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That evening found Ducky's living room invaded with the agents, who were all curled up on the couch, enjoying a movie that Abby had seen so many times she could act it out in her sleep. Drinking and laughing Abby was trying to not let it show that her headache was still bothering her. Ducky didn't realize she was still in pain, he just assumed she was still bothered by Jethro's call.

Earlier, while Abby was attempting to make the popcorn on her own Ducky had filled the team in. He let them know exactly what he had told Gibbs because when he showed up on Monday he'd be looking to them to give him the answers that Ducky himself had refused to give. McGee was pretty upset that Gibbs couldn't remember the conversation that had turned Abby's world upside down.

"That Bastard" McGee mumbled to himself. Abby walked in just after McGee had muttered his curse.

"Guys, Ya know I love you all, but we can't blame Gibbs. I was lost in thought while crossing that street. I've accepted what happened, please stop placing the blame on his shoulders. In a few days I'm pretty sure you'll be working with him again, and he needs you to have his six, cause you know damn well he'll have yours. Just please keep me out of it."

The party broke up shortly there after as they were all distracted wondering what Monday would bring, but none of them missed Abby's motion for a group hug. They made their way over to her and she got what she wanted.

Monday found the team all arriving at the same time. It was unspoken but each knew that neither of them wanted to be the first there if in fact Gibbs was back. When they arrived at their desks there was no sign of the Boss's return.

Ducky strolled through the office a little while later to check on the team; he had just dropped Abby off at her class. With a nod of encouragement, he made his way downstairs to autopsy silently letting them know that if and when they needed to talk they knew his door was always open to them.

Two hours had passed for Abby at class and it became apparent that the tension in her body wasn't going to ease up; she was dropping everything she handled. Her heart was hurting; all she wanted to do was curl up and cry. None of which had gone unnoticed by Lee. He pulled her aside and told her that he was bringing her home and that she should take the rest of the day off. He warned her that it she's been pushing herself too hard these past few months, almost as if demons were after her.

Abby phoned Amy on the way to Ducky's house to let her know that Lee was driving her home and to pick her up at the house instead of the classroom.

"Amy, I'm fine, I just kept dropping everything in class and even though it's plastic, Lee has decided that I need to have a day at home and just chill out and relax." Abby listened while Amy gave her a lecture about taking better care of herself and half agreed on some of the topics. Having arrived at the house she cut the conversation short and let Lee escort her to the front door of the guest house.

"Darlin, make sure to call Ducky and let him know that you are here and that Amy will pick you up later for the talk show." He unlocked the door and passed the key back to Abby. She gave him and hug and promised to call Ducky in a few minutes and then take a nap.

She phoned Autopsy right after she got into her old fashioned night gown. "Autopsy, Palmer Here"

"Hey Jimmy its Abby is Ducky around?"

"Yes, he's here but he just gave me that look, can I put you on speaker phone?" Jimmy knew she would say yes so he had already hit the button.

"Hey Ducky I got a little dropsy during my session this morning so I caught a ride home." Ducky paused what he was doing and looked towards the speaker phone with concern.

"Abigail, is everything all right? Do you need me there?" Ducky said as he reached for another instrument awaiting her answer.

"No, Ducky I just need some time and sleep I guess this weekend really took it outta me. So what did Tony try to pull on Ziva this morning Ducky?" Abby missed working with them as much as she missed seeing them everyday.

"Abigail, nice try with the change of subject, but are you sure? I can't hear you nodding Abby." Ducky said with a smirk.

"Duckster stop that it creeps me out when you do that! Yes, I'm fine, do I have to start calling you Big Bad Voodoo Daddy cause you can see everything?" Abby said as she started to laugh.

"No, one nickname for me is enough. As for your question about our Dear Anthony, he faxed a memo that said it was required that all NCIS women wear a skirt twice a week and he got two of the new female agents to start complaining about it so he really had her going there until finally she went up to see Jenny, and before you ask, no there hasn't been any retaliation so far." Abby was laughing again and Ducky was pleased to hear the sound.

"Oh I can't wait till Ziva calls in tonight, Tony's gonna pay for this, and so are the two newbies! I feel really bad for them."

Jimmy pipes in.. "Abby, I want to thank you for what you said to my cousin. She was amazed that I knew you, and I became the 'cool' cousin, plus it really helped her parents understand the problem that was going on. They really had no idea. So they will of course be baking something in appreciation."

"Awww Jimmy thank you I was glad to help, I'm sure there were others out there who were listening and we got a chance to help them also."

Just then the whoosh of the door was heard and Gibbs walked in followed behind by Tony, Ziva and McGee.

"Jehro, I'm assuming by the gun and badge at your hip that the director has reinstated you" Ducky asked.

"Yes, Ducky she did" as he reached out his hand to shake Ducky's "It feels so good to be home. Now all I have to do is make peace with Abby and get her back where she belongs in the forensic lab. Home with us. I don't care what it takes I'm going to get her back!"

A gasp was heard and then dial tone vibrated loudly throughout the room. Ducky was looking to the floor, Tony had a hand on Ziva, and Jimmy looked shell shocked, but McGee had finally had enough.

"You Bastard!" was all that was heard before he punched Gibbs forcing him to stumble into the tray of instruments Ducky was working with. McGee muttered something that sounded like "I'm sorry Abby, I just can't" and walked out.

Getting back to his feet Gibbs looked to Ducky. "What the hell was that all about? Can someone fill me in on what just happened here?" Ducky looked to Tony and Ziva first. "Class ended early she returned home." Then turned to Jimmy with a look that spoke volumes.

"Why don't you take a break Jimmy" was all they needed to hear as Tony and Ziva immediately left to go find McGee, and then go to Abby.

Ducky walked over to one of the stools and sat down. Taking off his glasses he started to rub his forehead.

"What ever happened at your house Gibbs, Abigail hasn't spoken a word about it. We know you upset her. On her way home she decided to stop at a new club that had just opened, from what I understand she didn't want to see any of her outside of work friends." Ducky sighed.

"She just wanted to be a no one in a crowd, and after only a few minutes of being there and quite a few shots she couldn't stand the loud music or the crowd. She said it felt like it was closing in on her, so she left to head home to Bert." He looked up to see Gibbs staring at the floor.

"Finish Ducky."

"As she was crossing the street to catch a cab, a drunk driver ran the red light and she was hit. All of her id's were locked in the trunk of her car all she had on her was cash and her car keys. No identification at all when the ambulance arrived at the scene. Two days Abby spent in the hospital in and out of consciousness. Monday morning when she didn't show up to work or answer numerous phone calls Tony stopped by her apartment and figured out that she hadn't been there since she left for work on Friday." Ducky was restless so he started to pick up the instruments that Gibbs had knocked over and was cleaning up the work space.

"Getting concerned he called McGee and asked him to try and track her location from her cell. I was standing at McGee's desk when he got the location. We met Tony and Ziva there, and found her cell under a car. We then spotted her car in a parking lot not to far away. We took note of the new club that just opened that weekend, the bartender provided us with the information that an unknown patron was hit attempting to catch a cab and was taken to George Washington Hospital condition unknown. By the time we made it there she was just coming around and beginning to ask for us. A few days later she was released with some broken ribs, quite a few stitches, and a lot of pain numbing medicine." Ducky had managed to pick up all of the fallen instruments in the time it took him to fill Gibbs in; he reached for his coat and headed towards the exit.

Gibbs just stood there with one hand fisted shaking his head, "What aren't you telling me Ducky? There is something else isn't there!"

With a long sigh Ducky looked up and into Gibbs's eyes. All the weariness and heartbreak were flowing off Ducky in waves. "She took a very bad blow to the head."

Taking a breath Ducky continued.

"She's blind Jethro. Abigail can't see a thing." Crash! Gibbs had picked up the tray stand Ducky had been using and threw it. Ducky continued not paying attention to Gibbs.

"We've been through two operations and neither has worked. There is one piece of bone that is so close to her brain area that it is very tricky and if her headaches get worse they are going to have to go in and remove it. So far, she won't consent and is trying to hide how bad the headaches are getting but we can tell by the amount of medication she is going through. Even her bouncy ways can't hide it when it's really bad." Gibbs finally stopped throwing things around.

"I have to see her Ducky! She's blocked my calls where is she staying? Damn it what have I done."

"She doesn't want to see you, and right now it's not about you, it's about her. She is dealing with so much, and I'm going to respect her decisions. She has made great strides in dealing with this. and I don't think you seeing her will help. So I am going to decline to tell you where she is." Ducky stated firmly. "I'm going out for lunch. I'll see you when I get back if you get a case while I'm gone I'll have my cell on." With that Ducky left autopsy and didn't want to wait for the elevator. He took the stairs up.