'Two weeks, that's it, two weeks and they've decided to release me eh?' Sure enough, it looked that way, Ibiki was leading the four anbu that were escorting Sasuke Uchiha through to the hokage tower. He was of course shackled with a chakra suppressor around his right wrist. Just to be safe, they had a chakra draining blindfold over his eyes. He listened closely to the footsteps around him to keep himself from falling or stumbling up the stairs, and refused to hang his head regardless of how much his neck hurt. All the pain in the world couldn't make him bow down to anyone.

Three damn years of putting up with Samara, her damned uncle, and his fucking brother had made him tolerable to all kinds of cruelty. Two of those years he'd spent running around the country of Japan, running, he grimaced at himself for that. 'I'm an Uchiha and I was running from a woman.' She was twisted and loved to torment him.

Ibiki had forced more than few words from him using a truth serum after the first week of him refusing to say anything about his defection. Sasuke clenched his fist at having told all under the influence of that damn truth serum. He was stopped by a tug on the chain Ibiki was holding that was attached to a collar around his throat.

Chapter 3

Ibiki knocked on the door and Tsunade's voice rang out, "Come in."

He opened the door and walked inside, pulling Sasuke behind him. It it wasn't for Sasuke's quick reflexes he would have fallen, but he quickly caught his footing. Two of the anbu followed them inside the office and closed the door while the other two stood outside the door.

Tsunade sat up straight at her desk and looked at Sasuke. He was clad in a torn, faded, grayish, and stiff looking navy blue hoody. She could smell the blood on him as well as see the cuts, slices, and marks of hot kunai and shuriken on his arms, neck, legs, and a nasty looking cut on his left cheek. His white shorts were a blend of grey and brown, more dried blood. She had to suppress a scoff at how straight he stood and how he still held his head up despite what she could assess was a sprained neck. There were numerous brusies, including a dark purple one on his left eye that she could see beneath the blindfold.

She turned her gaze to Ibiki, "What is your decision?"

Ibiki nodded, "Hokage-sama, after our efforts, we were finally able to obtain the information we wanted and needed from him. His loyalty to our village is questionable, but it's really only because of the rage he is suppressing from his treatment. He is not sworn to loyalty to the Sound Village, or Uchiha Itachi. I believe he is well within merits to be able to live up to the expectations from the council on his continued penalty."

Tsunade smiled slightly at the good news and quickly recovered as the elders stood behind her. She nodded, "Thank you Morino-san, unless the council has anything further to say to Uchiha-kun . . . "

The old woman shifted and looked over Sasuke with blatant disgust. The old man did the same and then he addressed Ibiki, "Morino-san, while we decide and go over the information you have gathered, see to it that Uchiha-kun is tended to. We would like to see him after we have reached our decision in a more decent state."

Ibiki chuckled and nodded, "Yes, of course."

He then directed the anbu to escort Sasuke back while he remained to disclose information. Once he was sure they were no longer within hearing range he turned to Tsunade and she nodded, "Continue Morino-san."

"Yes, Hokage-sama. I have no doubts that Sasuke Uchiha is not loyal to Orochimaru-san or his village of Sound. I also have concluded that he has discarded his search for Uchiha Itachi. The woman that had breached our gates to come after him is the niece of Orochimaru-san. She is the daughter of a sister that grew up outside the ninja villages. I believe her mothers' name is Emelia Comicya."

The elders gasped slightly and then the old man addressed him.

"Morino-san, you are certain of this?"

Ibiki nodded, "Yes, her pressence when she entered the village confused everyone. The reason behind that is because of the blend of magic and chakra within her. It often confuses ninja of all calibers. Truth be told, I would think you could use Uchiha-kun to track her down and possibly convince her to join our village to help destroy Orochimaru-san."

The old woman considered him for a moment and then nodded; "That may very well come to be, but for now . . . We need to concern ourselves with the matter at hand. You have no doubts of his loyalty to the Village of Konoha?"

Ibiki sighed, "No, I do not. He came here because he didn't know how else to escape her, her uncle, or his brother. He did not leave the village of his own free will or accord. Though I am quite certain it does look that way. But as an expert on the subject of control, he has forced magic interlaced in his chakra, magic is not something we are familiar with nor can defend ourselves against very well. His last words and actions before leaving the village was a way for him to keep his best friend from following after him and ending up in the web he had been pulled into."

Tsunade closed her eyes for a moment and then brought her interlaced hands up and rested them under her chin. She said in a serious tone, "Are you saying, Morino-san, that Sasuke Uchiha did not betray the village himself or of his own volition?"

Ibiki nodded, "Yes, that is what I am saying."

She nodded, "This news will have to be proven before it can be taken into account."

Ibiki nodded again, "I understand that Hokage-sama. I am sure the council will agree with me when I inquire to have a medic-nin do the exam."

"It will have to be one that is thorough, skilled, and experienced. I believe Tsunade-sama's protege will do just fine."

Tsunade glanced at the old woman and nodded with a smirk, "Yes, I believe so."

The two elders exchanged glances and nodded to one another. The old man then said, "Tsunade-sama, we have heard enough for now. We will like the files on the continued exception. We shall look over details once you have everything together."

They then left in two puffs of smoke. Tsunade relaxed with a sigh and motioned Ibiki towards a chair against the wall to his right. He nodded and took the chair to place it before her. He sat down and looked at her for a moment.

She smirked at him, "I highly doubt you will be able to intimidate me Ibiki-san."

He chuckled, "Of course not Hokage-sama."

"Now, what does all this confirmation come from, what exactly happened?"

Ibiki nodded and proceeded to explain what he had forced Sasuke to tell him. The time he left, which he thought was only three years ago, was when he had his first encounter with Samara. She had forced herself on him, and using her magic and the help of the four Sound ninja, carried him off. He had told Sakura he did feel for her, and though he had thought about leaving, he had not decided yet. It was through Sakura that the idea that he left was implanted, but he had rendered her unconcious because he sensed Samara and the Otonin.

He couldn't recall the fight in the Valley of the End. He couldn't fully remember the next three years either. The next time he remembered being fully concious and aware he was already fifteen and within the holds of Orochimaru. He was surprised that the Otonin had not taken over his body in the time he was immobilized.

"You are sure of this Ibiki?"

He nodded, "Yes, I am sure, I believe the truth serum is quite accurate at making one tell the truth. It was his laps in memory, the vagueness and holes in the first three years that made me very certain he truly didn't remember."

She nodded and he continued to tell her of what occured after that. It was Samara and Sasuke that were the main focus of Orochimaru, he had an interest in Sasuke because of his Uchiha lineage and Samara because of hers and the magic she possesses. It was at the mark of four years that Sasuke managed to escape and set off to find a way to get away from Samara and locate his brother. It was in the course of that first year that Itachi and Samara found him and Itachi disclosed a very vulnerable point of Sasuke's.

Itachi had used genjutsu on him, they found that much in the patterns of his chakra and mind. But he couldn't bring himself to tell us what he had done. It had left a deep mark on his mentality and emotions. Then within the course of the next two years he desperately sought to escape from Samara until he ended up here.

Tsunade was quiet for a moment and then with a deep breath she looked to Ibiki.

"Write this in a report, every detail you have. Before the council wishes to see him again, I want the report to be finished. It will serve in his defense and possibly get his sentence lowered."

Ibiki nodded and stood, "Yes Hokage-sama." He put the chair back where it was and headed for the door. He turned at the door before opening it, "Hokage-sama."

She looked at him, "Yes?"

"I have seen every type of victim, and though what he has suffered . . . I will personally push for a lowering of his sentence, he's suffered enough."

Tsunade nodded and watched him leave the room. She put her hand to her forehead with a deep sigh. She wasn't looking forward to summarizing everything for Naruto, Sakura, and Kakashi. So she would have to call Kakashi to see her soon and have him tell them, or decide not to tell them. The details of everything had her stomach twisting, she had seen what Itachi had done to him and there was not telling how twisted Orochimaru had become. Through what Ibiki had said, she suspected that his niece was also a victim and had probably become infatuated with the younger Uchiha. But that was a long shot if she had indeed been raised by Orochimaru, there was a chance that she was as twisted as her uncle.

They would need to catch her and interrogate her before they could decide on what to do. She would also want to hear the thoughts of Ibiki's suggestion from Sasuke. He did know her and if he truly was still loyal to Konoha, he would give valuable information on her. She closed her eyes, 'Three years of his life are missing, three years. Exactly what did you do to him Orochimaru?'