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Chapter One Hundred and Thirty-Two: Reunion

A tall young woman with flowing, blonde hair stood in the middle of a field of daises, which swirled around her billowing dress in a manner that could almost be perceived as comforting. Loud, high-pitched sobs echoed pathetically through the surrounding plains, tears streaming down the girl's face in buckets. She sunk to her knees and clutched aimlessly at the grass in front of her, if only to give her hands something to do, to touch… if only to do something. In a state of blind fury, she lunged upward, taking thousands of blades of innocent, helpless grass along with her, showering them down upon the ground as she opened her palms to the sky.

"Carola! My love!"

The girl's breath caught in her chest and even the wind seemed to stop breathing. "Mikael?" She hardly dared to speak his name, for as soon as she got her hopes up she feared it would all have been a dream.

But alas, that was not the case. A mere few feet away from the distressed Carola stood a tall, handsome man with kindness in his eyes. It took but a moment for Carola and Mikael to fly into each other's arms, forever content in their lover's warm embrace.

Carola's head rested gently on Mikael's chest, her delicate ears picking up his steady heartbeat and even the tiniest breath that left his lips. "I thought you would never come."

Mikael ran a smooth-skinned hand through his love's seamless hair, his eyes twinkling like diamonds. "I would never abandon the one I love."

The two stood there for what felt like seconds but could have been hours, or perhaps it was the other way around. Time was infinite, countless, inexistent when the two were together. The grass of the field seemed to forgive Carola for her rash act of murdering their kin, and the daises swirled around the pair's feet, as if wishing to join in on their embrace as well. All seemed right with the world. And that is where this story draws to a close.


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ONE LAST NOTE: LOL, I actually researched Finnish names for the last part, but I know absolutely nothing about Finnish culture and things of the sort so I'm sorry if you're Finnish and I've offended you with this. The only reason I had them be Finnish in the first place is a reference to the first song in Spamalot. xD Anyway… if you've actually stuck with me this long, through all the notes and weird love stories about Carola and Mikael (who, incidentally, you will never hear about from me again), then I hope you will wait around until the first chapter of this fanfiction is posted. The real first chapter will actually have some content, heh, I promise. Bye now!
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