She was the picture perfect girl. With a mane of red hair that flowed down to her waist, sparkling green eyes that were to die for, tan skin and a tall, slim body, she was the girl of his dreams. It was as if the Gods themselves had sculpted her to perfection.

To Craig Felix, Kory Anders was flawless.

She was the whole package. Good looks, good grades, a great personality, popular, captain of the cheerleading team, kind... The list goes on and on.

She was his polar opposite.

Craig Felix basically fitted the profile of stereotypical geek. His messy orange hair, freckled face, and overweight stature was one of the many reasons why he was unpopular. His fashion sense wasn't to keen either. He looked as if his mother dressed him with that white collar shirt of his and plaid pants, complete with suspenders and a sweater that read 'Control Freak' on the back.

Craig Felix and Kory Anders were of two different worlds.

That is, except in his dreams.

Ever since the tender start of puberty Kory Anders had a recurring role in his dreams.

Dressed in a flowing white gown she out shined the moon and the stars behind her. Those rosy lips would tug into a smile upon his arrival. She would smile for him, and him alone. Hair caught in the breeze they would be lost in the moment.

Her hand would be outstretched towards him and he would take it. They would stand by the shimmering lake, gazing lovely into one another's eyes. Then, what happened next would send him soaring into the night sky above, consumed in bliss.

Their lips would touch in a kiss.

Oh how he longed to kiss her for real. A dream could only do so much but to show one's fantasy. He dreamed that kissing her would be like an angel's touch, soft and delicate, but that was in his dreams. He longed for the real experience. Craig wanted to know what it really felt like to kiss thee Kory Anders.

But that was something that could never be for many reasons. One being that she was currently involved with Dick Grayson.

Oh how he loathed Dick Grayson. That jock and his friends could be summed up easily into one word: bully.

Him and Grayson didn't get along too well. Ever since their years of adolescence the two were far from friends. Things only became worse when both hit puberty and began to take a romantic interest in Kory. They became rivals, unbeknownst to each other.

That is until one day. One fateful day in spring.

Craig had accidently let it slip to one of his friends that he was interested in Kory. Then a domino effect happened. His secret had been spread to almost every boy in class, one of those boys being Dick.

The furious face of Grayson still haunted him today. As did the super-supreme wedgie.

Ever since that day Craig had stayed far away from Kory. He never knew when Dick or one of his goons would be watching.

But all of that was about to change. Today he would take a stand. He would step into the garden and capture the forbidden fruit which was Kory Anders. She was way too good for Dick Grayson, he didn't deserve her.

Filled with an immense amount of confidence Craig made his way to Kory's locker.

Craig could feel his heart swelling inside his chest. Kory was a sight for sore eyes.

She was rummaging around inside her locker, giving Craig a good view of her backside and rear end. At the moment Craig praised the inventor of mini-skirts. A genius idea, just genius!

Craig licked his lips, he was so close to his goddess yet so far. He could almost taste her, feel her.

Craig popped a mint into his mouth. Can't have bad breath now can he? He would never live it down if he ruined his chance with Kory over bad breath.

Gradually, he made his way towards her. Taking one step at a time, careful not to make any mishaps. Kory Anders was a unique girl, she had to be approached in just the right way.

Craig began to play, what he hoped to be, the future in his head. He could picture it all perfectly...

He would swoop in and dazzle her with his charm, giving her a kilowatt smile. She would be hypnotized and fall into his arms, begging him to take her to a far away land. Of course he would comply and carry her off bridal style to their kingdom. Then, they would kiss. And as for the rest...

Craig almost drooled at his own naughty thoughts. He was so consumed with them that he was unaware of what lurked ahead.

What lurked ahead was none other than Victor Stone. Star athlete and a friend of Dick Grayson.

Victor easily caught sight of Craig and frowned. He noticed that Craig had his attention on a certain location. Curious as to what, Victor followed his trail of sight and saw exactly what Craig's fixation was.

Dick's girlfriend, and his friend, Kory Anders.

Victor shook his head. It was time to rain on lover boy's parade.

Poor Craig didn't see what was coming until it was to late.

What was supposed to be a life changing experience to him turned out to be the most embarrassing moment of his life. Today was the day he would finally woo Kory Anders. And instead he was tripped by an unknown source and fell flat on his face.

Fate can be so cruel.

The laughing from his fellow peers bounced all around him and rang in his ears. His misery gave them amusement. Craig gritted his teeth and clenched his fist. This was so unfair! His one chance to impress Kory was ruined! Ripped away from him. He could feel tears prick at his eyes...

"Are you alright?" was the question of a sweet, angelic voice.

Peeling his face off of the floor Craig looked up to see who exactly was speaking to him. When he learned who, his eyes flew open in shock and his jaw hit the floor.

There, kneeling before him in concern, was none other than the girl of his dreams: Kory Anders.

Craig was speechless for numerous reasons. The first one being that Kory actually spoke to him. Kory Anders, the most popular girl in school, talked to him! And she was worried because of him.

Craig was extremely surprised that he hadn't fainted already.

But the cherry on top was definitely the v-neck tank top that Kory was wearing.

He thanked the heavens for the view that was before him. Two identical mounds of flesh that was lacking full amount of covering due to the tank top Kory was wearing. Ah, what he wouldn't do just to grope one bosom.

Reminding himself not to drool Craig tore his eyes away from Kory's breast (reluctantly) and looked into her eyes.

"So beautiful...," he murmured to himself.

"Pardon me, but are you alright?" Kory asked again.

"I... I..." dammit, why couldn't he speak? Craig hoped that his voice wouldn't fail him now, not when he needed it most. "Merry Christmas."

Dammit! Craig slapped a hand over his eyes. How could he say something so stupid to Kory Anders?!

But then, just when he thought he would have to crawl under a rock and die, he heard her giggle.

The harmonic melody that was her laughter made Craig smile in a goofy fashion. So today hadn't been a total failure as he thought. Success!

Kory ceased with her giggling and extended her hand, "Here, let me help you. That fall really looked like it hurt."

Craig took her hand, admiring how soft and smooth her skin was, "I've had more painful experiences. But I must say, this is by far my favorite!"

Kory smiled and tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear, "I'm sorry if this insults you, but don't I know you?"

"Well we have been in the same class for five years straight," Craig answered, smiling.

Kory snapped her fingers. Lightbulb, "Oh yeah. You're that kid that loves Star Wars!"

Somewhat deflated Craig could only nod his head, "Yeah."

"Well since you're alright I'll just be going," Kory said, turning away.

"Kory, wait!" desperate to stop her from walking away Craig took hold of her hand. A bold move on his part that took a lot of guts. Not just anyone could touch Kory Anders, after all, she was the perfect girl. And this was his chance to impress her, he couldn't just let her walk away.

Kory rose a brow due to his sudden action, "What is it, Craig?"

"I..." the words died on Craig's tongue due to his fear. Not that far away from where he was standing was the devil himself, dressed in a black leather jacket and sunglasses: Dick Grayson.

Dick tipped his sunglasses up, showing off his piercing blue eyes. His glare was so strong it made Craig shiver and sweat in fear.

"Craig? Are you okay?" Kory asked in concern. This dude looked like he was about to faint.

Craig quickly released his hold on Kory's wrist and took two steps back. He liked Kory, but he wasn't ready to die yet, "I... I... just wanted to say have a nice day."

A cowardly move, yes. But what was he supposed to do? Grayson scared him, like, a lot. He was stronger and knew people in high places. To Craig, Dick Grayson was like Darth Vader. And one does not want to mess with Darth Vader.

"Oh, well... thanks," Kory replied awkwardly, turning away. "See you around."

Craig chuckled sheepishly, "Yeah. See you..."

And just like that she was gone. Craig watched her go and saw her go to Grayson. The two embraced and kissed with such open affection. Kory seemed so... happy to be with him. And at that moment Craig realized that it wasn't fair for him to try and come between the two of them. Sure, his feelings for Kory were strong, but she was with Grayson and they were happy together. And despite his deep hatred for Grayson, he was an okay guy. He cared about Kory and he...

Was mocking him!

That no good son of a bitch was mocking him! He had his tongue poked out while hugging Kory. Then he stopped and grinned, mouthing the word "loser".

The nerve! Craig's face grew hot with rage. Oh this wasn't over, not for a longshot. Kory Anders would be his one day, and then Grayson would get his just desserts. And not the yummy kind, the painful kind. The kind that can break a man's soul with embarrassment alone.

After all, one could never count out lust in a game for affection.

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