Funny story about when Bella eats too much cake ( Not a vampire yet )

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I walked to the refrigerator, and surely, there was some cake that Charlie left over.

He had gone to a wedding...and I asked for cake.

And I was happy that I got some!

And Edward was coming over in ten minutes!


I quickly stuffed all the cake in my mouth, and washed it down with a glass of milk.

I probably made a new world record for Stuffing Cake in Your Mouth Really Fast.

All of a sudden, I just paused.



I felt crazy!

I started jumping and running. Hopping and skipping. Yelling and giggling.


I needed sugar!

I need more! More! MORE!

I took out a cup, and dug it into our sugar bag.

I started digging into my sugar.


I need MORE!

Running to the fridge, I slipped and fell, but I was like, PSH! Whatever, dudes!

I grabbed the two liter bottle of mountain dew and gulped it down.

Ohhhhh, dudes!

Dudes, dudes, dudes, oh!


I need more sugar!

I ran back to the sugar bag and put some more into my cup. I then ran and put coke in that cup. Drinking it was the best part.

Man, did I get hyper!

"Holy macaroni! Hahahahahahahahahaha!" I yelled and laughed to myself.

Charlie was at work, so I was all alone...for now.

Edward came through the door.

"Bella? Are you alright? Alice told me she had a vision of you slipping..."

"Zip-id-dee-doo-da! Ooo! Edward! Eddie spaghetti! Hahahahhahaa!"

He raised his eyebrows.

"Did Alice or Emmett set you up to act crazy, love?"

"No, you silly spaghetti!" I laughed like a maniac...again.

He blinked a few times, before jumping into his arms.

My legs wrapped around his waist and my arms, around his neck.

I laughed again, and messed up his hair.

"Ooey, gooey! Eddie spaghetti uses jelly! Ughy buggy! Who wants jelly on spaghetti!?" I laughed again.

"Um, Bella, are you sick?"

"Nope, you dope! HA! THAT RHYMES!"

He ran me upstairs, and sat me down on my bed.

I just laughed until tears came out of my eyes, and I almost fell off of my bed.

Edward caught me.

"Eddie! I almost fewll! Kiss my boo-boo!" I acted like a baby and started laughing my head off.

"Oh, what a night this will be." he muttered.

"Don't be grumpy you lumpy spaghetti! HAHHAAHAA!"

He squeezed his eyes shut.

It looked like he had a headache.

Can vampires have headaches?

"Bella? What exactly did you eat tonight?"

"Uhhhhhhhhh!" I laughed again.

He grabbed my shoulders.

"BELLA!" he yelled.

"Yes, spaghetti?" I giggled.

He put his hand on my forehead.

"Tell me what you ate, please!" he almost begged.

"Hehehe! I ate-hahaha!- c-c-cAHAHAHAHAA!"

"Cahahaha? Cake? Was it cake, love?"

"Maybe, baby!"

"Anything else?"


"Yes? Or nope?"

"Yope!" I repeated.


"Hehehe! Cake, sugar, and mountain dew! Ooo! And coke!"

He suddenly looked serious and mad.

"Bella? Do you mean cocaine?"

I laughed like a psycho.

"Bella! This is serious! Sit here!"

I started holding my hurting sides, but kept laughing.

He came back, chuckling.

"Ah, love. I think you're high on sugar."

"I sure am, Mr. Spaghetti Head!"

He looked at me, like he was going to duct tape my mouth, but instead, he just held me against his chest while I laughed the rest of the night.

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