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Imagine My Snow White World

Ulquiorra (U)
Senna (S)
Euphima li Brittania (E)
Death the Kid - Nadeshiko who is Nagehiko - L - Light (?)
Tobi (T)


ULQUIORRA: What? Where am i? I'm sure Ichigo killed me!
-Senna Enter-
How could I - (-notices Senna-) Shinigami...

SENNA: Hmm? Oh, well ain't this just great...a newbie... Hiya! I'm Senna! And you are...


SENNA: Well duh! And by judging by the looks of it, Ichigo did it.

ULQUIORRA: Glare... Where am I?

SENNA: Well, you're where you come when you've died or mysteriously disappeared before your time... Let's get you settled in...
Yo Eu-phy!

EUPHY: I'm Comin! I Comin! (Av. Q. Music)

-Enter Euphy-

EUPHY: Omg a newbie! Er-herm! Ahhhh! (Opera, Soprano, Lah- stuff) (Has fake piraty bird and butterly on finger)

SENNA: Euphy, What are you doing?

EUPHY: Having a snow white moment (Melodicly)

-Senna slaps Euphy-

EUPHY: Well you didn't have to slap me... gees. Hi I'm Euphimia Li Brittania, but you can call be Euphy. Welcome to the White Paint Appartments! As you can see, we love the color white, but we accept all colors! So we can set you up in a... (looks at U)... black themed Appartment. There's also a pool nearby with lots of atractive...(looks again)...males! You and Sasuke seem so alike. -Gasp!- We could set you two up!

ULQUIORRA: I'm not Gay.

EUPHY: We'll put Sasuke in a tux.

ULQUIORRA: I'm not gay.

EUPHY: In a kilt.


EUPHY: A fluffy skirt!

ULQUIORRA: (Silence)

EUPHY: A dress!

EUPHY: Langeree!

EUPHY: Leather Speedo!



EUPHY: Not yet...

ULQUIORRA: - grabs sword-

SENNA: -shakes head with hand on Ulquy's sholder- Not worth it.

ULQUIORRA: Just tell me how to get out of here.

EUPHY: You can't! Tee hee!

SENNA: I would have left if i could... sorry.

?: Where am I?

EUPHY: -Gasp- another newbie! (Sucks in to start singing, but Ulquy has sword to throat)

SENNA: Woah Woah Woah. It's one newbie at a time, how did you get here?

?: Through the door over there. (Points)

S/U/E: What?

?: Yeah. It's right... there?

TOBI:Tee hee!

SENNA: Who are you?

TOBI: My names Tobi! and you're Senna, ?, Euphy, and Ulquiorra.

SENNA: Nice name Uulqy/ Quiorra


EUPHY: How did you know us?

TOBI: It's my imagination! Since Madara and I switch control a lot, I created this place in the back of our brain, since we only use 10% of our brainpower! mhm! mhm!

SENNA: What no this is the -

TOBI: If it wasn't my Imagination could I do this! (-Points at Senna-)

SENNA: My Arms are rising, why are my arms rising? Some one stop them. (-Caramelldansen-) Okay! Okay we get it we get it! It's your imagination.

TOBI: Yay!

EUPHY: I couldn't even get her to do that on my own. Good Job Tobi!

SENNA: Glare

?: Don't Encourage him!

TOBI: Has Sasuke worn the skirt I bought him!? Aww, I wanted to see him! -Gasp-Tobi wants to do the Letter DAnce! CAn we can we? (Begging Ulqy)

ULQUIORRA: Slow mo mouth opening -n0- "Yes"...

-Everyone looks at U in shock and then at tobi in terror.-

TOBI: If only Sasuke would say that when i give him that little black dress...Here! -gives everyone Letter cards- READY!

HA- HA HA HA (for the state of the )
[You] [L] [O][S][E]

[The} [G] [A][M][E]

-Euphy and Tobi get into it and hold up [ END] { THE} (yes in that order)

SFX: Beep beep beep

TOBI: Madara's paging me! OOH IT'S MY TURN! (Looks up) Ya know, the sun looks like a balloon!
Holds up hands) and here's t he string! (Runs off stage)

?: We're losing light and fast, if you don't want to live in darkness, I suggest we run after him.

-Everyone but Ulquy Heads off stage-

SENNA:Oi! Ulquiorra, come on!

ULQUIORRA: I live in darkness.

SENNA: Yeah, but you can't forever lets go. (Grabs his hand and leads him off)

Euphy (off stage): AWW!

SENNA: Euphimia li Britannia, don't go "aww" because we're holding hands! We are not a couple...come on you lazy emo!