Jacob threw me a single look and I knew where his mind was without any room for confusion. It was needless to say that my mind had been in a very similar place all through the negotiation, since I was almost desperate for a way to channel all my anger. I didn't want to snap at Jacob, but there definitely was a way to release all the pent up tension. The one way that recently seemed to be our answer to everything, from confusion about what we were and where we were going, through fear of what was going to happen; to the rage I felt whenever Sam opened his mouth.

"Jake, stop," I pulled on his hand when we were out of sight and hearing range.

"What's wrong?" his eyes revealed concern.

"Where are we going?" I looked around, not sure where exactly he was planning to take me.

"Our clearing, down by the stream," Jacob turned his eyes down, "is that okay? I just thought, Billy, Sue and Seth will be home, so we can't really go there and…"

His voice faded into silence and I stepped closer to him, lifting my hand to his chin to make him look at me. The blush on his cheeks was pure crimson and I had to suppress a laugh.

"Jacob," I whispered, looking into his eyes, "I love you. And right now, I need you."

Without words, he took my hand and moved slowly towards the place where everything started, the small clearing that I finally realised we were very close to. It was getting darker and the shadows from the trees were covering a big portion of the grass covered ground. As we stopped in the centre, I pulled Jacob closer and crashed my lips into his without hesitation. Our tongues met and I felt his hands wrap around my waist, making our bodies align as if they were designed to be that way.

"Leah," Jake breathed out into my mouth, "I want you so badly it hurts."

"Where does it hurt?"

Instead of answering, he kissed me again, with a passion that carried a trace of desperation and uncontrollable desire. My arms snaked around his shoulders and my fingers entwined in the soft curls on the nape of his neck. I wanted to dissolve myself into him, wanted our clothes to vanish into thin air so that I could feel all of his body on mine. He lifted me up and my legs wrapped around his waist and I tried to resist grinding into him too forcefully so he wouldn't lose his balance.

"You're overdressed," he mumbled as his lips moved to my shoulder.

"Hardly," I sighed, aware of the amount of fabric between us.

"These will have to go," I felt him tugging at the waistband of my shorts impatiently.

My legs dropped back down onto the ground and before I could do anything else, my arms were lifted as Jacob pulled the top over my head and tossed it to the side. His hands slid down over my shoulders, onto my collarbone, and then he cupped my breast, making me arch back a little at the sensation. I felt his thumbs rub my nipples roughly and I grabbed his shoulders to keep steady on my feet.

"So beautiful," he spoke again, his gaze pointed at my chest.

The next thing I knew, he was sliding down onto his knees, his head stopping at my navel as he planted a tender kiss there before his hands hit my jeans. It only took a second for the button on them to be open and then the shorts were falling to the ground. I couldn't even step out of them; I was afraid I'd tumble and fall. My panties were clinging to my core that was dripping wet already and I was sure Jacob's nose had picked up on the scent. Sure enough, he held me steady as he pushed my thighs apart and brought his teeth to the elastic of my underwear.

A moan escaped my lips as his nose brushed against the skin just above my clit and I felt shivers running down my spine. The panties came off quickly and Jacob pulled me down to my knees slowly, meeting my lips with his hungrily. I reached for the button on his shorts and quickly opened it, pushing them past his hips and feeling his member against my navel.

"Commando, Jake?" I raised my eyebrow, smiling.

"With you, it's always a good idea," he laughed, "who knows when the need might overcome me."

"Need? Really?" I smirked and his lips met mine again.

"Yes, I need you," he mumbled, bending down to kiss my neck, "I need to taste you, touch you, to feel you as close as you can be."

My head fell back, I leaned into Jacob's hands that I felt supporting my back and I let him lower me down onto the grass gently, never stopping to kiss me. He shrugged off his shorts and kneeled between my legs after he pushed them apart. I felt his gaze on my skin like a burning trail down from my lips, across my chest and down to my hips. His fingers drew an irregular pattern on my stomach and I fought hard to keep from arching up against him. I needed his touch to be rougher, his kisses more demanding; I wanted to stop playing around.

"Jacob," I waited until he looked at me, "Come here."

He obeyed and moved to be above me, his chest only just touching mine, sending little jolts of electricity across my whole body. Impatient now, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and pulled him down on top of me, not caring about his weight or anything else for that matter. Jacob seemed to understand my need and I saw the same one in his eyes. This wasn't a prolonged foreplay; this was raw, desperate need for closeness and release. His hand travelled down between our hips, brushing against my soaking wet folds and I jumped against it as he rubbed my clit.

Thankfully, he didn't hesitate much longer and led his member between the folds, gasping at the same time as me at the contact. Our lips almost hurt as we kept kissing, our tongues dancing together and Jacob finally gave in to his urge to do what I needed him to do. His hips withdrew from me for a split second before he plunged deep into me and I moaned as he filled me so completely I still couldn't comprehend it was even possible. One of his hands moved back to my hair as he pulled my face closer, the other lifted my hips a little as he kept moving.

"Oh God, Jake, faster," I heard myself moaning.

I felt like my body wasn't under my control and if I'd had time to be honest with myself, I'd realise that that was exactly the case. I was a slave to him moving in and out, rubbing my clit with the base of his member, but I didn't care, because it was exactly what I needed. Within moments, I felt the telltale signs of my orgasm approaching at the speed of light and I gave myself over to the feeling. As it hit me, I moaned loudly, clenched the muscles in my core around him and felt Jacob exploding into me at the same time.

"I love you, Leah," he whispered into my ear as we started coming back down to the Earth.

"I love you, too," I breathed out, still feeling the aftershocks of my climax.

Jacob rolled us over so he was lying on his back and I rested my head on his chest, still feeling him inside of me and listening to his racing heart. I felt his fingers caressing my temple and found tiredness for a second or two, then let my mind drift away a little. While I ran my mind over everything that happened during the day, Jacob's breathing got steadier and I smiled as he fidgeted under me.

"Uncomfortable?" I chuckled.

"With you naked on top of me?" he laughed, "I've never been more comfortable in my life."

I lifted my face to meet his gaze and found a smile that could light up a whole room. It made me smile happily in return and I realised that I was the one making Jacob this happy. It felt good, being responsible for someone's happiness that was as pure and powerful as this.

"It's really going to be fine," I whispered, "won't it?"

"As happy as it can," Jacob noticed the fear in my voice, "I do love you, Leah," he smiled so softly, I briefly wondered if he had a personality transplant, "I'm not leaving you."

Instead of answering, I kissed his lips softly.

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