For those who know me, my other stories MAY be updated this week, otherwise enjoy.

Reasons I hate Nod infantry…

Fanatics: Easy to kill, set up one or two guard towers and watch the bodies fall before than can get anywhere near you. And if you really want to spend the extra five hundred points, set up sonic repulsion fields. Watch them bounce off and laugh.

The Black Hand: Surprisingly tough, until you send in the Hammerheads.

Commandos: Only a problem if you're to damn cheap to set sonic repulsion fields up, otherwise run over them with a tank or something, just not a walker.

The Awakened: Just more fodder for long range artillery strikes from Juggernauts and snipers working together. Or Hammerheads, or garrisoned infantry.

Shadow teams: easily killed by pit bulls. Just remember to destroy any beacons they leave behind.

Militant Rocket Squads: Say hello to APC with rifle squad/ commando/ zone troopers/ zone raiders. I'd also like you to meet his cousin, MRT with rifle squad.

Saboteur: Don't stand outside a building waiting for an enemy to capture it if you see a combat engineer. He has a pistol.

The Awakened (when the redemption support power is used): I killed those militants once; I sure as hell can do it again.

Tiberium trooper: Slowing down my MARV will not stop you from getting squished.

Militants: Just because your enemy has an army of them doesn't mean they can actually hurt you.

Signed the good dr.