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Chapter 1: Confrontation

The strong black Transylvanian mare galloped through the midnight forest. Its breath giving birth to great clouds of mist as its rider urged the tiring animal onward. Bat like wings could be heard flapping not far off behind them. Danika Valerious swore, they were catching up. The young woman glanced over her shoulder. The best that she could tell in the dark of the forest there were three of the creatures after her. She knew the sun must be rising very soon if she could only get into the open she would be safe until night fell again. A ray of hope shone in her determined violet eyes as she saw a yellow light at the end of the tunnel the thick trees created.

"Come on Eternity you can make it!" she cried to her exhausted horse. She could hear one of the monsters screech behind her just as she flew into the sunlight the creatures talons missing her by inches. The girl turned to see four vampires land and resume human form hissing at her from the safety of the shadows. Danika breathed a sigh of relief she was safe, for now. She could see the vampires whispering amongst themselves. How long would they wait? If they waited around until night fall could she pick off enough of them? She took a mental inventory of the weapons she had been able to pack before fleeing the family manor. The vampires' leader a buxom brunette looked at the position of the sun and transformed. The others followed suit and flew back in the direction they had come. Danika's knees were weak when she dismounted and they gave out causing her to plop down on the soft, mossy, ground. Her family was gone. The realization finally sank in with its full weight. She was alone in the world, totally and utterly alone.

'Damn vampires,' she thought as the tears broke free running silently down her cheeks, 'they killed them all! Even little Trevor and he was only two!' She wept bitterly until a familiar voice addressed her form the shadows.

"Danika? What are you doing here my love?" it was the Count. The girl found herself filled with bitter rage towards this man, no this monster who had pretended to care for her then ordered her family to be slaughtered!

She glared at him, "what do you think I am doing here? As if you did not know."

He noticed her tears and a surprised and concerned look crossed his face. Had she not been extremely upset she might have realized hot genuine it was, "my darling! Why are you crying? What is the matter?" at this she jumped up and pointed her sword at the vampire dressed all in black, which made a brilliant and rather handsome contrast to his pale skin.

"You had my family killed! Slaughtered like sheep! You swore love to me. You said that if I wished it they would not be harmed!" her voice was not as fierce as she had hoped being broken with sobs.

Something changed in the Count's eyes. They darkened with rage but not at the young woman before him. She was blameless, she would always be so in his eyes, "Danika I do love you! Since I first saw you I knew I must be with you at all costs. I swore to you that I would no longer harm your family, I have kept that promise. This I swear to you!"

"You are a good for nothing liar! How can you deny to my face that you ordered those four vampires to attack my family? Only you could have done it after all you are their king!"

"My pearl be reasonable. Even the most fearsome rulers must deal with rebels. You must believe me I had nothing to do with the death of your family." He had moved closer during this speech, of his kind Dracula was one of only two vampires who could stand the sun's rays. He reached out and gently stroked her face.

Danika pulled away and leapt back on her horse, "no! You are trying to bewitch me and it will not work! Just leave me alone Count!" and with that she kicked her horse into a gallop and left Vladislaus far behind.

Vladislaus Dragulia looked after her his heart aching with her last words. He could easily have caught her but he let her go for now. He could find her whenever he needed. It hurt that she would accuse him of trying to be spell her. He would never his power against her in that way! Well perhaps in great need, but only then. It was inconceivable to him, but she was very upset.

It had taken him months to gain Danika's trust and love, now it seemed he was back where he started. 'Damn rebels' they were the ones responsible for this incident. His crystal blue eyes darkened to navy again. They would pay dearly for that.


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