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Chapter 6: Dark Knowledge

Spyro carefully read the book. Flame and Ember came over and sat next to him reading the book as well. Spyro recognized the writing and remembered where he saw it. In the Celestial Caves with the Chronicler. The book told the tale of Malefor and after that it had more writing. The writing described plans for the take over of the Realms. The weird part was that it skipped from records of how well the conquest was going to a new entry that said,

"I'm back with a new different definition of vengeance. Vengeance now means for me the death of Spyro and Cynder. It still escapes me on how they were able to defeat my armies and even more so…how they defeat me. Of all the creatures in the Realms I was defeated by the most unlikely creatures. Two dragons hardly old enough to join the city guard of my birthplace. Nevertheless I will not make the mistakes again. I have created the name of Cephas to disguise myself. I have devised a plan that will be something the dragons will never expect. I'm going to use Cynder to get Spyro. I have learned that he has feelings for her and the way to deal the most pain to him is to steal the one he loves. Hopefully he will be unable to take the pain and will do something foolish enough to cause him major damage. I'll be there to crush what is left of that broken whelping and then the same will happen to Cynder after her love is dead."

After the pages of journaling there were several blank pages and after that there were strange sayings. Spyro read through several and dropped the book.

Flame and Ember looked at him and asked, "You ok Spyro?"

"It's him," Spyro replied.

"Who?" asked Flame.

"The Dark Master," Spyro responded, "Cephas is the Dark Master."

"What did the writing say?" asked Ember.

"Dark magic," Spyro said.

"What are you going to do?" Flame asked him.

"Study this book so I know how to counter him when I fight him," Spyro replied.

"Isn't it dangerous though learning dark magic?" asked Ember.

"Yes, but it's for the safety of the Realms and especially for Cynder's safety," Spyro argued.

"It's about time you started to act like you cared for her," Flame said jokingly.

Spyro glared at him and began to read the book. Flame and Ember left him alone so he could concentrate better. They decided to head out somewhere to talk.

When they exited the cave Flame whispered, "Boy he is really switched personalities."

"Yeah," Ember agreed, "He went from laid back to aggressive in two days."

"I think he is losing it," Flame said.

"No," Ember replied, "He just cares about Cynder more than we thought he did and now that she is endanger he is trying to protect her.

"Let's just hope nothing bad happens to him," Flame added.

Two hours had passed and Spyro had finished reading through the book. He memorized every spell and ability in the book and went deep into the mountains to practice them. He knew he could defeat the Dark Master at his current state, but he wanted to make the Dark Master pay dearly for what he did to Cynder and him.

He landed began the first spell. He had no idea what these were supposed to do though. The first spell failed and Spyro moved down the list of spells. It took him three hours to go through all of them. The spells varied from reforming objects, twisted ways of destroying things or people, control the minds of others, to harnessing the powers of anything around you.

Spyro left as he felt uncomfortable with the place. It was the same place where he unleashed his rage the day before.

He arrived back at the cave and Flame and Ember where there. They greeted him and he gave a half hearted greeting to them. He walked straight to the study and pulled several books. Flame and Ember came back to see what he was doing.

Flame worked up the courage to ask, "What are you looking for Spyro?"

Spyro continued to search through the small study and said, "A book the Chronicler gave me."

"What was it called?" asked Ember.

"Convexity," Spyro answered.

"Why do you need that book?" Ember questioned.

"To make sure the Dark Master doesn't survive our next encounter," Spyro responded. He found the book and sat down to read it carefully.

Flame and Ember left again, leaving Spyro to himself.

Cephas was in his cave searching for his book that Spyro had taken.

"Damn it," he cursed, "Where is that book?"

He continued searching through the cave until a thought entered his mind. If Spyro or Cynder read the book he would be in trouble and forced to leave as soon as possible. His only other option was to kill Spyro, eliminating his only threat.

That night Spyro was walking along the beach of a sea that was only a few miles away from the village. He had always liked the beach. It helped him relax and think about things. Usually it helped, but not this night, this night he was planning how to kill Cephas in the slowest, most painful way there was.

He continued walking and came to a part of the beach where there were many boulders scattered in a small area. Spyro ignored them as he walked by until he heard someone.

"So you have found out my truth have you?" Cephas said stepping out from the shadow of a boulder.

"You," Spyro spat, "I swear you are going to die here. You will wish that you never saw Cynder."

"Why? You think she actually loves you?" Cephas replied with a laugh, "She finds you pitiful. She knows that you like her, but the fact that you can't ask her out told her that you are nothing."

Spyro's temper flared. Exactly what Cephas wanted, if he and Spyro were going to fight with their rage and hate, Cephas knew he would surely beat Spyro.

Spyro roared, "Enough! I'm willing to ask her now."

"Though it is too late," Cephas remarked.

Cephas dove forward, tackling Spyro. They both rolled to the ground and Cephas smashed his head into Spyro's, dazing him for a moment. Cephas got up and walked back a few feet as Spyro began to recover. Cephas suddenly turned around and fired a large bolt of lightning at Spyro, which struck him on square on the chest.

Spyro felt the thousands of volts rush through his body. His legs gave out and he fell to the ground. Cephas came over and swung his tail at him, the spiked blade on his tail cut deep into Spyro's chest. Then Cephas stepped on Spyro's chest with a foot and swung his claws at his face. The three claws cut down the left side of his face, leaving three long and deep cuts that started at the base of his left horn and ended about and inch from Spyro's mouth. Spyro roared in pain and grabbed Cephas' hand with his mouth and bit down as hard as he could. Cephas punched Spyro in face with his free hand, but it did no good, Spyro held firm. Cephas then drove his tail spike into Spyro's shoulder and Spyro roared with pain, releasing Cephas' hand.

Cephas back away and checked his wound. Spyro slowly got up and grew an icicle on the ground next to him. He used his ice powers to rip it from the ground, aimed it at Cephas' chest and shot it forward. The icicle flew forward at an incredible speed. The icicle stopped once it landed in Cephas' front left leg. Cephas roared and looked down at the source of his pain. A large foot long icicle had pierced his foreleg. It caused him a lot of pain and was numbing the skin around the wound.

Cephas glared at Spyro and ripped the ice spike from his leg and broke it in his hand. Cephas stomped a foot on the ground and a dozen medium sized rocks shot up into the air, but then were stopped. They simply floated there. Cephas shot his good foreleg forward and the rocks flew towards Spyro. Spyro fired an Earth shot as the rocks neared him. Cephas knew fighting with elements wasn't going to do a thing so he charged forward.

Spyro saw Cephas charge forward and prepared to counter. Cephas was three feet away and Spyro jumped into the air, landed behind Cephas, and grabbed his tail. Spyro swung him around and threw him into a large boulder.

Cephas' body hit, breaking off small chunks of rock and sent up a shower of dust. Cephas quickly got up and charged out of the dust cloud into Spyro. Spyro felt one of Cephas' horns enter his lower chest and was thrown backwards about ten feet.

Spyro got up and saw that the sand under him was soaked with blood. He looked at his chest and saw a large hole with blood running down the rest of his chest from the wound. Spyro fell over feeling light headed. Cephas was approaching him and had a dark smile on his face.

"That should kill you in a short time," Cephas said, "I'll let you wonder what you should have done differently in life. Goodbye Spyro."

Cephas took off and flew back towards to the village, leaving Spyro to die at the place he used to relax.

"I guess this will be the last place I will be able to relax," Spyro said softly, "My life will relax into death."

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