Before I begin, I want to say that this was inspired by "Decoy" by Paramore. So kudos to Haley and her awesomeness. As for Sakura's behavior: I know she's severely OOC, and she was supposed to be. This is more of a "what if" kinda thing. What if Sasuke came back and actually expected forgiveness and love from her? Would she give it? Or had she moved on?

And I mention here that Naruto is playing hard to get. In her mind, yes, because he's avoiding her now that Sasuke's back.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto. Because, if I did, this would be in the manga. Heehee.

Btw: Will I do a sequel? Probably not. I wouldn't count on it.

My Little Decoy

She laughed to herself as she saw his pain-stricken face come into view. His black eyes were full of hurt and betrayal; just like hers were that night four years ago. She chuckled again at the irony. She was hurting him this time, and, frankly, she didn't care.

The raven-haired boy walked up to her slowly as he looked into her jade, mischievous eyes. Her eyes glinted with sick amusement, which only made his heart break. Is this what he had done to her all those years ago?

How could he not see it from the beginning? Whenever their blond knuckle-headed friend looked at the two, she'd grip his hand a little tighter and giggle for no reason. He would look hurt, and she would too for just a bit, but went right back to smiling. Sometimes she would come home ridiculously late, and he actually bought her excuse of the late shift. Stupid boy.

She was actually quite proud of herself. She had put all of her past feelings about him aside just to show him what he had done to her all those years ago. She had really liked the blond the entire time, and he was playing hard to get. So she then decided that so would she. Once Sasuke finally asked her out, she accepted. She still cared for Sasuke, but when there was an opportunity, boy, did she take it. She was going to get "revenge" and the guy she wanted all at once. She would lure Naruto out and show Sasuke her past pain.

She wouldn't normally do this, but she felt like she had to. The boy had to be put in his place, dammit!

Smart girl.

"Sakura, I don't understand," Sasuke said after nearly an eternity. "I thought…"

"You thought wrong, Uchiha," she replied, venom oozing from every syllable. "Just like I did. So, how's it feel?"

"Like I've been used. Like fuckin' hell."

She walked up to him and grabbed his chin with her forefinger and her thumb. "You've never been used as I'm using you, abusing you, my little decoy. Don't look so blue, you should've seen right through. I'm using you, my little decoy," she sang softly. His dark eyes widened and she smirked. "I wish I could've shown you what you did some other way, but I did what I had to do. Now, there's something else I need to attend to…" She left the poor boy heartbroken and dumbfounded. He'd just been used. By Sakura.

Stupid boy.

Smart, smart girl.