WARNING TO ALL YE TOLKEIN PURISTS OUT THERE! : The Boromir mentioned in this story is Faramir and Eowyn's son – NOT THE ORIGINAL. I spent ages trying to think up a decent name for their son, but then I decided Boromir might be nicer for in remembrance of the original for Faramir – they were brothers after all!


1 month later.

"Here is to Boromir. May his life be blessed," Aragorn called out to the many people before him, as he kept his glass raised in the direction of Boromir. "And here is to his parents, two of the most loving people I have the privilege of knowing."

In unison, glasses around Minas Tirith's feasting hall were raised as Faramir and Eowyn beamed down at their son before sharing a quick tender kiss.

As the chatter returned, Aragorn moved towards the new parents, whom were being congratulated by Arwen, Legolas and Gimli.

"He looks like you, Faramir," Arwen complimented, not taking her gaze away from Boromir, who fidgeted in Eowyn's arms.

"He will have his mother's charm though no doubt. And her temper," Faramir added as he chuckled, earning him a rising of the eyebrows in his direction by Eowyn. But he paid no attention. His eyes were fixed upon the bundle in Eowyn's arms, and the awe in his eyes was as evident as the sinking sun in the evening sky.

Legolas could not help but gaze at the baby. It was not often he really saw one, for elflings were not born often, and were usually up to hundreds of years apart. This new life, after everything that had happened over the last few years, was nothing short of a miracle in his view.

Not only was this baby signifying new life, but a new start for all. He could tell just by observing Eowyn and Faramir's actions that they were well suited to parenthood. They seemed new, revived even. As Legolas would pass them in the corridors sometimes, he could sense the elation and see the spring in the steps of the Steward of Gondor.

The sound of Faramir's voice awoke Legolas from his thoughts.

"Eowyn and I have been meaning to ask you all if" - he paused - "if you would like to be aunties and uncles to Boromir?" Faramir asked, beaming at the pleasantly surprised expressions on the faces of Aragorn, Arwen, Legolas and Gimli.

"My friends," Aragorn said, looking around the group for silent conformation. Really though, he need not have checked. "We would all be honoured."

A feeling of privilege went to Legolas' heart as the beams on Faramir and Eowyn's faces got, if possible, even bigger at these words of agreement.

As Boromir was once again surrounded, Legolas saw this as an opportunity to disappear for a while. He sipped down the remainder of his wine, and slipped away from the group, placing his goblet on the food table as he walked past.

Not looking back, he walked out of the loud hall full of merry voices, and headed towards Arwen's private garden that looked towards Eryn Lasgalen and North Ithilien.

He passed through the elven gate, and leisurely walked through on the gravel path, his footprints leaving no sound of crunching gravel amongst the surrounding magnolias, willows and roses.

The hall had gotten quite loud for his elven ears, so the peacefulness of the garden was welcoming and soothing. Not only for his ears, but also for his mind.

He smiled as he came up besides a familiar looking oak tree that was standing healthily amongst the other plants of the garden, its leaves green and fresh.

Placing a hand on the trees smooth bark, Legolas closed his eyes.

I cannot apologise enough for what I have done, mellon-nin.

The trees branches moved slightly in the windless sky in response.

No, ernil-nin. It was not of your doing.

But I caused you pain and –

- It would have been more painful if we learnt that you had succumbed to the unspeakable.

Legolas sighed as he leant his forehead against the even bark.

I thank you for your kindness. Though, I must ask. How was it that you recovered?

The trees leaves shook as though the tree was laughing.

The Lord Elrond sent forth some herb to be mixed with water. With the Queen's gentle hand and aiding soul, I was able to heal. I am again well enough to enjoy the company of a firstborn.

I am glad.

"Hannon-le," Legolas whispered softly.

He fell silent as he enjoyed the company of the oak in the setting suns light.

The king is on his way, ernil.

Legolas smiled but did not move. Whenever Legolas left for a time of peace, Aragorn would usually follow soon after. Tonight would definitely be no exception, as tomorrow mid-day, Legolas was returning to Ithilien and his colony.

"Legolas?" Aragorn called, seeing the elf facing the oak, his head resting against the trunk. The King of Gondor stepped forward and stopped when he was besides Legolas. "Are you well?" he asked as he leant his back against the tree.

Legolas smiled again. "Aye," he said softly. "I am well, mellon-nin."

The elf slowly opened his eyes and turned around as he lowered himself to sit on the floor.

Seeing that Legolas was not in much of a talking mood, he too slipped to the ground besides his friend and looked out to view the sun setting into the west.

"Do you want me to leave?" Aragorn asked softly, understanding completely if Legolas did.

The corners of Legolas' mouth turned up slightly as he looked at his brother, a sad and yet content emotion shining in his eyes. "Do you remember what I told you all those years ago when one of my patrols went wrong in Mirkwood?"

A confused look flitted across Aragorn's face, but it vanished as he nodded his head in remembrance, the memory now seeming as though it had happened only yesterday.

"You said that a friend is someone you want to be around, when you feel like being by yourself."

Legolas nodded, his face serious. "And you are that person, gwador."

A comfortable silence fell between the two, who just sat there enjoying each other's company in the little haven Arwen's garden provided.

A few minutes later, Legolas spoke. "I see Gimli was very much smitten when we were all asked to become uncles and aunties to Boromir," the elf said, a smile forming on his face.

Aragorn laughed. "Aye, but I think we all were! You especially."

Legolas frowned slightly, his smile still present, at these words. "I was not tha… I mean," he paused, at a loss of words. "It is amazing. The innocence of Boromir and the fact that he is going to grow up in a world where there is no more, well, almost no more, evil is surreal. Finally all that we worked for has paid off. I am honoured to be an uncle to Boromir."

Aragorn smiled at the wistful elf sat besides him. It was times like this when Aragorn realised just how young Legolas really was in comparison to men. Judging by the far-away look in Legolas' eyes and the smile playing across his face, Aragorn could tell that Legolas was speaking the words uncle Legolas in his mind.

"You never know, Legolas. One day you might marry an elleth and get called ada," Aragorn ventured softly.

The smile on Legolas' face did not die down. "You never know, one day I might. There is plenty of time," he trailed off and cast his eyes to the sun that was vanishing below the horizon.

Aragorn gave an understanding smile and stood up. "What say you we present our guests with those two deer and rabbits we finally managed to hunt? I dare say everyone will be as hungry as a hobbit at noon."

Legolas looked up and his eyes shined with cheeriness. "Best not let them starve," Legolas said as he accepted Aragorn's hand to pull him up. "Not only that, but I would not mind holding Boromir," he added with a shy smile as the tips of his ears went red.

Aragorn laughed as the two brothers made there way across the gravel path, one set of footsteps heavy, whilst the other light.

As they approached the gate, Legolas turned around to glimpse at Eryn Lasgalen.

"Aragorn," he said, turning back to face the man, a serious look on his face. "I want to thank-you, again, for all that you have done."

Aragorn gave a small smile and stepped forwards as the two brothers embraced.

"Hannon-le, gwador-nin."

They stepped apart and laughed, seeing tears shining in both pairs of eyes. With that, both man and elf walked through the elven fashioned gate and returned to Minas Tirith's feasting hall, knowing that everything was now nearly back to how it was.


Mellon-nin – my friend

Ernil - prince

Ernil-nin – my prince

Hannon-le – thank you

Elleth – female elf

Gwador-nin – my brother

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Lord Elrond FOTR, book 2.

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