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Mystery Point of View

I got up and opened the door to see Bella and Edward standing close together.

Why did Edward have to ring the doorbell?

This is his house...right?


I had a fake mustache on and a tuxedo.

Why a tux?'s black...and white.

I get to look like a penguin!


"Hello, my patient." I said to Bella.

Edward rolled his eyes.

"Uh, Edward, why is-" I put my hand around her mouth, and forced her to walk.

"No talk, just walk." I said with a slight italian accent.

Edward, being Edward, pulled me away, growling.

"Right this way..." I sighed, guiding them to my office.

Edward and Bella looked around in the office.

"Sweet, huh?"

Bella nodded, and I sat her down on those therapist couches.

"Alright, Ms Swan...why are you obsessed with sugars and what not?" I asked randomly.

"Uh...because I am?"

I chuckled.

"Right, yes of course."

"Edward, can I have some root beer?" Bella asked.

"Um..." Edward stared at her blankly.

Bella's lip quivered, and she started crying.

Edward, being Edward, went to comfort her.

"There, there, love, I'll go out and buy you some."

She nodded like a three year oild getting her way.

Edward hissed at my comment.

Then he ran to the store.


I turned back to Bella, just to notice she was gone.

I felt something warm and wet touch my shoulder...

"EWWWWWWW!" I exclaimed.

Bella had licked me!

"Bella, what the hell?"

She shrugged.

"I've always wondered what a vampire tasted like..."

"Go find your loving vampire to lick...he may enjoy that..."

Bella just started licking my forehead.

"Stop." I murmured angirly.

I pushed Bella back onto the couch.

Edward came running back, handing her the soda.

She shoved it away, knocking it on the ground.


"Can I lick Emmett again?" she asked giggiling all of a sudden.

Bella Point of View

Emmett tasted good.

I liked Emmett flavor.

After asking that, I licked Edward.

"EW!" he exclaimed.

I felt hurt.

I fell to the floor, whimpering.

I felt Edward lye beside me.

He carefully brought me back to the couch.

4 hours later

"And you're sure you can't be suffering from psycho disease?" Emmett asked again.

I rolled my eyes.

"Yes, I'm sure." I felt angry.

"I need a human moment." I had to pee.

Edward and Emmett nodded.

Emmett then burst out laughing.

"BELLA! Nice oil stain!"

I looked down at my pants.

Oh my.

The reason for all of this.

The answer to our mystery...

I had gotten my period.

Thank god for that...and not some psycho disease.

I ran away to get a tampon and new clothes.

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