The Legend of Spyro: How Much for Your Love?

Author's Note: This story takes place two years after The Legend of Spyro Dawn of the Dragon. This story was created when I thought of making a romance story since my other ones all are war stories. So this is the second experimental romance book I'm writing. The first story that I made was called The Legend of Spyro Eternal Love. And no How Much For Your Love and Eternal Love are not connected.

Disclaimer: I own what is mine and I don't own what isn't mine.

Chapter 1: Prologue

Spyro and Cynder stood before a thirty-foot tall dark dragon. The evil dragon laughed and fired a beam of Convexity at the pair. The two young dragons dodged the attack and countered with their fire breath. The flames licked at the dragon that smiled and simply fired his own flames that overwhelmed the two younger dragon's fire. Cynder dived towards the dark dragon as Spyro held his attention by firing bolts of electricity at him. The dragon blocked the bolts and blasted Spyro with his electric breath, stunning him. Spyro collapsed to the ground, unable to move as the dark dragon approached. Cynder looked to Spyro and realized that she needed to stop the dragon. She stabbed her tail blade into the dragon's leg and the dragon roared as it swung its large hand at her. The hand crashed into her and knocked her to the side of the large platform above what was the mountain of Malefor that now was the volcano of Malefor. The dragon laughed and Spyro's eyes went wide with horror. He charged over to her and shook her yelling her name.

"Cynder!" he yelled, "Cynder wake up. Come on, I need you. Don't be dead, I…I love you."

Cynder didn't respond.

Spyro thought she was dead and turned to the dragon and yelled, "Malefor you wretched creature. I'll kill you for this and I swear it will not be fun for you."

Spyro's rage exploded creating an inferno inside of him. The anger and hate added fuel to that deadly blaze inside of him. Spyro lost control as his power skyrocketed. His eyes glowed with intense purple energy that spread over his entire body. The amount of energy that Spyro gained was too much and his body began to pulse with Convexitial energy. Cynder's body absorbed this extra energy allowing her to connect with Convexity, allowing her to use it. It woke her up and she looked at Spyro who was covered with the bright purple energy that intensely glowed and continued to grow brighter.

The energy that was over Spyro's body began to slowly expand creating a sphere of Convexitial energy around him. Spyro's body was now visible through the sphere. He opened his mouth and an ancient and powerful roar was unleashed, shaking the very mountains below them. Purple energy suddenly appeared in his mouth and Spyro unleashed the energy that threw itself forward, like of a spear. The energy struck Malefor and the beam ripped through him. Spyro held the beam allowing his rage to continued feeding him the power to kill the Dark Master. Spyro moved the beam so it would hit the Dark Master's black heart. The beam ate through the chest until it came to the area where the heart of a dragon was located and Spyro held it at this position.

The Dark Master's face changed to a face of disbelieve that he had been damaged so much. Spyro's face was one that showed that he hated the Dark Master with every ounce of his being and Spyro showed it by continuing to destroy the Dark Master with his massive amount of Convexitial energy.

Cynder noticed this change in Spyro ever since they had gotten out of the crystal that saved them from the destruction of the Well of Souls. She was worried by it, but didn't want to let Spyro catch onto her true feelings for him, yet. She was worried about what he might think of her feelings for him. They were great friends and she didn't want to ruin that, but she couldn't help the feelings that told her that he was the one. Hopefully, Spyro was the same way.

Spyro roared again, just as loud as last time and as he did seven dragons made of Convexitial energy flew out from him and ripped through the Dark Master's body, breaking it. The great darkness known as Malefor fell. The source of the shadows in the Dragon Realms ended and the first purple dragon was defeated by his own kin.

Spyro's rage died down and the Convexity energy followed. Cynder looked at Spyro and Spyro turned around and looked her straight in the eyes.

She walked over to him and said, "Thank you," as she gave him a hug.

Spyro returned the embrace and said, "You're welcome."

Light returned to the land and the corruption of Malefor's darkness disappeared; bringing back the land that was familiar to them.