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Across Time

Chapter 10

Friendship that Transcends Time

Naruto whistled as he walked slowly towards his home. Yes, you read that right home, not 'house' or 'apartment'. His home was something he shared with Sasuke and Kakashi. Sakura would have moved in, if her parents let her stay with the three men. Since Sasuke's return five years ago and everything that happened with Akatsuki and Kakashi almost dying, Sasuke did not want to be alone and neither did the other two.

Minato strolled along to his best friend's house. Fugaku never called it a 'home' or anything, but just a house, a place where he lived. Minato suggested that Fugaku move in with Minato and Zeno but the Uchiha was stubborn as anything. Minato really wanted Fugaku to have a place he called home. So he was going to have to make Fugaku move out by force.

"I'm home," said Naruto, entering through the front door. Do you know how weird but refreshing to be able to say those words?

"Welcome back, dobe," said Sasuke, "Make sure you don't fall on the wet floor and take off your shoes, I just cleaned."

"Yes, Sasuke-chan," teased Naruto. It was really nice to come home and to have someone to welcome him and tell him to don't get the floor dirty.

"Call me –chan again, and I'll hurt you," said Sasuke, growling.

"No problem, Sasuke-chan," said Naruto, grinning as Sasuke took a playful swing at the blonde and missed on purpose. "What's for dinner? Is Sakura-chan coming over?"

"Don't know, Sakura's coming over and cooking for us, because I'm not eating anymore ramen this week," said Sasuke, scoffing. He enjoyed having people in the same home as him again.

"Aw but Sasuke, ramen is like awesome," said Naruto. Sasuke rolled his eyes.

"Fugaku, come out and play," Minato yelled. He barged into the Uchiha's room, grinning like a mad-man.

"Minato you're an adult, act like it," said Fugaku. "WAIT WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Minato went over and began taking out his clothes from the closets and dressers.

"Packing," replied Minato. "You're coming home with me."

"I'm not an orphan puppy," said Fugaku, sighing. "I told you, I can't move in."

"You're just chicken to go against daddy dearest," said Minato, taking out more of Fugaku's things. Fugaku sighed, why was this man always so difficult? He relented and started packing with Minato.

"Stop grinning like that, or I'll make you stop," said Fugaku, glaring at Minato.

"Yeah, yeah," said Minato, still grinning as Fugaku almost whacked him. Minato was of course too fast to be hit, he's the Yellow Flash.

"Oh, Naruto, Kakashi-sensei is getting some things from," said Sasuke, sounding like he really did not want to say anything, "my house. You know some of parents' things."

"Alright," said Naruto, not knowing how to deal with the mention of Sasuke's parents. Whenever they were brought up, especially if they were talking about Fugaku, Sasuke got moody. "Not going through Itachi's room, yet?"

"I'm not ready to go in there," said Sasuke. "So will you help me sort through things?"

"Of course, buddy," said Naruto.

"Where do you think you're going Fugaku," demanded his father, as Fugaku and Minato carried out bags of things.

"Away," said Fugaku, blankly.

"Get back here," said his father, as Fugaku and Minato began walking away. Fugaku's father's yells could still be heard but ignored. Zeno showed up and took some bags from Minato, quietly.

"Why are you here," asked Fugaku.

"Minato promised that we don't have to eat ramen for a week," said Zeno, blankly. The two still did not get along.

"Ramen is awesome," said Minato, pouting, "no ramen for a week, so tragic."

"This was all your genius idea," retorted Zeno and Fugaku, at the same time.

Sasuke and Naruto sat on the living room floor with two big boxes of things from Sasuke's parents' room. Kakashi went to go make sure that Sakura was really coming over and cooking for them, because the Jounin could not stand ramen any longer. Naruto waited for Sasuke to open the first box, his mother's things. The first thing Sasuke pulled out was his mother's wedding kimono.

"Holy crap that's beautiful," said Naruto. It was a nice, expensive looking dress.

"Is Sakura about this size," asked Sasuke.

"I don't know," said Naruto, shrugging. Sasuke had a light blush on his face.

"Do you think she'll like it, if I give it to her," he asked. Naruto laughed.

"Are you insane? Of course, she'll cherish forever, besides it's not like you can wear it," said Naruto. Sasuke got up and hung the kimono so it would not wrinkle. Naruto reached into Mikoto's box and pulled out a photo album. "Can we look at it?" Sasuke sat back down. Naruto opened it. Sasuke's eyes widened.

"My mother was on the same team as Yondaime-sama," asked Sasuke. He knew his mother was a Jounin, but he never asked her about her team. He should have damnit.

"So my father and your mother knew each other," said Naruto, smiling. He knew about his heritage. Gamabunta was the one who actually decided it was time to tell the blonde the truth. "Who's Zeno? I never heard of him."

"It's says 'rest in piece', I'm guessing he's gone," said Sasuke. "Look my father was on the same team as Hiashi-san and his twin."

"Neji and Hinata's fathers, woah, that must have been a kickass team, but not better than Team Jiraiya, of course," said Naruto, grinning. "Look its Ino, Shikamaru and Chouji's fathers. And there's Shino and Kiba's father and mother."

"Looks like our fathers like to fight as much as we do," said Sasuke. The next ten pages were pictures of Fugaku and Minato beating the crap out of each other. Then, Sasuke watched Naruto freeze at the next page. It was a picture of Mikoto with a red haired woman, both were grinning at the camera. "Naruto, are you alright?"

"I think that's my mother," said Naruto, slowly. Gamabunta did not have pictures of Naruto's mother and Naruto already knew what Minato looked like. Gamabunta did his best to describe Kushina to Naruto.

"She's pretty," said Sasuke. He took the album from Naruto's hands and took the picture out. He handed it to Naruto.

"Sasuke, I couldn't," said Naruto.

"You don't have pictures of your mother, there's plenty of mine," said Sasuke, shoving it into the blonde's hands.

"Thanks," said Naruto, happy. The two looked through the whole album; it had wedding pictures, baby pictures of Itachi and Sasuke, Itachi's genin team and a family picture of the four Uchiha. "Man, Itachi's team had all dark haired boys on it."

"I think that one's a girl," said Sasuke, pointing to the center.

"Really," asked Naruto, looking closely. "Yeah, I guess that's a girl. I hope she wasn't an Itachi fangirl."

"I don't know," said Sasuke. "Maybe she's still alive; we could look for her or ask Hokage-sama." Naruto nodded. Other things in Mikoto's box were trinkets that were probably gifts from her teammates and Fugaku, her jewelry box, and her Jounin outfit. Sasuke sighed as he opened Fugaku's box. His things were more practical. Kunai, shuriken, his wedding kimono, pictures of Itachi, Sasuke, Mikoto and Minato were in a box. Then Naruto gasped. He picked up an odd looking kunai.

"This was my father's or at least this was the key to his Hiraishin," said Naruto. Sasuke took a look at it.

"There's an inscription on in," said Sasuke. "To my best friend, if he ever needs me."

"Here's another one hidden amongst your mother's things," said Naruto. "To the sister I never had, I've got your back."

"I'm here guys," said Sakura, strolling in with Kakashi. "Woah, you went through the boxes without me."

"Hey, Sakura, Sasuke wants to give you something," said Naruto, grinning. Sasuke put away the special kunai. He groaned internally, Naruto just loved to embarrass him.

"Really," asked Sakura, interested.

"Yeah, see that kimono, it's yours if you want it," said Sasuke, trying to busy himself with something else.

"Ne Sasuke-kun, are you serious? It's so beautiful, was it your mother's," asked Sakura.

"Yes," said Sasuke.

"Oh I couldn't Sasuke-kun, it's your mother's," said Sakura.

"She'd like you, so she would want you to have it," said Sasuke. "Sides, I can't do much with it." Sakura grinned. Kakashi looked at some of the pictures. "Did you know Naruto's parents and my parents knew each other?"

"Eh, sort of," said Kakashi. "I was five when I first met sensei and I didn't really care about things like that back then, I know my father said something about his genin team with an Uchiha and two Hyuuga. In fact it was your father, Fugaku-san that stopped his clan from killing me for having Obito's Sharingan. I've met Kushina-chan and Mikoto-san a couple of times when they were angry at sensei. But other than that I really didn't know anything."

"I never seen Okaa-chan angry," said Sasuke. Kakashi blinked.

"You did not want to," said Kakashi. Sakura went off to the kitchen to start dinner. Kakashi claimed that he was tired and went to his room.

"Looks like if things did not turn out the way they did, we'd probably know each other much longer," said Naruto.

"Yeah," said Sasuke, thinking.

"What," Naruto asked.

"If our parents were such best friends, how come my parents didn't take you in when you were a baby," asked Sasuke. Naruto sighed.

"Probably because of how the Uchiha were thought to be behind the Kyuubi attack, remember," said Naruto. "Those bastards probably didn't want me to go to them."

"Yeah, you're right," said Sasuke, sighing. "It would have been nice if my parents took me in even if it was only for seven years."

"Maybe Itachi wouldn't have had to kill the clan," suggested Naruto. "But things turn out…"

"…in certain ways for certain reasons," finished Sasuke, sighing.

"It is the choice you make, Fugaku, that shape your future," said Minato, as he and Zeno welcomed Fugaku to their little home. "And you just made a good decision." Even though, in a couple of years Fugaku will marry Mikoto and move back with the Uchiha and make a home with her, he had a home with his best friend for a while. It was nice.