Author's note, guys, sorry. Sort of. Well, not really...

Okay! So here's the thing: I've been really tired/busy/depressed for the past year, thus the complete lack of update. However, as one of my pet peeves is people not finishing their stories, I took a look at this story so I could finish it. What I saw was not bad, but not great either. Actually, it combine nearly all the aspects of fanfiction that grabs my attention and then loses me halfway through. Not cool.

Plus, the title really doesn't go with the story. Like, at all.

So, I have written the first chapter to this delightful new/old rewrite thingy, and I'm apologizing to those of you who do not wnat to go through the whole plot again. For what it's worth, it really is a rewrite. The plot remains; the words are radically different. And more funny in my opinion.

So The new fic can be found under the title Splinter and Reforge

Enjoy! That or kill me, but I'd be happier if you enjoyed.