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"I'm Chancellor Shepard, principal of Duel Academy. This is Ms. Fontaine, the school nurse," he introduced, walking over to shake hands with May. The nurse walked over, and checked her temperature.

"Hm, your temperature has gone down to normal," Ms. Fontaine remarked, putting away the thermometer before going over to get May a glass of water. "All I can say now is stay hydrated to get all that salt out of your body." May nodded. Ms. Fontaine handed her the glass of water, and she drank it thankfully, her throat feeling less dry, making it easier to talk.

"What's your name?" Shepard inquired, and May provided him with the answer. "Alright, May. How exactly did you get on this island?"

"I was on a boat, going back to my hometown, and all of a sudden, there were these huge waves!" she exclaimed, making pretend waves and sound effects, enthralling the two with her story. "So I guess I got shipwrecked onto the island and someone found me," May answered. Sheppard nodded, looking at her seriously.

"I see. Are you a duelist?" May blinked, looking at him for a moment, before curiously tipping her head to the side.

"What's a duelist?"