They let me run alone these days, now that Jacob made me his second-in-command. Sure, Seth was furious, but he couldn't go against the Alpha's decision.

Alpha… it was still strange to think of Jacob that way, when not so long ago I wanted him to go back on his solo and find a place where we couldn't hear him. Now I was in his pack and… happy. Yes, happy, I thought to myself, at peace with everything. Including Sam and Emily. Despite the fact that imprinting seemed to hit everyone else I wasn't worried anymore why I was left out. It felt right, being single, like I knew there was something waiting for me; it just wasn't the right time.

Everyone else was human for now, Quil, Embry, Seth and of course, Jacob. It was whichever one of Nessie's birthdays or something, I didn't really care. In a way, I was glad for the peace and quiet in my head, the guys had a different way of thinking and sometimes it just got too much for me. So their little visits to the bloodsuckers were welcome.

I ran the usual trail, keeping watch, but my mind soon drifted elsewhere. That was my one advantage, while the guys needed to focus on the trail, the scents, I could quite easily manage that even when I was thinking of something else. Or rather, as a lot of times before, thinking of someone else. I'd never get caught thinking of him, like I caught all of them running the mental image of me phasing through their minds in the beginning. They learnt not to do that very quickly, but to a certain extent, it was flattering. Especially knowing that he didn't find me entirely unattractive was fuel to the fire of my already wild imagination.

My thoughts ran as free and fast as I did when I was alone this way, when I felt the wind on my face and the warmth in the air. The branches I ran past brushed against my fur and added on to my thoughts. If it only had been him touching me, just briefly, like a touch of air, but sending shivers down my spine.

Immediately, my mind jumped to that day a while ago, before Nessie, when we met Jared and he had to phase, having no clothes. The thought of him standing there, naked and proud, talking like the leader that he was had me break out in a light sweat. Suddenly, despite the temperature outside, I was beginning to feel very hot, but it didn't interfere with the images in my head. Of course I took a good look at him before I showed up in the meadow. He thought I was being nice, not looking at him, but what he didn't know was that it was more because of me than him. I would've jumped him there and then if I had looked, but he didn't need to know that.

The lines of his muscles underneath his skin were in perfect shape, just asking to be touched and caressed, followed from one side to another, up and down his body. I thought of both of us in that meadow, this time with no audience and no voices in our heads, nothing but me and him, walking slowly toward each other.

I took one last step towards him and waited for his next move, feeling his breath on my face, so warm, so inviting, so… sexy.

That moment in my thoughts, I realized I thought of him this way for a long time. All the time since he started phasing, since his sudden growth spurt that shook the idea of him being a child out of my mind. He looked so mature, so grown up. And after all that's happened, he matured in more ways than the physical one. Not that that mattered. His body was intriguing for a long time and when I joined the pack, I used to quite deliberately catch a glimpse of him. Not that I'd ever admitted that to anyone, including myself.

My thoughts raced now, I imagined his body just millimeters away from mine, his breath flowing from his mouth down my face and onto my chest. My hand shook and involuntarily touched his for just a second, but enough to get a reaction from him.

Before I realized it, his arms were wrapped around my waist and his lips were crushing mine. My body responded without me having any control over it, I shivered and threw my arms around his neck, kissing him back wildly.

My thoughts got interrupted for a second, when I thought I heard the sound of phasing… but no thoughts appeared in my mind, so I shrugged it off as someone from Sam's pack being in the vicinity. Of course, whoever it was, they wouldn't know what I was thinking. Just as well they wouldn't know, because my imagination picked up very quickly right where it left off.

His hands were roaming my body, a slight urge obvious in every movement, but he kept it quite tender at the same time. My fingers ran through his hair, pulling him as close as possible, our tongues tasting each other. Then I let my hands fall down his body, brushing against his muscles and stopping at the edge of his ripped off shorts. I let my finger run along the edge and felt him take a deep breath.

Suddenly I felt the warmth of his palms on my ribcage, inching higher until his fingers touched the bottom of my tank top. He didn't wait, without me having a chance to protest, he ripped it off me and his hands landed on my chest with an urgency that almost knocked me off my feet. He flicked a finger over each of my nipples and a moan escaped my mouth, muffled by his lips.

Without giving me time to think, he ripped off my shorts and lifted me off my feet, walking over to a spot right in the center of the meadow. In the next moment, I was lying on my back, trying to keep my breathing normal, watching him take off his shorts. The sight of his naked body would've been breathtaking if I wasn't short of breath already.

He kneeled down next to me, letting his fingers brush against my ribcage again, before he leaned over me and kissed me again. I felt dizzy, but that was not something that would get any better in the near future. I felt his right arm move lower down my body and I gasped as he reached my hips .My own hands roamed over his chest and in his hair, occasionally brushing his earlobes and his neck. I felt him shiver under my touch and I knew it wasn't him being cold.

His hand rested on my hip and I felt his thumb inch towards the centre, making small circles as it moved. The heat of my body was overwhelming and I felt my core dripping wet more with every movement of his hand. I shivered in anticipation and tried to make him touch me where I needed it most by moving against his palm, but he kept the excruciatingly slow speed unchanged.


Leah was out there alone and I felt a pull to go outside. Not that I didn't trust her, I knew she was well able to fend for herself, no, this was a different kind of pull. It was like I couldn't resist, like there was something I needed to know that I had to see for myself.

Phasing was so natural to me by now that I didn't even think about it. Some of the guys told me they sometimes didn't realize I phased until they heard my thoughts. And even that could've been prevented. I guarded my mind around everyone else; all the practice around Edward did me a world of good. Talking to Sam and only letting him know what I wanted instead of the pack-style everything reinforced my mind, too.

This time, I knew Leah wouldn't hear me, which I generally wouldn't be bothered with. Today was different and I wanted to know what these feelings were. I took off my shorts, tucked them behind the string on my leg and ran into the forest, phasing literally mid-step.

The very second I phased the feeling overwhelmed me and almost knocked me off my feet. There was only one word for it that my brain could find: lust. Nothing but animalistic, uncontrolled lust.

For a second I wondered if it wasn't one of the guys that I left to patrol or if Leah swapped with someone. I knew a certain aspect of this, all of us needed relief sometimes and our thoughts could run off with us some moments when we were alone. Suddenly I had an idea how Edward felt when his mind was attacked by things he definitely didn't want to know.

His hands were roaming my body, a slight urge obvious in every movement, but he kept it quite tender at the same time. My fingers ran through his hair, pulling him as close as possible, our tongues tasting each other. Then I let my hands fall down his body, brushing against his muscles…

I saw the image in her head just as well as I heard her thoughts. The way she saw me was unbelievable, I barely recognized myself and yet it couldn't have been anyone else. Her feelings were so strong that I actually found myself having to take a deep breath while carefully guarding my mind. I didn't need to think twice about how she would react if I'd caught her.

In the next moment, I was lying on my back, trying to keep my breathing normal, watching him take off his shorts. The sight of his naked body would've been breathtaking if I wasn't short of breath already…

I almost gasped at the idea of Leah lying naked on the ground, waiting for me. She obviously didn't feel or hear me phasing, because her mind kept going with the imagery in her head. The arousal in her mind and body had strange effects on me, too. OK, totally normal, actually, I found myself horny as hell.

My own hands roamed over his chest and in his hair, occasionally brushing his earlobes and his neck. I felt him shiver under my touch and I knew it wasn't him being cold….

The thought made me shiver for real and I almost felt the touch of her fingers on my skin. My fur became extremely uncomfortable and a layer of sweat covered me almost at the same time as I shivered.

The heat of my body was overwhelming and I felt my core dripping wet more with every movement of his hand…

As she imagined that, my knees almost collapsed underneath me, my mind becoming a lot harder to keep closed. I almost saw her body lying in front of me, legs slightly parted, the smell of her arousal hitting me in the face like a brick wall.

But in that moment, I heard voices in the forest and recognized Seth's and Quil's laughter. Without thinking, I phased back just moments before they started phasing, making sure Leah noticed the buzz that normally accompanied the change. It was one thing if I ran into her fantasy that was, after all, about me, it was a whole different thing to have her brother catch her like that.

In my human body, with an incredible hard-on, I walked slowly towards the stream. It was cool, I realized as I jumped straight in, just to give myself a break from the imagery in my head. Whoa. Talk about a surprise on an empty stomach. OK, maybe not empty, but…

My mind quickly snapped back to the thought of Leah sighing and moaning at my touch, the smell of her skin so close to an orgasm, the thoughts in her head when she imagined me touching her. As my brain recapped everything I just witnessed, I realized that the stream would not do any good. I had to get myself a different type of relief.

Walking towards the meadow, my mind wandered to places I haven't allowed it to go for a long time. Well, since that one particular beating I got when Leah caught me thinking of her phasing. The curves of her body, the reflection of water on her skin the one time she phased in the middle of a rainstorm, the perfect lines of her muscles stretching down to her hips.

Of course I thought about it when I wasn't wolf. After my escape it became easier to hide it from her and with time I repressed those thoughts completely. With Nessie, I was too preoccupied about her accelerated growth, the vampire face-off, the thought of me running away with her. Leah was always there and at some stage I knew she considered me a worthy candidate for a rebound… well, shag. Romance would be a very unlikely concept in the state that she was in. Or the one I was in.

Now, the image of her body, her nipples screaming for attention, her skin so soft and hot, all those things were giving me a hard time to focus on the path under my feet. Almost at the trees, I realized I never bothered putting on my shorts, but it didn't seem important. Once I got to her, I wouldn't need clothes anyway.


I almost reached for his hand and moved it to my clit just to get some release…

The buzz of phasing shook me out of my reverie. The next thing I heard was laughter and then Seth and Quil's voices in my head. It was almost too easy to block them out, despite the fact that my knees were still like jelly after those images I had only seconds earlier.

They wondered if I was OK, but fell for the brush-off that I was sleepy and soon went on about their usual bloodsucker stories. And as usual, I tuned them out, their voices just a background buzz in my head. Instead, I walked the last few steps to the meadow and stretched out in the sun. This wasn't our usual territory so I knew I'd be undisturbed here.

Letting my mind relax, I soaked up the warmth of the sun and enjoyed the soft breeze. It became surprisingly comfortable to be wolf, despite my initial disgust. That might've had something to do with me being in Jacob's pack now, not facing the constant stream of Sam's thoughts. We were different too; both Jacob and I could keep our thoughts to ourselves better than anyone else.

A couple of minutes later, my mind and body almost completely calmed down, I felt someone walking down the pathway to the meadow. Within a few more moments, I knew it was Jacob, because the breeze was coming from his direction. I stiffened a bit, but stayed on the ground, my eyes closed, my brain as quiet as ever.

"Leah, phase, now," he said when he entered the meadow.

He was human and yet there was a tone in his voice that made my body lift itself and phase almost immediately. Not thinking that I wouldn't have clothes on me, I stood there in the sun, eyes still closed, trying to figure out where his voice was coming from.

The guessing only went on for less than a few seconds, because the next moment I felt him standing behind me, his warm breath on my shoulder, his heart beating almost as fast as mine. I didn't understand what it was all about, why he asked me to phase in front of him, why he was this close to me. But my body didn't seem to respond in the way I wanted it to. The initial thought in my brain was to run away, to hide in the shrubbery until I put clothes on, but I couldn't move.

Memories of my daydream washed through me and I felt myself getting aroused, I felt the juices forming in my body, shivers running down my spine. For an incredibly short moment, I wondered if I fell asleep and was dreaming, but that idea was stopped in its tracks when I heard his voice in my ear.

"Leah," he whispered his voice sounding hoarse and deep. Aroused.

My nipples shot forward, electricity ran through my skin and I felt the goose bumps on my body. I still couldn't see, wouldn't open my eyes and barely managed to breathe, my mind still contemplating the idea of a dream.

Suddenly his breath was no longer covering my shoulders but my face, like in my fantasy, flowing down to my neck and my chest, making my nipples even more pronounced. My breath didn't come back before I felt a finger gently stroke my bottom lip and I felt his forearm creating a breeze and sparks on my breast.

As if he felt the same spark, that very moment his arms snaked around my waist and brought my lips to his. My lips eagerly reciprocated the kiss, my knees bucking in the process. If he hadn't been holding me, I would've been on the ground. I lifted my own arms and wrapped around his neck, losing myself in the hottest kiss I've had in my life.

My fingers ran though his messy hair, my body pressed against his and suddenly I felt his erection against my stomach muscles. That immediately caused my core to heat up even more and now I felt myself dripping, the liquid cooling as it slid down my thighs, making me shiver again.

I let my arms run down his back, tracing every rib and muscle they came across, only stopping at what should've been the waistband of his shorts. Only, there was none. That moment I realized that Jacob was pressed against me completely naked, like I was. That thought only caused more shivers and buckling knees.

His palms moved and touched my ribcage, his thumbs lifting up, to my breasts. I held my breath, still dizzy from his kisses, but now watching him look down on my chest. One of his fingers flicked over my nipple and a silent moan escaped my lips. Jacob smiled and while he supported me with his left hand, he let his right one draw circles around my breasts, making them smaller and eventually touching my nipples again.

At this point, I was positively hyperventilating and my head was swirling around in circles. My heart was beating so fast and loud I was sure he could hear it, too and the smell of my arousal was surrounding us. As he continued playing with my breasts, I almost expected to come just because of that and his warm breath, that in the meantime moved to my ears as he planted kisses on my neck and shoulder.

Then, suddenly, I found myself in his arms, one of his hands dangerously close to my dripping core and Jacob walked right into the middle of the meadow, setting me down on the ground and kneeling next to me. His hands started tracing random patterns over my body, occasionally lingering on places when he saw a stronger than usual reaction. He needn't have bothered paying attention; my whole body was tuned into his touch.

He lied down next to me now, his left arm supporting him while the right one was caressing my side and slowly moving to my hip. I took a breath and waited for what he'd do next. And in a perfect recreation of my fantasy, his hand rested on my hip and his thumb started making circular movements on the tender skin there.

I looked up at him and realized the one thing I should've noticed from the moment he appeared. He saw my thoughts, he knew my fantasy, and he did what I dreamed of him doing. And by the look in his eyes and the feel of his arousal, he very much enjoyed it. When he saw me looking into his eyes, he gave me a warm and seductive smile and dropped his lips to mine.

His fingers continued their relentless torture and I lifted my hips towards him. While he didn't change his movements, a growl escaped his lips as my thigh brushed against him. I thought I felt him getting even harder than he already was and the almost painful need in my center became the only thing I could focus on.

"Jacob, please…" I whispered, not able to use my voice properly.

He didn't need help, he saw it all in my head and his hand moved to the inside of my thing, his thumb inching towards my clit. One of his legs moved in between mine and pushed them apart, causing the breeze to flow onto my wet slit. At the same moment, his fingers finally reached me and at just one touch, combined with the air, my hips shot up and I moaned loudly.

"Leah," I heard Jacob whisper, "look at me."

After a moment of hesitation, I obeyed, looking into his eyes as he moved his fingers against my core, waiting for every shiver, every sigh, and every moan. Then his eyes darted towards his fingers and he stared in amazement, watching my hips move in sync with his hand. Then, without warning, he slid down to my hips and took a deep breath.

"You smell," he took another breath, "sexy."

My heart just about jumped out of my chest and was about to burst when I felt him placing butterfly kisses along my hips, his mouth moving to reach his fingers. As he got there, he didn't wait for anything but flicked his tongue over my clit and a moment later plunged a finger inside me, followed by a second one as he started to lick. At that, I shook in a violent orgasm, moaning his name over and over as he licked and sucked, his fingers keeping up a steady rhythm.

After I came the second time, he slowed down and looked up at me victoriously, watching me shake every time he flicked his thumb over my clit. When the aftershocks subsided, I was finally able to look at him, still kneeling between my legs, smiling.

"Thank you," was all I managed.

"Oh I'm not done, Leah," Jacob laughed, "after seeing that little fantasy of yours, after seeing you naked so many ties, after having fantasies of my own about what I wanted to do to you… I'm definitely not done."

He heard me gasp, not as much at the fact that he felt and saw my fantasy, but at what he said about his own ones. So it wasn't just because of today, he actually wanted me before. I had no time focusing on any of those thoughts, though, because Jacob's lips started making their way from my knees, around my hips, up to my breasts, where he stopped for what seemed like forever.

I might've thought I couldn't handle much more, but his mouth on me did magical things and I found myself getting wet and horny all over. Jacob looked at me as I moaned and lifted my hips towards him, pushing myself higher to touch him. I knew he felt how wet I was again, but he was set on teasing me. He reached down and brushed against my clit again, then moved his own hips a bit lower.

When I tried to move, he held me down and then positioned himself so that his erection just about touched me and stopped. I tried to lift myself again, but he pushed me down.

"You want this, Leah?"

There was nothing but a moan coming from my mouth as I tried to get him inside me. He did move, but only entered me a little, then withdrew again.

"Aaah, Jacob," I protested.

He did it a few more times until I couldn't take it anymore, looked into his eyes and tried one more time to lift myself against him. When he resisted, my frustration exploded.

"Jacob, please, just fuck me!"

That did it. Suddenly he was inside me, deeper than I expected, and did just what I asked him. He fucked me, with a wild look on his face, going harder with every stroke. His pelvis kept brushing against my clit and within moments I came again. Then finally, after another while and just as I was reaching my next orgasm, I exploded at the feeling of Jacob's come filling me up. He collapsed on top of me, spent, but smiling.

"We should do this again," he smiled, "I especially liked the foreplay."