A Susan/Caspian Drabble Collection

by Laura-chan

Title: Future
: G
Summary: He wanted to give her something for the future.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, I only like to play with the characters.
Author's Note: Written for the Susan/Caspian Weekly Drabble Challenge #15 (Key) at livejournal. I'm Italian - English isn't my native language so, please, forgive my mistakes.


She opened her eyes and saw what he gave her.

In her hand laid innocently a key, heavy and old.

Susan lifted her stare, confused: he just smiled and took her free hand. She let herself being guided by him, as she hoped she could always do in the future.

The door Caspian led her to was in oak wood, little cracks showing just how old it was. He turned to her and kissed her forehead. "Use it."

The lock had been oiled, because the key slid and turned easily: she opened the door and gasped.

It was a beautiful room, with a large bed: pinned to the walls there were ancient weapons, in a corner a pile of wooden toys laid around, a comfy-looking chair was in front of a fireplace.

"This was my mother's room." Caspian murmured softly. "She had moved here after my father's death. Those-" he pointed to the toys. "…were mine. And I hope…" He suddenly looked at her in the eyes and crossed fingers with her. "I hope they will be our children's."

Susan cried when she realized that Caspian had given her the key to their future.

A/N: cheesy I know, but I'm in the mood.