Shane Gray stormed into the hospital room stopping bolt at what he saw.

On the white bed lay Mitchie's body….not her soul….just her body.

She wasn't dead, she couldn't have died.

That wasn't possible.

He moved forward unconsciously and felt her hand.

It was cold….stiff…unmoving.

"No," he muttered shaking his head.

She couldn't have gone…she wouldn't.

He looked down at her face.

It was pale.

Her lips were purple and unwelcoming, yet she looked so calm, peaceful.

"Mitchie…" he murmured shaking her, "wake up."

She didn't wake up…why wouldn't she wake up?

He shook her again, "wake up…please….wake up…"

Someone grabbed him from behind.

"She's gone," he heard Nate say.

His voice sounded so distant. Almost surreal.

Shane shook his head in denial.

He held her face in his hands, "wake up, Mitch, wake up."

He felt something hot fall down his cheek.

A tear.

He looked at it on Mitchie's pale face.

"WAKE UP!" he screamed at her.

Jason pulled him back, but Shane wouldn't let her go.

He lunged forward, trying to reach her, but Nate stepped in front of him and pushed him away from her.

"She's gone, man."

Shane didn't believe him.

He tried fighting his way through from their grip.

He shook his head as they put the blanket over her beautiful face.

"No, what're you doing? NO!"

His band mates pulled him away from her room.

He looked at her once living body.

He searched around him.

Hoping that she'd appear next to him.

"Mitchie," he whispered.

For a second he felt her soul kiss him.

That feeling lingered on his lips.

He felt her.

Flowing around him.

"I'll always be there," he felt her whisper.

Just as fast as that feeling had come, it had gone.

He looked at people walking around him.

Everyone was busy.

No one cared.

No one knew that Mitchie Torrez had left this world.

Had left him.

He tried to catch a feeling.

A feeling of hope…

Of survival…

Of pain…

But he felt nothing.

He wasn't Shane Gray anymore.

He was…

He was empty…

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