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Chapter 4

"Jo has spoken to us, it appears she in on your planet. Your people are working with Jo to find a suitable planet to meet on, and then everything will be back to normal." Ton'ik replied.

"That's great within a few hours you and Jo will be reunited." Jack said. Sam thinking there was no need to have the experiment running any longer went to shut down the simulation, but the simulation did not want to be shut down.

Sam couldn't help but feel the glare Jack was giving her, from his position in the 'cell' they were placed in again. He was sitting at the table with his foot resting on the other chair wrapped in a white bandage.

"Jack, Sam apologized Mal'uk thought it was funny and forgave us it's not like anything is broken." Daniel said trying to stop the hostility from Jack.

"I had a piece of metal the size of King Kong's finger embedded in my foot from an explosion and we are locked in a cell…yeah I can see the funny side." Jack replied sarcastically.

"Ton'ik said they will heal it in a moment they had to clean the lab first." Daniel soothed Jack looked at his foot to where it was bandaged the blood had stopped flowing but was going to be out of commission for a few days.

"There goes Saturday's hockey game." Jack said sorrowfully.

"Could watch it on the Television." Teal'c amended Jack's face lit up for the first time since the accident had occurred.

"Yeah everyone can come to my place have a few beers and pizza sounds great besides Carter now has to come as she stopped me from watching my favourite team playing." Jack said trying the guilt card but didn't work as effectively as he wanted it to as he was grinning.

"Every team is your favourite Jack." Daniel sighed while rolling his eyes

"Not true there is one team I hate." Jack rebutted

"Only because I said I liked them and that was because it was on a headline…and their Canadian and beat your team last match." Daniel stated Jack just grinned in return.

Jo and Harriman were waiting for General Hammond to make up his mind on what planet to 'swap' or 'trade' SG-1 for Jo on. Jo was showing him planets that were not friendly to outsiders while technician was showing Jo the plans for their M.A.L.P Jo had enough time to thank him for the blue prints when General Hammond came up with the planet P43-094 a planet that was to give the Australian's the idea that they would be away from Earth but close enough that they wouldn't feel that they were traveling too far.

"You know we are part of the same planet, we could just tell them you are here." Hammond replied Jo looked apologetic as she replied.

"Our base is hidden really, really well to anyone it would look like a sheep station in the middle of nowhere, if we are seen with planes that look like they are capable of traveling further than a few stations it will look strange and produce too many questions. This is a lot better for all of us." Jo replied.

"Your government knows you have a Stargate?" Hammond asked

"No." Jo replied, "Everything we use is run by crystals or through a generator in the barn."

"I see, well Technician dial the 'gate and let SG-1 come home." Hammond replied allowing Jo to talk to Mal'uk again this time to give the location of the planet they are to meet on.

Sam was pulled away from watching Deren'ik heal Jacks foot with a healing device by Mal'uk who claimed that they will be going to another planet to swap for Jo Hart's life Sam saw that Colonial O'Neill was dubious about that but they didn't have much choice after the lab experiment failed and they were back to square one. They went to what they called the control centre; it had a computer screen that acted like a TV next to the DHD a young girl was on screen with what looked like the SGC behind her.

"Mal'uk the leader of the facility has chosen for us to meet at a half way point. The chevrons are 2, 16, 25, 19, 10 and 20 excluding point of origin they would like to trade in an hour would that suit you sir?" The young girl asked in more military voice than Col. O'Neill can muster Sam was impressed

"Joey that sounds fantastic, we can meet earlier if you want?" Mal'uk almost begged her Jo left the screen and someone else came to view Sam tried not to laugh as technician what's-his-name looked at the screen confused.

"Uh hello, Jo had to help our leader for a minute we would be happy to make a trade in an hour we will be staying in front of the Stargate at all times eagerly awaiting your arrival." He looked very nervous Mal'uk looked extremely angry

"Where is Jo Hart? I demand to see her, if she does not arrive in the next two minutes by my watch one of your members will be killed." Mal'uk said after the man with the white hair and black glasses spoke.

"It's ok Sir, I'm here. We kinda have a problem we need to meet now meet us at the agreed planet now can you do it?" Jo asked

"Of course see you in five minutes Mal'uk out."

"See you sir." Jo said and saluted Mal'uk turned on SG-1

"Have you got all your belongings?" he asked

"Yes there back at the—"

"Go get them and meet us here." Mal'uk said then started talking in Goa'uld to Ton'ik who was looking like he wanted to shoot something.

"Daniel, should we be worried?" Jack asked as he saw that Daniel was listening as Sam and Teal'c went to collect their packs.

"No, Ton'ik is getting our weapons." Daniel replied as Ton'ik walked passed Mal'uk looked to Jack and Daniel.

"What resistance will my men be facing with your men?" Mal'uk asked

"There will probably be one or two Teams to come in through the Stargate with Jo about four or eight men and women with P-90's for protection." Jack replied

"How many Jaffa?" Mal'uk asked

"Only Teal'c, Bra'tac if he is at the SGC and wanted to come for the ride." Jack replied Mal'uk looked at him for a few seconds

"I believe you. Herrin'ae take your team and another with you to guide SG-1 through the Stargate to meet with Jo." The man who was drinking coffee nodded and went to get his team he left the same time Sam and Teal'c came in.

"Good, good you will be leaving when Herrin'ae comes with his team." Mal'uk replied as Ton'ik handed them their weapons Jack made sure it was working properly but made Ton'ik go for his Zat gun

"Its ok just making sure it was in working order no threat." Jack replied Ton'ik continued to glare at him the two teams came up to the 'gate and SG-1 followed while Herrin'ae dialed the gate address.

"Thank you for your hospitality party at our place next time." Jack quipped as he walked through the gate.

Jo and SG teams 4 and 7 were already at the planet when SG-1 and her 'family' arrived. The marine's who were on 'swap' duty as they dubbed it were checking out the perimeter while the other team SG-4 Jo thought it was, were looking at the unusual plants and wildlife Jo had to admit it was strange going to a planet that had a green sky, brilliant blue grass, birds that were twice the size of a golf ball swiftly moving from shrub to shrub, but what was even more amazing was the animal that was a cross between a rabbit and a hamster it was…interesting. When they arrived, the leader of the Marine's told them to go check the perimeter at 20 meters and with out question they would all fan out while the exploration teams looked around. Jo was waiting anxiously for her people to come get her. It wasn't like the American's treated her badly—far from it, but she liked home. She was comfortable with her own people it may sound strange but growing up with 557 men on base and another 300 off world and being the only female it felt strange to get put into female company. The men were great they spoke about blokey stuff; cars, football, guns things she knew but the girls spoke about foreign objects like; makeup, mousse (come on it's a dessert people) and fashion. No when she got to Australia and be herself, again it will be perfect. The marines arrived the same time the gate opened the American's raised their weapons when the seventh symbol locked Jo saw her favourite 'uncle' Ton'ik step through the gate with his weapon raised and the rest of the new comers come in.

"Hold your fire." Jo shouted at the same moment the older man wearing black sunglasses and short hair said; they walked down the gate's stairs as the other party moved forward

"Tek ma te Ton'ik." Jo greeted him saluting him the Jaffa way

"Jo Anne you too." Ton'ik said the swapping went well the American's as agreed by with Jo went to one planet then another so they would not know each other's address. When the American's had left the Aussies then walked through catching up on what had happened while Jo was away.

"Jo you know how you wanted a new office?" Herrin'ae asked as they were about to step through the water substance of the Stargate

"Yes." Jo asked

"Well your getting one, the female Sam blew it up."

"WHAT?" Jo said walking through the gate

Jack, Sam, Daniel and Teal'c walked into the SGC to see General Hammond standing at the base of the ramp.

"SG-1 welcome home." Hammond greeted them SG-1 and the other 2 SG teams walked up to him.
"Thank you sir, there's no place like home." Jack quibbled to him.

"After you have your post mission check up we will have a debriefing." Hammond ordered SG-1 made it as far as the blast doors when they saw Senator Kinsley walk up to General Hammond.

"How dare you let that woman escape? She can take with her…" SG-1 were unable to hear any more before they were pushed along 'nicely' by the other SG teams.

"Well you are all in good health. Seems the people you were with seem to know how to look after humans." Janet said while putting away her stethoscope. Sam got off the examination table and stood next to Jack who had no signs of injury.

"So you have no idea what planet we were on?" Daniel asked Janet

"No all I know was she was a 20ish woman, who has seen enough Goa'uld battles in her time. You better get going to the mission debrief." Janet said shoving them out of the infirmary.

"Why is Kinsley here anyway?" Jack asked out loud to his team just before they walked in the briefing room. Kinsley was sitting at the opposite end of the table to Hammond looking like he as a beehive under his bonnet.

"SG-1 please sit down." Hammond

"Senator Kinsley, General." SG-1 said as they took their usual seats

"Senator Kinsley is here as he wants to hear more about your time with the other Stargate people." Hammond replied. Jack could see Hammond was trying to hide something with the last part of the sentence.

"Would you care to elaborate for us General?" Jack asked instead of Hammond replying it was Kinsley who jumped in.

"We had a Joanne Hart with us who had the knowledge to help us fight the Goa'uld and yet we had to let her walk back to her people before I could talk to her." Kinsley said sounding like a small child who was denied a treat when he felt entitled to one.

"What information did Joanne Hart give you?" Teal'c asked to either the General or Senator.

"Only the solution to where you were and where she was traveling from and to. It appears that when two wormholes join together the travelers can get sent to the wrong destination." Hammond replied.

"Sir, that's theoretically impossible the chances of that happening are… astronomical." Carter stated.

"Are you able to tell us anything about the planet you were on?" Kinsley asked

"it was run by a group of over 500 Jaffa of different sects some Hathor, some Hatshepsut, some Cronus, it was also made of Tok'ra tunnels." Daniel replied

"And?" Kinsley prompted when it was made clear Daniel wasn't going to continue

"The Tok'ra tunnels let an explosion echo for sometime." Carter continued.

"So after two days of being on another planet that is all you can tell me?" Kinsley replied

"Oh for cryin' out loud. We were locked in a cell for a few hours while they went through our "We have no idea how we got here" speech. When it became apparent that we could help them Daniel went off talking to a historian with Teal'c Carter and I were in a science lab trying to work out how to fix the problem…well Carter was I was getting bored." Jack answered Kinsley didn't look that happy with the report he had received.

"Were they hostile?" He asked Daniel leant forward with his hands clasped together and looked at Kinsley in the eye.
"We were not harmed by them." Daniel replied

"Interesting wording "By them" who did harm you?" Kinsley asked

"Remember that explosion I told you about earlier? An experiment went wrong and Col. O'Neill received some shrapnel in his foot that the Jaffa healed for him before we were 'traded' for Hart." Sam replied. Kinsley didn't look happy with the result.

"See Senator, by sending Joanne Hart home I didn't deny you a thing." Hammond replied.

"Permission to speak freely?" Sam asked

"Granted" Hammond replied before Kinsley could say anything

"What would you want to ask Joanne Hart?" Sam asked

"Tactical questions to help fight the Goa'uld. From Dr. Frasier's medical report Ms. Hart showed no signs of being or was a host to a Goa'uld, yet she seems to have lived with over 500 Jaffa without being one herself… is that a choice that the Jaffa agreed on or has she some natural defence against them?" Kinsley asked

"You mean you wanted to experiment on her?" Daniel asked Kinsley looked furious at the question but didn't deny it.

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