Of differences and similarities

Of differences and similarities

Spoilers: Up to chapter 81

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A/N: just something that came to my mind as watch the movie.


Apart from petty thing like how they are both blond (and completely go against the stereotype that blonds should be dumb), have a dog as a pet (who they truly love), and that they are somehow connected to alchemist and the military (that has brought them both pain and joy), they don't really have much in common.

While one has eyes that are as blue as healing water, the other possesses brownish with a hint of red that represents her sins. Ones hands are tainted with blood, the other's with oil. Winry is used to help others with her wrenches; Riza is used to take away lives with her gun. Lieutenant Hawkeye was born into the military, raise to be apart of it and it destruction. Miss Rockbell was given birth to in a family of doctors, taught to help and bring salvation.

Win lives in an unknown little town, where she is force to patiently wait for her love ones. Riz lives in an apartment, never stable for she always will follow the one she wishes to protect. The sharpshooter carries a mark on her back the can both destroy or aid her love one if she so wishes it. The mechanic held nothing over the one she cares for, only hope.

The younger of the two, lives with her grandmother. The older lives alone for the closest thing to a family are her friends. The mistress of metal lost her parents to a war. The goddess of guns lost hers to a sickness. Hawkeye holds her hair up and dresses in blue, reminding herself of what is forbidden, a taboo, and that long has she lost herself. Rockbell wears light cloths and hair down, showing she is as free as her spirit.

The military girl knows of remorse and guilt the only comes to those who have taken lives. The doctor's daughter has always been exposed to gratitude and thankfulness from those who she has been able to save. In all and all they are very different. But they do have three things that bond them together.

One is the both girls have work hard to be someone in a world of men. Even if they are young women, they have discarded their feminism to be able to survive and be respected. They have become determine, strong will and stubborn. Yet they still have grace, dignity and elegance that any other woman possesses.

The second is that they both will never leave her friends behind. They are even willing to put their lives in the line for them. They know the pain of losing someone and they refuse to loss anyone else. Their lives are already full with loneliness, anymore and they will be completely alone.

And third, they are in love and will do everything in their power to protect them. Even if both are two famous alchemists, who can very much defend themselves. They admit that their feelings are probably inappropriate and impossible but they can't make them disappear. Both blonds will make sure that their lovers are save even if they have to change roles. Even if the healer has to taint her hands with blood and even if the assassin has to swallow her pride and learn how to help.

Ed is the reason why Winry has force to herself to be one of the best mechanics. The reason of every shot Riza releases is Roy. They are both women who are in love and they will make sure they live through this even if cost is their lives. What woman will not do everything to protect the man she loves?