and tendrils of red magic flew from his finger tips, heading straight towards Clow. His emotion were unreadable, this was one of the barriers I couldn't over come. What was Clow thinking of right now? I tried to over come and analyze the barrier, test its walls. But, sadly, there was no flaws of defects, I was left with a blank page.

The chapter then began again and the red tendrils hit an unseen wall, rebounding off an invisible defence. Fei Wong swore in frustration, he the snapped his fingers and a scepter appeared before him. It was long and elegantly shaped, its long and silver spine held a beautiful head peice. It consisted of two crecent moons facing eachother, entwining with swirls of dancing silver surrounding the center. It began to glow an ominous red and Fei Wong pointed it towards his brother.

"Delete" he comanded. Instantaneously a large blast exploded from the tip of his scepter.

Suddenly Clows emotions were readable in an instant, what was he hiding? He was saddened by his brothers actions and doged the attack effortleesly.

"Why do you need power little brother?" he asked sorrowfully.

"the time is near" , Clow thought.

"my actions will be helpful in the future. "

What does he mean? I don't understand!

"All will be clear Eriol-san"

His words shocked me. How could he know I was here?


That was all I could pull out, and nothing of such a memory made sense. What did Clow mean when he though, " my actions will be helpful in the future" ? Was there a new foe in future.

What does this all mean? I don't know.

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