Ok people! This is the first chapter of Together until the end of time. May is no longer
Hannah Montana like in the old version of this fic. I want to make it a little more realistic. I'm keeping her and Jaden as a witch/wizard though…

Chapter 1: A New Journey

"Beautifly, take the stage," said a female voice.

Alright, now use silver wind to form a heart! Follow with string shot then use gust" commanded the brunette. The sun shone outside brightly illuminating the contest hall and making a natural spotlight for Beautifly. The sky was a pretty blue with a few clouds.

Once the string was in contact with the silver wind, it formed a heart, making it look like a white lace. The gust stirred the heart so that it moved over the audience and shattered over their heads so they were all covered in a beautiful silver powder.

"Now, let's see how many points May has won in that dazzling performance!" Lilian said excitedly looking at the judges with anticipation. The audience sat on the edges of their seats impatiently waiting for the judges to finish contemplating about the scores they were going to give the young Brunette.

"It was remarkable! You get a 10 from me!" Mr. Remarkable said.

"I have never seen anything so beautiful! But the shattering of the heart wasn't right. It seemed that Beautifly was confused. However, I think you deserve a 9!" Mr. Suzuki commented.

"I disagree with Mr. Suzuki. It was like watching a heart during a love story. The way the heart forms for someone and how it shatters when the person's heart is broken. I say you deserve a full ten. That was wonderful May!" Nurse Joy remarked.

May graciously bowed at the judges and then at the audience and left the stage with Beautifly. There was a confident spring in her step and Beautifly did a few loops in the air to show her feelings.

May bombarded her Beautifly with all the compliments she knew. Sure they didn't get a perfect score, but Beautifly tried her hardest!

"Looks like you moved onto the finals," a silky voice said from behind her, May turned to see her green haired, emerald eyed rival. The two had been rivals since they were ten years old and May began contests. May's rival had an odd way of putting her down with his teasing.

"Drew," she said pleased to see him and content with his veiled compliment. Of course with the teasing, there had also been a strong friendship between the two. Drew always helped May out in her past adventures with Ash, Brock and her little brother. May didn't ever have to help him though. He was very independent and he never needed help.

"The one and only," he confirmed arrogantly. May fumed silently. May and Drew would've been great friends…If he would just stopped being so arrogant. May desperately hoped that one day he would deflate his enormous ego. If he didn't, she was prepared to take a pin and do it for him.

May then remembered the letter her father's best friend had sent her. She decided to tell Drew.

As she opened her mouth to inform him, Drew's fan girls came rushing in front of him. May closed her mouth and glared holes in the backs of their necks.

"Brainless half-wits," she thought angrily.

After the fan girls stopped trying to devour Drew, they began prying about his love life. That's when May decided to leave him to his doom.

What she didn't hear him answer was:"I've got someone in mind." Drew looked around but he couldn't see May anywhere.

May decided to re-read the letter her father's best friend sent her. It seemed a little odd…

Dear May,

Remember me, John Sheppard? I was your father's best friend during college. Your father and I had a little discussion and we need you to come to Duel Academy (my school). Your presence is very important. There were these recent sightings of Pokemon and these people who call themselves the Shadow Riders. I have enclosed a ticket for your ferry. I hope to see you soon!
John Sheppard.
(P.S- Call me Uncle!)

The letter was filled with the most outlandish dangers ever. However, that was no stranger to May. She had been on many adventures that involved, "Saving the world" with her friends.

May pocketed the letter and looked up at the T.V screen in the room, waiting for the judges to pair up the coordinators against each other.

"Hey Jay! Sheppard just announced an assembly in a little while. Do you think he found someone to help you and the other guys on your quest to stop the Shadow Riders?" Syrus asked his brunette friend.

"Don't know Sy…Do you mind if we talk a little later? I need some shut eye…" the brown haired boy said tiredly before his face fell in his bowl of oatmeal. Well, you couldn't blame the guy. It was rather comfortable and it did wonders for the skin.

"Hey Cyrus," a young teenage girl greeted walking up to him with her hands on her hips. Syrus looked from her to Jaden and they both gave each other a knowing look before dissolving into giggles. Of course, Syrus' giggles were very "manly."

"Hey Lex," Syrus greeted back after recovering from his fit of giggles.

"The things he uses for his pillows," Alexis remarked shaking her head.

"Well you can't blame the poor guy. He was up late last night battling that weirdo who had a …millennium puzzle was it?"

"Yup, but it's still our job to protect the keys." Alexis chose to sit on a green chair.

"Did you hear about the assembly?" Syrus asked curiously.

"It isn't an assembly Sy." Alexis sighed while putting her face in her hands. She was tired as well and Syrus' questions weren't helping.

"It's only for the designated for the seven key holders…"

"I see…Want to wake Jaden up?" Alexis suddenly got a mischievous glint in her eye.

"You bet!"

Alexis and Syrus crept up behind Jaden and in a sing-song voice whispered," Jaden…Crowler is eating all of the food in the school." When Jaden didn't stir, they added," He's taking your deck too. There goes Flame Wingman!"

Jaden shot out of his seat and abruptly flew out of the room grabbing a towel on his way out. All the while he swore revenge on Crowler. As soon as Jaden was out of earshot Alexis and Syrus began laughing heartily.

"He loves his cards way too much," Alexis said. She no longer felt tired, but she waited eagerly for the meeting with principle Sheppard.

"I see you've all made it!" Sheppard said to the seven people in front of him. The waves crashed against the shored of the island. Dark clods made their way over above the academy prophesied.

Complete silence inhabited the office as Sheppard rose from his desk and gazed out the window with his arms behind his back. He watched the angry seas and the dark clouds before speaking.

"It seems the worst of the worst has come…More shadow riders are making their way towards the academy. Luckily, Jaden defeated Nightshroud who turned out to be…" he trailed off looking helplessly at Alexis. She sent him a rueful smile.

"However I have found someone who may be able to help us in our little dilemma." Jaden looked up from his feet and at Sheppard curiously.

"Tell me…Have any of you ever heard of Pokemon?" Everyone shook their head except Alexis.

"I think I remember! They're these creatures that have these abilities…" but she trailed off. She hadn't seen a Pokemon since she was very young. Sheppard shot her an impressed look.

"At least someone listens in class," Crowler mumbled loudly staring pointedly at Jaden even though he never heard of Pokemon. Jaden sent him his fiercest glare causing Crowler to back away.

"Why is he glaring at me? I didn't tease him that much! It's not like I stole his deck or anything…"

"You're correct Alexis. Pokemon are creatures that can control the element. Earth, water, fire, air and so on. People can capture these Pokemon with devices called Pokémon. People who Pokémon and train them to win Pokémon battles are called Trainers."

"However, you don't have to be a trainer. You can also become a coordinator, showing off the beauty of a Pokémon's different abilities."

"But Sir, what does that have to do with this?" Chazz drawled/asked.

"Well, if we could use these Pokémon to our ability, it would be easier to win against these Shadow Riders."

"But Sir! I thought we could only duel them," Bastion interrupted.

"The Shadow Riders aren't alone. They have their minions with them as well. That's where the Pokémon come in."

"Where are we going to get them?" Jaden asked curiously. The thought of new creatures that could control the elements was great news to Jaden. He loved bizarre things! \

"I'm glad you asked!" Sheppard said smiling at Jaden and sitting back down in his desk.

"My best friend's daughter happens to be a Pokémon coordinator. She'll use her Pokémon, which were trained very well, to help us. "

"What do we do until then? Professor Banner asked as he stroked his cat, Pharoah.

"She'll be here tomorrow, so we just have to sit tight and keep an eye out for other Shadow Riders. Alexis, you should keep an eye on your brother…"

Alexis nodded and left the room, followed by the others.

"Hey Lex! I hope gets well soon," Jaden said to her while running to catch up. She stopped and gave Jaden grim smile.

"If it weren't for you, Atticus wouldn't be here at all." Alexis wiped a few tears from her cheek, but Jaden noticed.

"You saved your brother Lex. Now go over and say to him from me if he wakes up," Jaden said. He put a comfortable hand on her shoulder and left to find Syrus.

"If he ever wakes up..." Alexis sighed sadly.

"Hyper beam Flygon!" Drew commanded his dragon Pokémon. The pokémon released a beam of energy at May's Munchlax. It tried to dodge, but its moves were futile. The beam of energy hit it directly causing it to faint.

"Munchlax, no!" May ran up to Munchlax and cradled its head.

"The winner of the LaRousse contest is…DREW!" Cheers and shouts erupted in the hall as Drew and Flygon bowed and accepted their ribbon.

"You did great. Return!" May withdrew Munchlax into its pokeball and walked off the field. She had lost to Drew…again. Of course she would be teased endlessly by him. May sat down on the bench glumly. A red rose made its way to May's lap. She stared at the rose for a few moments before looking up into the smiling face of Drew.

"You did great…I mean of course Beautifly did all the work…" He rambled on about how lazy May was. May shook her head and smiled to herself. At least he tried to be nice. No matter how egotistical, obnoxious and arrogant Drew was, she would miss him.

"Hey Drew, I'm leaving the Johto region," May said cutting him off. He looked both surprised, confused and…was that a hint of sadness?

"Where are you going?" he asked.

"I'm giving up contests for a while. I have to meet my Uncle for something." May wanted to be as vague as possible. She didn't want the world to know that May Maple was out to save the world again…

"Oh…I'll see you later then," Drew said, his face expressionless as he left.

"What's his problem?"

May shrugged to herself and left the room as well. She walked outside of the contest hall and into the harbor.

"Ticket ma'am," one of the sailors asked holding out his hand. May took out a golden ticket from her pocket and handed it to the man.

The man looked at her ticket, confirmed that it was real, and escorted her to her room. May looked around. It was a plain room. Nothing too fancy or complicated. That's exactly what May needed right now, and a good night's sleep. May laid down in the silky pillow and she instantly fell asleep.