Mating Vows

By The Alternative Source

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Now on with the story…..

I look at you as you stand across from me. Your eyes are only on me and my eyes are only one you. It's funny how you never thought that this would happen. You always declared yourself as a pure youkai that would never defile himself with the likes of me. You even told me that the only way it would happen is if you went completely mad.

'But here you are. On the day of your mating ceremony. Guess you're completely mad then.'

I know that I should be paying attention to what the monk is saying but I can't take my eyes off of you. Off the top of my head I could tell you what I'm thinking about. I'm thinking about:

10. The way you smirk at the things I say. (Even though it's much better when you laugh.)

9. The way you act around your brother. (We all know you love him but you've got your tough exterior to protect.)

8. The way you twist every situation into something sexual only when I'm around and no one would believe me if I told them that.

7. The way you hate Kouga's affections for me. (I hate them too. Drives me nuts.)

6. The way you love to chow down on anything and everything. (Bet Inuyasha would have a field day if he knew that.)

5. The way that your butt looks in those pants. AN: Time to squeal fan girls

4. The way that you always look at everything with those cold eyes but when you look at me I feel the warmth that is meant only for me.

3. The way that you care for Rin like she was your own daughter.

2. The way that you would fight to the death for what you believe is yours.

And the #1 thing that I love about you is how you make me feel safe and loved.

Your small chuckle makes me look up at you. Your eyes are sparkling. I can tell that you think this is amusing because you just realized that I was daydreaming. Daydreaming about you.

The monk's words bring me back to where I am right now.

"And do you Higurashi Kagome take Lord Sesshomaru as your loving husband through sickness and health, and even a couple demons along the way?"

I stare into your eyes and smile, "I do, forever."

The monk nods in acknowledgement and continues, "And do you Lord Sesshomaru take Higurashi Kagome as your loving wife through sickness and health, and even a couple demons along the way?"

You don't even hesitate as you say, "I do, forever."

The monk nods again and seals the deal, "By the power invested in me and the Western Lands, I now pronounce you mates till death do you part."

You set forward slightly and cup my face, "Can I kiss my bride now?" you ask me.

I laugh and say, "Of course."

You pull me towards you and kiss me like you never kissed me before. Its deep and its loving. And I can feel myself finally becoming one with you as pull me completely against you. Pulling back from the kiss you look me in the eye and whisper to me, "I told you that you would be mine miko."

I smirk and whisper right back, "Is that so Sesshomaru?"

"Yes it is."

"Well let's go. You have to claim your prize," I play with his collar as I say this.

He smirks at me and pulls me back to him, "Kagome I've already won my prize. It's you. And later I will claim my prize officially."

"Come here." I pull him in for another kiss when he finishes talking. And as I kiss him I don't hear the cries of joy and agreement from the mating ceremony guests. I can't think of anyone else but the person holding me in his arms. I can't stop thinking about you.

My mate, Lord Sesshomaru.

Author's Note: Hope you guys liked this. I did one like this for one of my other stories so I thought why not make it Kagome/Sesshomaru. Hope you guys liked it. And if you would like to see what Sesshomaru was thinking during their mating ceremony.