This is a story for G1 Prowl. I like the description on his toy box that says "he can't see the forest for all the trees". I recently had an issue that reminded me of this saying; hence the story.

I do not own the character; he was created before I was born. It's also safe to say I won't own him when this story is over either.

No real warnings, though I tend to out-think things at times too, so I make no apologies.


El-oh-vee-ee is Complicated

The funny thing about humans, if you can call it funny, is their ability to run things on pure emotional adrenaline without using logic. A certain situation is usually handled with what one party thinks is best for the other, based primarily on what the one in charge wants to do. Occasionally there have been humans who will do what is best for others and not for themselves; but this happens rarely and even then has some underlining meaning to the situation.

"Let your heart be your guide." He had heard humans tell one another. This phrase, of course, meant nothing to him. How could a lump of flesh actually guide what a person thinks and feels. He had decided it couldn't, but his thoughts had sparked a glimmer of curiosity and he decided he needed to find out what that four letter word actually meant.


Prowl walked down the corridor toward the recharging units; face plastered on a data pad since his audio sensors would tell him exactly where he was going. Three Earth weeks had been spent on trying to figure out the human emotion; and he was no closer to defining it than he was when he had started.

Chip had been nice enough to give him a disk copy of the Bible, so he could look read through what many had considered the ultimate resource on the subject. An almighty creator, who had written words of wisdom. Chip had also included other works revolving around other religions.

He was in the middle of reading Proverbs, looking for the answer in chapter 10, verse 12 as he walked around the corner. His head lifted slightly as he saw Carly walking through the hall, rocking the infant human and singing to him.

Affection was definitely part of the definition of that which he was trying to discover. Was this the emotion affection playing out in front of his very optics?

He watched for a few minutes as the childish song reverberated throughout the corridor, lulling the child into sleep.

"Carly?" He spoke softly to the human female, something he rarely did.

"Hi Prowl." She answered him, in an equally soft voice.

"Tell me about that, please." Prowl said.

Carly laughed slightly, making Prowl think he should rephrase this request.

"Tell you about what?" She asked before he could speak again.

"Tell me why you sing to that human child and walk it up and down the hallway." Prowl said.

Prowl watched Carly's eyes get wide and he wasn't able to tell if the reflex was from confusion or amusement; or both.

"Well," She started, eyes rising upward in a facial expression indicative of pondering. "I just fed Daniel and singing to him while in motion seems to help him fall asleep."

Prowl searched for a response in his databanks. "Is it not better to let offspring learn how to put themselves to sleep, to avoid complications in the future?"

"He's only a few months old Prowl, I doubt my helping him to sleep will have any lasting effects." Carly answered him.

Prowl gazed at the sleeping child. "Why do you do that? Sing to him and move with him, I mean?"

Prowl watched as Carly's facial expressions became slightly contorted with confusion. "Because I love him."

"How does doing something that could possibly have some long term repercussions constitute love?"

"I don't understand how there could possibly be repercussions to my singing to my child?"

Prowl didn't miss a beat with the answer. "If the child learns to fall asleep to the sound of your voice singing, then what will happen if it suddenly goes away? The child may not know how to fall asleep, causing irreparable damage."

He watched as the human female slowly shrunk back into herself, indicating she didn't really like this topic of conversation.

"I don't know where you got your information Prowl." She said quietly, hugging the child close. "But you have a lot to learn about human emotions."

Prowl watched Carly walk away as quickly as she could. He could tell she was upset by her body language, but he wasn't fazed in the least. True, he was no closer to understanding love than he was to begin with, but he would continue on his quest.

He started up down the hallway again, reading the Bible from where he left off.