Zettai Draco! (Absolute Draco!)

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Sasuke: This is Part Three to a side story to before the blond wonder lost his mind and made a mad dash to Japan (In the fic that nobody reads called Pajama De Ojama). It basically explains what he experiences during the up rise of Shojo Manga, weird bishonen filled anime and eventually dojinshi spawning from the Manga and Anime that so happens to resemble him called Draco in Love. (By complete COINCIDENCE mind you)

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The castle was filled with a hush of whispers and every now and then a piercing sob broke through the quiet din. The boys rejoiced in the RoR (Room of Requirement) celebrating over the destruction and desecration of the Fan-Girls and all they held dear. The Slytherin Prince's Secret had been Clock Work Drarry's final doujinshi, the group had disbanded.

From his perch Draco Malfoy and Seamus Finnigan passed a bottle of something, Draco knew it was muggle but really didn't care what the name was. He was feeling warm and slightly numbed as the revels continued boys dancing and drinking and swearing around the fire pit bellow only stopping to laugh at the kindle that stoked it. All of CWD's doujinshi, glossy covers melting and bubbling like molten lava.

"This is most in inappropriate." Still De-Aged and handsome in an irresistible way, Professor Snape stopped short to cackle as Fred and George Weasley dumped a box filled with Sea/Snake fiction. "But I suppose the particular meaning of inappropriate here is merely moot."

"That it is sir that it is." Dennis Creevey nodded at his side with a pleasant smile on his face as he went to work shredding the Dennis/Blaise slash doujin. A maniacal shadow came over his face as he looked up into his De-Aged professor's eyes. "Wonder if we can manage to make physical violence moot too, sir. I wonder how moot we could make a massive Fan-Girl slaughter and how moot their pain filled screams would be."

Snape said nothing but merely shivered.

Back at the bon-fire the twins rejoiced, arms flailing, jumping and swinging about as the Twincest Gaiden Novels burst into flames. "Was that good for you Gred?"

"It was it was Forge!" And they rejoiced pulling even Ginny into the dance with them. She laughed and twirled.

All of the boys from all four houses were there celebrating alongside the handful of girls who didn't quite enjoy the doujinshi either at all or not to obsession. Daphne Greengrass hung on Dean Thomas's arm drunk as anyone had ever seen her while Malfalda Prewett enacted one of the haughtier scenes with over enthused and ridiculously deep voices.

Surprisingly Lavender Brown, who oddly found the fan-girls distasteful, was in deep discussion with Ravenclaw Julien Macdonald and Slytherin Anne Mayfair about a possible rebuttal of something called Yuri Doujinshi as a way to get back at all the Yaoi fan-girls. And while Draco had called it tawdry and bellow their level to "do something as evil as what they have done to us, but I like you drive Lav. It's really appreciated." Harry Potter smirked wickedly and began to draw Padma and Parvati Patil in lascivious positions with corny dialogue.

"Didn't know that Potter was an adept artist, though I suppose I should really be shocked." Blaise commented to Michael Corner who shrugged.

"He's working on hatred and revenge. That's what is driving him to draw like that-what inspiration." Wayne Hopkins said to an unconvinced looking Blaise.

All the boys were brought together all houses became one all became friends. Old rivalries were put aside as enemy became brother all had a common enemy that had lost the battle.

But, the boys had not won the war as they had figured. No, not by a long shot, they had missed the literal definition for what all fan-girls are: A person who has a compulsive dedication to a videogame series, anime series, and/or music artist and is often said to be "drooling".

And really, they must have missed the fine printed warning explaining how much more dangerous YAOI fan-girls are:

WARNING: Beware of yaoi fangirl groups. If one happens to enter the vicinity of a yaoi fangirl, and one is a relatively cute looking guy, run. Run very far and very fast. Do not look back. Do not mention certain shows with disdain around them. One will be clawed, or at the very least, never seen from again. Examples of these shows would be, Weiß kreuz, Saiyuki, Inu Yasha and Naruto.

Any anime fangirl could be a yaoi fangirl as they do look like any typical anime fangirl. In fact, if she is into anime, and considers herself a fangirl, there is a very good chance she is a yaoi fangirl. So just beware of them all.

If treaded around carefully, one will survive an encounter with a yaoi fangirl with relatively few scars...that are physical. Psychologists should be standing by.

It was one month to the day that the celebration between men took place. It was a lovely afternoon and while Severus Snape was still quite De-Aged he was adjusting well and still completely naïve as to why his hideous face would cause masses of girls to still swoon but he figured he would use it and take it in stride.

Wasn't it Lily who once told him, 'you're greatest asset is your looks. You're so mysterious and all the girls looking at you drive me mad!'

He still didn't understand.

It was during one of his classes, the one that had started all of his mental grieving. The former masses of perverted hormonal monsters sat on one side oddly complacent while the boys were happily chatting with one another.

Slytherin and Gryffindor males, friends even. He never thought he'd see the day when Ronald Weasley would actually willingly talk to someone like Blaise Zabini or Draco Malfoy writing a script as a favor for Potter who could needed assistance for the comic he himself was drawing and Cedric Diggory sitter there in the middle of it all, the only HufflePuff there to retake the class.

But then hadn't he and Lily been friends once upon a time despite their differences?

He sighed, Lily was always going to be a sore subject no matter the context and despite the fact that he was steadily moving on with his life. It was like he had died for a moment and had realized what was important in life and hell, the day he woke up a teenager he almost did die.

And he almost died again when a book appeared on his desk in front of him and all the other males in the classroom with a thud emblazed with the name AOI HOUSE on the leather cover. He ignored it as a prank a little miffed that he'd been shaken by a measly book when there was a shriek in literal terror.

Blaise Zabini, with a look of utter befuddlement and fear shook in unsuppressed tears at the book in his hands his dark eyes glossing the pages. He burst into tears.

"Why me?! Why is it ALWAYS me?"

Seamus Finnigan wolf whistled at the book in his own hands and gave a pat to a almost comatose Dean Thomas who's eyes had suddenly seemed to shrink.

"Well at least you're the man in this one."

Neville just fainted in a manner that seemed oddly over exaggerated.

Perhaps the most comical were the faces of Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter who didn't seem to be breathing. They looked at one another and the Harry Potter fainted with an uncharacteristic girlish squeak falling into Draco's arms. Draco's head swiveled to the other side of the room staring at the girls who seemed to stare on in front of them as though they hadn't noticed the boy's sudden alarm and mental breakdown and in most cases sobbing messes.

"I will destroy you. Just mark my words, Fan-Girls…"

Snape just pushed the book into the trashcan beside his desk without looking at it.

"Clock Work Drarry will pay."

The same docile girl, the one he thought was too adorable to be real turned her eyes towards him and sweetly smiled almost making him blush. Oh, he knew that she was one of them and would not fall into it. "There is no Clock Work Drarry."

"Only Zuel?" Draco joked but his face was all serious. "If there is no Clock Work Drarry then who is it? Another Group?"

"It's written on the cover page, Draco-Chan." The girl giggled.

"I liked it better when you called me Draco-San." He said before staring at the cover of the book. "A-Hoy House?"

"Iie, Draco-Chan the title is properly pronounced Owwie, that's how it sounds. Aoi House."

"Owwie? Owwie that sounds like." He stared in utter disbelief and horror etched in his eyes but it was Cedric who spoke first.

"Yaoi House, it is called Yaoi House isn't it?" Cedric was now directly in front of the desk staring at the girl, he was shaking.


"Then that means that…that Clock Work Drarry was not taken down and that…means…that…means…" He turned towards all of the boys and crossed his arms across his chest in a manner that was completely un-Cedric. "The Bishonen have failed."

He sneered at Draco who now stood and Snape felt like the moment was missing something like popcorn. The air was tense as all of the boys stood behind Draco and the girls behind Cedric.

"Cedric Diggory I should have known." Draco said to a smirking Cedric. "The one who is so clearly over looked, so clearly innocent of all impurities and the kindest and gentlest of us all…it was so obviously you."

"Why yes I am partially to blame. Though let me introduce myself properly, I am Onii-San, general proprietor of this lavish enterprise." Cedric bowed.

"Why Cedric, why did you do it? It's humiliating to put your fellow male classmates through this you…you…SNAKE!" Harry said now fully awake. He was at Draco's right side standing poised as ever the little Hero.

"You stand by your Tsuki No Ou (Moon King) without question then? I was hoping to bring you around to this side of things but well that won't happen now."

"I'll never join you!"

"My, oh my you are the brave little Senshi (Warrior) aren't you? I just find this all the more amusing at what I will next reveal." He said menacingly though Snape was less inclined as to know what was going to happen and powerless to stop it. "Because my little Bishonen Senshi I too have a right and left hand of my own. Mi-Chan and Akage-San. My Bushi who by all accounts are among you even now as you stand there untied." He laughed. "Mi-Chan, if you would please step forward, I will let you take the lead."

Snape's eyes widened and he joined all the males in surprised gasps, oh he had not even considered that but now that he thought about it, it was obvious that he was upset at himself for not realizing before. Hermione Granger stood at Cedric's right side with a smile on her face despite that everyone, Harry included Ron excluded, was scowling.

"I won't try to persuade you all into thinking along the lines as us so I will cut to the chase-we have heard rumors of some collected few of you who have threatened to find the members of Clock Work Drarry though seeing as there is no CWD then it is impossible. Onii-San and I have decided to come clean about who we really are as a sort of Dual Ambassador."

Draco found his voice suddenly as a look of confusion filtered his face.

"Dual Ambassador? You mean Diggory isn't behind all of this?"

"Not really, I am merely here for entertainment and payment of course. I cofounded CWD and AOI HOUSE with two others and gave them the majority of the rights though I oversee the artists and the scripts." Cedric shook his head. "But really, I'm just a playboy."

"There are more of you? Damn it!" Blaise shouted in consternation. "Why don't you leave us all alone? You realize what is going to happen now don't you? We can kidnap Diggory and torture him!"

Suddenly Snape remembered Dennis Creevey's face. Oh yes, physical violence, kidnapping and torture would be moot in his classroom.

"Fine, but it wont stop it will just get progressively worse." Ron Weasley said standing on Cedric's other side. He shrugged his shoulders at the utter shock on Potter's face and the glares from the others but he didn't squirm.

"No Ron," Potter said. "Not you too Ron!"

"Sorry mate didn't have much of a choice besides it isn't so bad." The redhead said with a smile. "With the payment you get working for them it makes it all worth while."

"Then that makes you the other co-founder then, Weasley?" Draco only sneered in disgust.

"Who me? No way Malfoy though it's flattering to know you think so highly of me. No, I'm Akage (readhair)." He waved.

"So what you are trying to say is that being depicted as slathering girly idiots it's ok because of the money? You're sick Weasley, you and Diggory both."

"Actually he's an opportunist and I'm just a playboy!"

Draco threw his potions book at Cedric; it barely missed his head before tackling Cedric in a moment of anger.

"You aren't the only one who has read RG Veda you Kujaku impersonator!"

"Oh Drake what did I do to make you hate me!"

"Stop moving around and let me kill you!"

"D-draco c-can't…b-b-breath…!"


There was a click amongst the noises of hitting and sobbing a Polaroid picture. He showed it to Hermione and then to the rest of the fan-girls who giggled loudly shouting: "Onii-San! Onii-San! Kisu! Kisu! Kisu!"

Before Draco could move…

Before Harry could say anything…

Before understanding of the word sunk into Snape's brain…

Not before Cedric took Draco's face in his hands…

Not before the Fan-Girls squealed…

Not before Blaise began to sob…again

And definitely NOT before Ron stood ready…


One week later the boys were again huddled in their table grumbling about the latest AOI HOUSE doujinshi came fresh off the shelf, so to speak. It was a drawing depicting a very androgynous Draco Malfoy being passionately kissed by a domineering Cedric Diggory while a large green eyed Harry Potter spied from beneath his invisibility cloak spied. That's right, the final installment of The Slytherin Prince's Secret had just come straight out the presses sold with the other two doujinshi in a special offer variety pack.

You guessed it, authors notes, rough sketches and the fan-girls ate them all up…along with all the other fan-girls in all of the other magical schools and not so magical. Much to Draco's consternation the AOI HOUSE doujinshi was being sold all throughout the UK.

Seething amongst the crowd of angry, confused and in Zabini's case, sobbing males he looked directly into the eyes of the two known Bushi Granger and Weasley and scowled. "This means war!"

"Do you think we've made a mistake with the slight reveal?"

"I don't think it will do any harm. From what I have seen, Onii-San has it under control."

"Miko-Sama is right Taiyo no Ou (Sun Kin) and I thought you had faith in me."

The three founders stood at the top of the astronomy tower staring at the blue sky. For Cedric, it was a surprise that no one figured them out, after all the title Clock Work Drarry had their last initial. It was fairly simple if you took the time to think about it.

Cho Chang and Percy Weasley looked out into the horizon looking in awe at the diffused colors completely content while the self proclaimed 'Playboy' Cedric Diggory merely groaned.

"I hate Twilight." He said with a smile on his face.


Chang Weasley Diggory.

I know that NONE of you saw that coming and while the majority of you guessed correctly that it was Cedric, none of you saw it coming though the clues were there. Like Cho or rather 'Miko-Sama'-in Pajama De Ojama chapter one she was with Harry but in chapter 2 there is lack of her anywhere near him (though he has only a tiny bit of screen time) and in this story she isn't mentioned as his girlfriend but is still around him but still seems to show affection for Cedric as far as to point out that : "The war has just begun apparently but it won't list what's to happen. And apparently there is a spy among us-a few of the boys."

How did she know about spies if she wasn't on the inside?

As for Percy's role in this as the infamous W. Originally it was going to be Ron as W or rather Taiyo no Ou but then I thought that Ron's all brawn and not brainy enough to pull it off. Easily bought, easily able to take something like that in stride and loyal-because it was his brother that he was loyal to which is in fact Gryffindor. Can't say it isn't. Besides, Hermione, or Mi-Chan needed a partner that is easily persuaded and someone she could get a long with. Ronald fit the bill to the T.

Another possible W was going to be Oliver Wood but then I couldn't make the dynamic work. Oliver would be too extreme and seems like the type who wouldn't necessarily work well with others. Cho's the brainy one, Cedric's the Comic relief-Oliver wouldn't fit in with either of those.

I thought about Neville but then it would have been less shocking so I scrapped it-though when I get the rest of Pajama De Ojama up he will play a pivotal role on the other side (whether he wants to or not.)

Oh and the Japanese nick names for the CWD team? Here is some character background on them"

Cho Chang

Birthday: February 14

Age: 17

House: Ravenclaw

Hobbies: Reading, Quidditch and various muggle spots.

Otaku Meter:

Cho is more of the normal anime and manga fan and enjoys OST's though not to the extreme. She collects Gundam models and memorabilia especially Gundam Wing (Duo!) and has only slight fan-girl impulses. She does, however go completely postal when it comes to slash pairing and loathes a majority of canon pairing (she can't stand Naru/Saku or Sasu/Saku).

Her only fan obsession is Yaoi and Shonen-Ai. Her favorite non canon pairings are Gaara/Neji, Sesshomaru/Miroku, and Roy/Ed amongst others. Her OTP is Ryuichi/Tatsuha and she proudly wears a key chain depicting Kumaguro holding a Tatsuha plush. She dated Cedric Diggory though it seemed from the beginning that the relationship was doomed to fail as both only had two things in common; Anime and Quidditch. They remained very good friends after that with no awkwardness when she began to briefly date Harry.

She is the script writer for much of the doujinshi and is a large fan of Draco/Harry/Blaise and often has strange ideas in which there are kitchen products and treats in odd places. Cho is often looked at oddly by her two male partners but backs up her logic as this: "I'm a fan-girl with an unhealthy obsession with Blaise. I am also a rabid YAOI fan-girl to besides a little on the uke's (Harry's) body scavenger hunt with two delicious Seme's (Blaise and Draco) never hurt anyone."

Percy Weasley

Birthday: August 22

Former House: Gryffindor

Hobbies: Work, work and work

Otaku Meter:

Percy is a closeted Otaku since his fourth year. Along with other closet Otaku's like Oliver Wood and Cedric Diggory and few others. He enjoys cosplaying and entering into various anime/manga related competitions. His favorite manga is between Fruits Basket and Excel Saga and he also has a secret obsession with Sailor Moon action Figures and wall Dragon Ball Z wall scrolls. His favorite anime is Dragon Ball Z and Tenchi Muyo.

He enjoys doing various pranks-like his brothers'- and has an almost unhealthy love for work. He was the one who suggested creating Doujinshi and the founder of Drarry slash pairings. His reasoning: "The visual contrasts, the antagonism and the frantic obsession with one another. It is oddly reminiscent to Sasuke and Naruto-it's guaranteed gold."

Percy usually writes angst scripts for the Drarry doujinshi and mostly notably wrote The Slytherin Prince's Secret and all of its sequels. On his days off from work he visits the CWD HQ located near the Slytherin dorms, where he assists in drawing manga with what he and Cedric call "Honorable Bushi".

Cedric Diggory

Age: 17

Birthday September 7

House: Hufflepuff

Hobbies: Quidditch, music, drawing and baking cookies.

Otaku Meter:

Cedric was introduced to manga when he was five years old. While a then twelve year old Bill Weasley was asked to watch Cedric he took an almost immediate shine to the five year old who liked "all the pretty drawings" on Bill's walls. His first manga was Ranma 1/2 which to this day he still obsesses over and his shockingly his favorite genre in manga is Boy's Love (Aka: Yaoi and Shonen-Ai) though he isn't gay. His favorite manga to date is Haru Wo Daiteita. His favorite anime series/ost's are Fuyu No Semi, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, and Ai no Kusabi.

He draws a majority of character designs and sketches for the Honorable Bushi and tends to woo the girls with compliments and smiles though he doesn't realize that he's doing it. His favorite pairing is shockingly Seamus/ anyone stating: "Finnigan seems like the kinda bloke who'd try anything and anyone once. He's funny too can't argue with those looks either. He's the perfect Boy's Love hero."

He was called Sensei first because he felt that he was teaching the girl's how to embrace their inner fan-girls but then changed his name to Onii-San because of his like for the AOI HOUSE character and because he felt like the big brother in the group though he tends to refer to himself as just a 'Playboy' indicating that he is a fan of Kujaku from RG Veda.

He has a thing for lackeys and if over fond of Hermione whom he affectionately calls Mi-Chan though it is not romantic in the least.

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