This is a story that I have written ages upon ages ago, and just left in the world of Fan fiction but I have had several people ask me if I could re-write this story to make it make more sense and to expand on several ideas that I have had.

To keep the peace I will try. If anyone out there would like to help me improve on this in anyway please feel free.

The summary…uh we find out that in the great Land of Australia, hundreds of kilometers from Alice Springs there is a Stargate program running, SG-1 and Australian Stargate team get swapped and must find a way home…

Another Stargate (Take 2)

Chapter 1: What happened to the teams?

General George Hammond was signing acquisition forms for the infirmary. He is in his office working at his cluttered desk there were piles of papers all wanting his signature that was due in two days time. Hammond generally liked to do the paper work when SG-1 is on Earth, as their emergencies that they get into take up more time than he can spare but some things you cannot plan. Hammond stretched his back and noted that the SGC was eerily quiet, yes, it was 0300 but there was a feeling in the air like it was a ghost town, but then it was the time of year that the personnel liked to spend time with friends and family-Christmas. Hammond liked the holidays before he started working here, he loved the festive holiday decorating the Christmas tree with his granddaughters and his children before that. Sneaking away with cookies his wife would bake… but now he wonders if the holidays are based on a false god or not. He looked back at the clock on his wall given to him by SG-1 last birthday 0315 sighing he went back to work. He was not expecting SG-1 back for three quarters of an hour but knew that in an hour and 45 minutes he will need to get SG-3 and SG-7 out on the planet to get SG-1 back. If he remembered correctly they were still on base knowing it was there turn to "rescue there butts" as both leaders of the team's delicately put it. Sighing Hammond grabbed the next form: medical supplies—again.

Hammond was bought back to reality by the sound of the Stargate coming online he walked down the stairs to the control room to see the technician that is always at the Stargate controls. Many people call him 'Walter' as a joke but truth be known Hammond does not know if it is his true name or not.

"Receiving SG-1's IDC sir." He commented

"Open the Iris." Hammond ordered he decided that he was going to ignore the fact that the technician had already patched the code through Hammond wondered why everyone in the room was staring at the embarkation room and why the gun's were raised. He looked and saw a man at the gate that was not part of the SGC. Hammond walked down the stairs and through the blast doors to hear the newcomer speak with his hands in the air.

"I mean you no harm…my name is Jo Hart I come from a planet called Earth." The newcomer said with raised hands…Hammond noted that the newcomer had used several languages before using English.

"Reveal yourself." Hammond ordered the man took off a helmet that reminded Hammond of the Rebel forces from Star Wars, specifically the one with the teddy bears err Ewok's the girl looked human with no sign of a Goa'uld tattoo or other signs of being a host.

Hammond ordered some of the SF's to relieve the female of her gun but had to get others to take weapons as she had them hidden in her outfit that no man would be willing to go…well willingly but would not survive. Hammond remembered seeing 7 knifes being handed over, 4 pistols, 2 P-90's and a couple of Zat's

"Why do you have so many weapons?" Hammond asked his voice was in amazement but thankfully, he managed to get his authoritive tone back towards the end.

"I was on a Goa'uld control planet I needed all the protection I could get." Hammond had a feeling she was not telling him everything she new.

"Colonel: escort this lady to the infirmary to be checked out then I want you and your team to guard her in the appropriate area." Hammond ordered the girl followed the Colonel and his team with no complaint. Hammond noticed that she walked the military way but would not have been older that 15.

This he decided was going to make a better report than missing SG-1's Search and Rescue.

Jack O'Neill was the last to exit the Stargate and therefore the last to see that his team did not come back to SGC but into some large room full of fifty Jaffa with there weapon's trained on them. Jack heard Carter finish saying something but he couldn't make out what it was but he saw what her panicked voice was over.

"Hello I think we made a wrong turn on the yellow brick road." Jack muttered under his breath as he took in his surroundings.

"Who are you and what have you done with Hart?" One Jaffa asked Jack noticed his tattoo was of the Sphinx.

"Looks like you're up Danny-boy." Jack volunteered him around 40 Jaffa turned there attention to Daniel

"Uh hello, my name is Daniel Jackson, this is Jack, Sam and—"

"Teal'c! Shol'va." The leader and a few others said together their tone and faces did not make the colonel feel like they were signing up to be part of his fan club

"Hey so you heard of our friend here then?" Jack quipped

"How dare you tarnish our facility with your presence?"

"Ah I see that you don't want our company allow us to dial home and we will be more than happy to leave you alone and never come back." Jack offered but he got hostility in return.

"Fre'nuk take these…human's and lock them in the brig. Mal'uk will talk to them when he finds the time." The leader stated. Ten Jaffa flaked around SG-1 then proceeded to push and prod SG-1 to their holding cells.

The holding cell was a room half the size of the embarkation room at their SGC divided into three rooms: Bedroom, Living area and bathroom "thankfully with closing door or we will be seeing a lot more of each other than we would want to" Jack thought to himself.

"Carter, any ideas?" Jack asked as he sat in a beanbag the shape and colour of a large baseball.

"Three sir; one Daniel miss dialed and we have ended up on another planet, the gate glitched and sent us to another world or…this is the SGC but in another reality." Sam replied sitting on a lounge chair; Daniel was looking at the books when he piped up

"I didn't miss dial." Finding a book, that he thought could have been interesting he sat at a table and started to read it. Jack was looking around there was something strange about the walls of this place something that did not make sense.

"Carter do these walls look out of place to you?" Jack asked

"Yes there Tok'ra tunnels but this is a place run by Jaffa." Sam replied looking around confused.

"Did anyone else notice the symbol's on the Jaffa? There was Ra, Apophis and many other Goa'uld." Daniel added

"When one Goa'uld defeats another Goa'uld they will use the former slaves as part of their new army." Teal'c stated

"You are correct on that front Teal'c what have you all done with Hart?" a man asked he was slightly taller than Teal'c about two or three inches his tattoo on his forehead looked to have been burnt off and was wearing traditional clothing.

"Heart? We don't know anything about a Heart." Jack replied the man took a step closer to the force field keeping them in place.

"To get into this facility you need Harts signature with out it the chapa'ai will not work properly. As you are here you used her signature therefore you have her." The man replied

"You must be Mal'uk my name is Dan—"

"I know who you are Daniel Jackson I have been informed."

"We were on our way home when we accidentally came to your planet. We have no idea how or why we ended up here." Sam stated joining in on the conversation

"To what planet were you trying to get to?" Mal'uk asked out of respect to Sam

"Classified." Jack retorted, "Look here Mal'ik we are not the bad guys here—well to you we might be but we have no idea who this Hart person is. We never met the guy." Jack continued

"The pronunciation is Mal ook, and do not ever talk to me with venom in your voice again." Mal'uk said which caused Mal'uk and Jack to have a dominant stare contest neither one was going to step down and the guards and SG-1 new that and were trying to think of a distraction

"Mal'uk would I be able to talk to a technician about the Stargate and try to work out how we ended up here and try to find a way for you to get Hart back?" Sam asked hoping that Mal'uk will agree Mal'uk was still staring at Jack when he replied

"I am afraid I will be able to give you my second best technician my first has gone missing."

"Seems you have trouble keeping your staff." Jack quipped

"She should have been in your place. I will send you Ton'ik at once. When he arrives you may go wherever you wish." Mal'uk said to SG-1 finally releasing his eye contact with Jack and headed out the door Jack pulled a face similar to a five-year-old child.

Jo was sitting on the bed in what the guard called the VIP room it was painted military gray with nothing on the walls, it had a round table and two chairs near the door, an empty wardrobe, a single bed, and a bookcase. Her back was Ramrod straight and she kept her eyes on the door waiting for the interrogation to begin. The doctor that took all the tests told her 'escort' that there was no sign of a symbiote and the wounds she had were not serious. Jo appreciated the care that they took made her realize that they were not completely naïve when it came to the Goa'uld; after all they are not a race you want to argue with. She should know she has had bad experience with them recently and in the past. There was knock at the door before it was opened Jo stood at attention when a young SF girl came in with a tray.

"Hi there my name is Private Erin thought you might like some food, I must warn you though it's worse than it looks." Erin said laughing slightly putting the food on the table.

"Also there is a hairbrush, hair ties and other items I thought you might like to use, there all new and sealed." Erin added pointing to a black bag the size of a large pencil case next to the covered dish.

"Thank you for you generosity." Jo replied she noticed that Private Erin looked as uncomfortable as Jo felt.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" Erin asked honestly

"No this is fine…thank you" Jo replied Erin then walked out of the room leaving Jo along to think of other ways she could have ended up here. Instead, she kept thinking back to her last mission one she had to complete alone shaking her head to get back to the task she started to go through different theories that has been happening since she was part of the Stargate project but each one was less likely than the last. The smell of the food drifting over to her was making her feel sick but she did not know what to do about it so she just left it there hoping her 'hosts' wouldn't be offended. Not that she wanted to be interrogated, far from it she had no idea what laws this planet had for all she new they could be allowed to use rusty metal with no form of antibiotics to get the information they want.

Jo fearing she called upon her interrogators telepathically she stood up and saluted the General as he walked in hoping her amazement was well hidden she saw that he told his guards to stay out side after saluting her back.

"Jo my name is General Hammond. I am in charge if this facility was wondering if we could have a chat." He said in more of a statement than a question.

"Yes sir." Jo replied and sat at the round table opposite him placed her hands on the table in front of her hoping she and the general were able to work out what went wrong with the Stargate and that she could get home.

"I am very curious at how you managed to get SG-1's IDC code to enter this facility." Hammond mentioned

"To be honest sir, I have no idea what an SG-1 or IDC even are… I was on a mission with…I was on a mission that went wrong. I was on my way back home when I found myself in your facility." Jo answered

"You have not heard of SG-1?" Hammond asked skeptically

"No sir, I have not." Jo answered she saw that the General leant back in his chair. A habit that her best friend does when he is contemplating his next move in a chess match.

"What planet were you coming from?" Hammond asked

"I can not answer that sir. I and my people have signed treaties and in many clauses not to disclose any gate addresses or Planet names." Jo replied

"You said you came from a Goa'uld controlled planet, I doubt you hold a treaty with them if you needed 27 weapons in total." Hammond replied

"The planet was not always controlled by a Goa'uld. In fact, it was many generations since the Goa'uld visited the planet. I was asked to go there to check on some friends when I found the Goa'uld retook the planet…the weapons you found on me were weapons left behind by my people." Jo replied she knew it was not the full truth but she was not ready to go into details just yet.

Hope this first chapter makes more sense that the original…did not realize how confusing this was until I re-read it LOL