I don't own Naruto. These are a series of one-shots concerning the parents of the Naruto characters, no OCs.

Across Time



Chapter 1


Uchiha Mikoto sighed as she put Sasuke down for a nap. He was only a few months old but loved his brother's attention the most. Her oldest son, Itachi, was reading near Sasuke's crib. Mikoto was tired today. It's been a week since that day; she was trying to remain strong for her sons and husband. Speaking of her husband, he has been out a lot lately even skipping work.

"Itachi-chan, Okaa-chan will be back soon, take care of your brother," said Mikoto, kissing him on the cheek.

"Always, Okaa-sama," said Itachi, "Find Otou-sama soon, we need him." The ebony haired woman smiled, Itachi was so smart. Mikoto headed out, searching for the familiar signature of her husband's chakra. She found him sitting at some training grounds, sitting on a stump glaring at something.

He was glaring at the face of the Yondaime Hokage on the Hokage monument which was a perfect view from here.

"Fugaku, you need to come home and start taking care of things," said Mikoto, standing in front of him.

"Leave me be, Mikoto," said Fugaku, blankly. Unknown to most people, Mikoto had a bad temper that she controlled most of the time in front of others.

"Do not tell me to leave, Fugaku, I'm your wife," said Mikoto, snapping. "I love you and I'm worried."

"How can you remain so fucking calm? Our best friends died only a week ago," said Fugaku, glaring at her with Sharingan eyes. She jumped back and activated her own Sharingan. "Are you challenging me?"

"If that's the only thing that'll get your attention, then yes I am," said Mikoto, getting into a fighting stance. They stared at each other and Fugaku hugged Mikoto tightly. She sighed and rubbed his back gently.

"He's really gone, Mikoto," said Fugaku, sadness laced in his voice. "She's gone too."

"I know, I miss them too," said Mikoto, tears beginning to form in her eyes. "At least Naruto is still alive. I thought for sure that he was going to die even before it happened." Fugaku did not say anything.

"Mikoto, do you want Naruto to come and live with us," he finally asked.

"So much, I'm his godmother, you and Jiraiya-sensei are his godfathers," said Mikoto. "Besides I think Sasuke-chan will like the playmate."

"For Minato and Kushina then," said Fugaku. "I'm going to talk to Hokage-sama." Mikoto smiled as Fugaku went to leave. Then a thought struck her…the Uchiha Clan's Elders will never let the Kyuubi Jinchuuriki step foot into the Uchiha district neither will the Homura, Koharu or Danzou.

"I'm coming with you," said Mikoto. If they were going to get Naruto to live in their house, they were going to need to fight for the baby together. Mikoto and Fugaku first asked the Sandaime Hokage of the request. He was all for it, of course.

"We cannot approve of this Sarutobi," said Koharu. "That child will be in the Uchiha household which is no good."

"The Uchiha Clan had squat to do with Kyuubi's attack," said Fugaku, offended that they would actually think that.

"Listen we are all for finding a good home for the young tyke," said Danzou, "but it's not with the Uchiha Clan."

"I'm his godmother, Fugaku is his godfather, and Jiraiya is too but he is never in town," said Mikoto, standing up. She glared at Danzou. This man always gave her the creeps even when she was an active Jounin. Something about him was just not trustworthy. Fugaku let his wife do this because if they were not going to listen to reason, they were going to listen to a mother's reason.

"Sit down, you impudent woman," said Danzou. Sandaime stood.

"Enough, apologize Danzou, Mikoto is just worried about the welfare of Naruto," said the Sandaime. "I believe the Yondaime would have wanted Naruto with them for both Fugaku and Mikoto are his best friends."

"We refuse to have that thing in our place," said the eldest elder of the Uchiha Clan. He was an old fart compared to the four in that room.

"Naruto is not a thing," screeched Mikoto. "He's a baby boy."

"Woman sit down and stay silent," said the elder. Mikoto had enough, Fugaku saw that immediately. Both of the Uchiha stood up.

"Listen to me, you fucking old men better start treating my wife with respect," growled Fugaku.

"Naruto has to come live with us, where else is going to go," asked Mikoto. The Sandaime sensed a full out war between Fugaku and Mikoto against the Council Elders. He cleared his throat, full of authority. He was the Hokage, after all. Mikoto looked at him with hopeful eyes that he would give custody of Naruto to her and Fugaku.

The Sandaime was a sucker for cute girls.

"Naruto will stay with his godparents for the time being," said the Sandaime. He glared at the four elders, daring them to say a word against him. Homura and Koharu, being Sarutobi's teammates knew better. Danzou remained silent and the Uchiha elder knew the word of the Hokage was not to be crossed.

Mikoto went home to find Itachi sleeping with a book in his hand and Sasuke on his chest on the floor of Sasuke's room. She sighed contently. Itachi will love the new addition to the family; he was a natural big brother. Sasuke will love Naruto too, because if they were anything like their fathers they will get along just fine.

"Itachi-chan, wake up," she said, softly, picking up Sasuke who just gurgled.

"Ah, Okaa-sama, where's Otou-sama," asked Itachi, a light blush on his face being embarrassed at falling asleep while he was supposed to be watching Sasuke. Mikoto beamed at him.

"He'll be home shortly, we have a surprise for you and Sasuke-chan," she said. Itachi looked confused.

"Is it a good surprise," asked the boy.

"Yes it is," said Mikoto. That evening Fugaku entered with a bundle. Baby Naruto was looking confused at his new surroundings and peaceful faces. She held the child and smiled. He looked just like Minato. Fugaku was happy, she knew by the light in his eyes. Minato and Fugaku held each other in high esteem, and Fugaku felt that doing this for his friend was a good decision. "Aw, Itachi-chan, bring Sasuke-chan to come and meet Naruto-chan."

Itachi held his brother protectively but came over and his eyes widened with bewilderment and excitement.

"He looks like Mina-ji-chan," said Itachi. Sasuke looked at the younger baby with wide eyes and reached out to touch him. Mikoto smiled as Fugaku nodded at the three boys. "So is he going to be a new member of the family?"

"Yes," said Fugaku to his oldest son. At least for now, son thought Fugaku, thinking of ways he would be able to keep Naruto under his and Mikoto's care.

Soon wintertime rolled around. In Konohagakure, at least, it was merely just cold and there has not been snowfall in thirty or so years. Winter also meant the Winter Festival. The whole village decorated the village with cheerful colors and people exchanged gifts that day as well. The Hyuuga and Uchiha Clans were known for going completely all out for the festival.

Mikoto was humming as she worked busily in the kitchen cooking dinner. Naruto and Sasuke were in the living room taking a nap. This was going to be their first Winter Festival. Mikoto had decided since people were still upset about Kyuubi and all that she, Fugaku and the children would stay home.

Itachi and Fugaku did not like crowds anyway.

"Okaa-sama, I'm home," said Itachi, entering the kitchen. He just started the Academy in November and was already being called the Uchiha Clan genius. She knew her son did not like the ideas of fighting and wars, he was peaceful children. But he said he will become a ninja not for the Clan but to learn to protect those he cares about.

"How was class, Itachi-kun," asked Mikoto.

"I got my grades today," said Itachi. The Academy gave grade updates every month. "Perfect scores and I'm first in class again. Where's Sasu-chan and Naru-chan?"

"Sleeping," said Mikoto. "Do you have homework?"

"No Okaa-sama, sensei said since it was holiday he was going to be nice and not going to give us any," said Itachi. She looked at her son, knowing that he was not going to lie. "Can Shisui-san come over? He wants to meet Naru-chan." Mikoto nodded. Shisui was her husband's nephew, thus hers. Shisui had the arrogance of the Uchiha but he was really a nice boy. He was a few years older than Itachi, almost ready to become a ninja.

Mikoto watched her son, happy for now. This afternoon, Fugaku was going to talk to the Council of the Clans of Konoha along with Hokage get them to agree to Naruto staying with their family permanently. She wanted to go, but she needed to stay home and care for Naruto and Sasuke since Itachi was at the Academy.

Letting the food in the pot simmer, she went to the door that led to the living room to check on Sasuke and Naruto. Sasuke was up sitting watching Naruto, waiting for him to get up. Sasuke already knew how to crawl and was teaching Naruto. They were going to be into everything soon, Mikoto giggled at the thought.

"Hi, Oba-sama," said Shisui, coming in with Itachi trailing after. "I'm sorry for intruding."

"Oh not at all Shisui-kun," said Mikoto. "How is class for you?" He scowled.

"I'm at the top of my class, but the stupid dead-last is always bothering me. She's a crazy one," he said, almost whining but Uchiha did not whine. The three Uchiha heard baby laughter from the room. Mikoto smiled as she and the boys entered to see Naruto and Sasuke playing with stuffed animals.

"Cute," said Mikoto, having a happy look on her face. Itachi and Shisui then sat with the babies. Sasuke and Naruto (barely but when he wanted something or Mikoto thinks just to beat Sasuke) crawled to Itachi and attempted to give a hug, but it was kind of just them laying on the boy. She went back into the kitchen, not having to worry about them.

She took out a picture from her pocket of her, Fugaku, Minato and Uzumaki Kushina, Naruto's mother. It was taken the year before Mikoto and Fugaku got married. All had smiles on their faces, Fugaku's was only a small one though.

It would be the first year that Mikoto would be celebrating the Winter Festival without Minato since they were genin and without Kushina since they were teenagers. She missed them a lot, but she knew that Minato and Kushina would never want her to remain sad. They were both heroes, in their own right.

"Mikoto, come outside for a moment," said Fugaku, standing in their backyard. Mikoto's heart sank at the sight of Fugaku. She was the only one that could tell that he was in pain. Something must have happened at the hearing. She stepped outside, immediately wishing she put a jacket on.

"Fugaku, what's going on," she asked.

"It has been decided that Naruto will go stay with Asuma-san until he is a year old," said Fugaku. "After that he'll be placed in an orphanage. I'm sorry, Mikoto." He waited for her reaction. He knew her very well and she was going be so angry with him. Then to his surprise, she walked up to him calmly.

She smacked him across the face with all of her power. And then she jumped on the roof and disappeared. He rubbed his cheek (he should have never forgotten her strength was phenomenal) and saw that Itachi was standing at the door, glaring at his father. Fugaku thought his family was full of surprises at this moment. Itachi never dared to glare at him.

"You better go after her," said Itachi, as if he were an adult. "I'll finish dinner and watch the babies." Fugaku then followed after his wife, leaving the young almost six year old to wonder why such things were his family's luck. He ran after her and found her at her old training grounds for her team.

She sat and stared at the sky. She never looked more beautiful to him at that moment.

"Mikoto," he said.

"I don't want explanations, I know you did this for the Clan," said Mikoto. "But Minato was your best friend, Kushina was my best friend! And you are letting them down because of the fucking Clan."

"Mikoto," he started, but she cut him off.

"Minato and Kushina are not coming back, but Naruto is here and alive and we need to protect him. He's just a baby with an unfortunate curse," said Mikoto, anger dying down replacing it with sadness.

"Mikoto, do you every regret marrying me?"

"Never, Fugaku, but you have to understand that you're breaking my heart."

"I know, I'm sorry," he said.

"Fuck your apologies," she said, getting up and leaning on him. He felt her little body shake, she was crying. She never was a loud crier. His black, blank eyes stared at the sky as his arms encircled his wife. 'Minato, Kushina, please, forgive me.'

For the first time in thirty years it began to snow.