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CHAPTER 2: Anticipated meetings.

After riding for barely a few minutes, a great cry erupted from the trees in front of the riders and to their right.

Legolas whipped his head round, only for his eyes to meet a large group of orcs running towards them, although he could just make out one lurking in the shadows….

Behind him, Gimli was wielding his axe, preparing for the attack, whilst to his left, Aragorn held Anduril that was gleaming in the sunlight, ready to strike.

Legolas' elvish senses picked up an arrow that was flying towards him and his dwarfen companion, and hurriedly pulled Arods reigns to the left, causing the arrow to embed itself in a nearby tree.

Many of the orcs had given up with their bows, and were now wielding their short blades, ready to make contact with the three, although some orcs continued firing arrows down upon them, regardless as to whether it hit their fellow orcs or not. Another arrow whizzed past in front of Arod, which caused him to rear in terror. Legolas held onto the reigns tightly, but felt Gimli's grip around his waist slacken as the dwarf fell off. He turned around to see Gimli standing; ready to take down an orc that had just made to swipe his head clean off.

Legolas swiftly put an arrow to his bow and shot down the orc in the small of its back. Gimli looked at him angrily.

"That one counts as mine!"

But the elf wasn't listening as he shot down orc after orc. He put a hand to his quiver ready to get an arrow and shoot down an orc that was preparing to fire at Aragorn, but to his dismay found that he was grasping air, as he had used them up all ready. "Aragorn!" he shouted out.

Legolas could only look on in fear as Aragorn turned his steed towards Legolas, only for the arrow to find its target in Bregos front leg. The horse jolted violently, and the King of Gondor flew over Bregos head. Legolas kicked Arod towards Aragorn, and unsheathed one of his white knives to slay an orc that was raising its sword above Aragorn, who was trying to get up. Finally Aragorn found his feet and nodded his head in thanks as he re-drew his sword.

Without warning, a large group of orcs barged their way between Aragorn and Legolas, causing them to be separated (Gimli was a few metres away). But instead of dividing, they went straight for Legolas. Although they were once elves, nothing of that past remained, and the orcs loathed the elves with a passion that was set into the deepest fibre of their twisted being. The only small advantage of this for the elves was that they could sense when orcs were near, as they are their brethren, no matter how mutilated and twisted.

Legolas performed a scissor strike to an orcs neck, before spinning around and embedding his knives into another. He parried a particularly vicious orc who had made a swing for his head, before slicing it down and engaging in yet another deadly dance with another.

A great yell erupted form within the trees. "Don't kill the scum! Keep it alive!"

Legolas could only give this a seconds thought before parrying an orc. An arrow flew past that was meant for him, but his senses picked it up and he spun round to the left as a cry came from the hit orc. Legolas made to strike one of their enemies, but his attack was parried, so he kicked the orc forwards before slicing at it's shoulder as it stumbled.

"Legolas!" called out Gimli triumphantly. "I'm on 12!"

"I am on 16!" Legolas shouted back as he stabbed a nearby orc. He heard Gimli growl and smiled as he heard the sound of Gimli's axe on orc armour quicken. To his right slightly, Legolas could still hear Aragorn fighting fiercely.

17… he struck another 18…

One of the few orcs remaining made to kick Legolas in the shins, which stole his attention for a split second. A split second too long. The orc let out what was as close to laugh as an orc could get as it rammed the hilt of its sword into Legolas' chest.

Legolas let out a gaspof surprise as he felt the hilt make contact with his ribs. He bent over slightly gasping for air and then made to strike the orc that did this to him, despite the small black dots that were appearing in his vision. He stood up straighter and looked around in surprise to see that the orcs surrounding him were backing away, a malicious look in their eyes.

There was a whizz through the air, and then the sound of a soft thud. Legolas staggered backwards as pain shot through his left arm, shoulder and chest.

"Legolas!" Aragorn and Gimli roared. They immediately began to fight more fiercely than before in a bid to get to their elven friend.

The young prince of Mirkwood, Elf-Lord of Ithillien, swayed on the spot. His white knives fell from his hands as he sank to his knees. Gasping still, Legolas raised his hand to the arrow that was now protruding from his chest – above his heart. His green tunic was slowly starting to turn a shining red through his blood soaked fingers.

Aragorn and Gimli were getting closer and closer to Legolas, worry and hatred written across their faces.

"Our work here is done! Now get out ya maggots!" yelled the orc voice from within the trees. Legolas raised his head slightly to see the orc armed with a bow retreat backwards from the scene, an evil grin on its face.

Catching his breath, Legolas grasped the cruel long shaft that was protruding from his body and tightened his grip on it. Counting to three, he made to pull it out. The pain was instant, causing Legolas to give a small cry in pain. The small barbs in the arrowhead tugged unremorsefully at his flesh from deep within. A great wave of nausea passed through the elf, and he put his free hand to the ground, allowing his golden hair to cover his fair face. Gritting his teeth in pain, he closed his eyes and tried to focus on breathing.

"Legolas, mellon-nin," Aragorn started when he reached him. He slowly turned the elf onto his back and was shocked to find his friend shaking. He looked at the elf's face. Legolas' eyes were shut and he was deathly pale. Paler than usual. His tunic was now shining with blood, his chest rapidly rising and falling as he fought for air. Slowly, Legolas opened his eyes that were no longer sparkling, but instead clouding over.

"It… it won't… come out," he gasped, screwing up his eyes in an effort to stay awake.

"Ssh mellon-nin, save your strength." Aragorn inwardly kicked himself – of all the times not to bring his herbs and healing kit! "We are going to get you back to Minis Tirith."

"Not Ithillien?" Gimli called out as he wrapped Bregos leg with his cloak, getting ready to ride.

"No, not if those orcs are still out there. Legolas' patrols will find them." Aragorn turned to face Legolas who was losing his battle to stay awake. "I am going to help you stand, mellon-nin. One, two –"

A groan of pain left Legolas as Aragorn pulled into a sitting position. He placed his arm around his friend's waist, and helped him to stand. Legolas' knees buckled under the weight, but Aragorn caught him. He picked up the light elf and carried him over to Arod. That stubborn elf is going to kill me when he realises I've just picked him up and carried him, he mused to himself.

"What about the arrow?" Gimli asked, eyeing it wearily.

"It is too close to his heart. Gimli, you are going to have to ride Brego, whilst I take Legolas on Arod with me." The dwarf nodded in understanding and hoisted himself up onto Brego, who immediately began galloping towards the White City. As soon as Aragorn was behind Legolas, Arod began after Brego.


They had been riding for an hour and Legolas was still awake thanks to the pain. As they rode through the trees, the elf sensed their concern and anger. The pain he was in caused him to be unable to answer, as it was steadily getting worse. Although he could feel himself loosing consciousness with every step Arod took, he refused to cry out. He had too much pride.

They were very much nearing the edge of the forest now, and Aragorn winced when he remembered that there was a small stream the horses had to jump over. He half hoped that Legolas would have at least passed out by now, to give him a break from the pain. He is too stubborn to do that.

Soon enough, they neared the stream, which made Aragorn strengthen his grip on the tense Legolas between his arms.

Five metres…four metres…three metres…two metres…

Arod brought up his front legs and pushed himself off of the ground, landing with a heavy thud on the other side.

The sudden jolt caused Legolas' head to spin, and caused the arrow to move deeper still. The pain was too intense. He let out a small whimper and finally passed out.

Aragorn felt him go limp and saw his head droop forwards slightly onto his blood soaked chest. Aragorn saw that some of the blood had seeped from the heavily blood stained tunic onto his sleeve. So much blood! Valar! He has never lost this much before! He placed a hand onto Legolas' and his heart nearly missed a beat. It was white and cold. Elves shouldn't get cold!

"Gimli!" he called out against the wind. "We have to go faster." He saw the concern for the elf in the dwarf's eyes. "It won't cause him pain, he has passed out. We have to take advantage of this."

Although weary, the two horses sensed the concern and galloped faster. They were now nearing Osgilliath, and the White City was sparkling in the distance. Only a two hour ride…

Aragorn peered down at the unconscious elf. Hold on Legolas. Hold on.


Mellon-nin – my friend

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