Mitchie Torres was walking to the cinema. That was her retreat, her distraction from the rest of the world. Her father had died at war in Iraq, or so they said. He was a hero, he died saving someone, but that person never turned up for the funeral. He ignored the Torres family, completely ignored them. There wasn't even a thank you for her father's sacrifice.

Her mom had gotten married to another guy, but to Mitchie he was a jerk. Her mom was nice, pretty, everything that a man could want, but the man she chose didn't deserve her. His name was Edward Williams. She'd gotten a small step sister, who was the most annoying person on earth.

The only people she had left in her life that she cared about were Shane Gray, and her grandmother. Shane had been her boyfriend since Camp Rock. Her dad had been at war at that time. Shane knew that her father died, and was always by her side when she needed him. He was her shining star. He was everything that mattered to her.

Her grandmother, well, she was different from the family. She couldn't walk properly because of her legs. Mitchie pleaded for her to go check on them, but her grandmother would tell her that she was fine. She loved going into her grandmother's room. It was sort of old fashioned with pictures of her dad hung on the wall. It was a peaceful room. She would tell her grandma everything, even her relationship with Shane. Her grandmother thought Shane was such a gentleman and Mitchie loved it.

She was going to see 10,000 B.C. today. People told her it was a great movie, she didn't really care what movie she saw as long as she got away from her stepdad and mom. She bought a ticket and entered sitting in her booked seat. Halfway through the movie Shane called asking her if she could come over. She would never miss a chance with Shane, he was always busy and she loved every second she spent with him.

She walked out of the theater and headed towards Shane's house. It was close to the cinema. He greeted her with a smile, "Hey!" she said hugging him.

"So what movie did you see today?" he asked as they plummeted into the couch.

"10,000 B.C, it's cool."

Shane sat quietly as an awkward silence took over.

"How's stuff going at your house?" Shane asked breaking the silence.

"It's okay," she shrugged, "not that much of a difference. They're always getting pissed at me, I don't understand why, though. My mom's really nice, but I don't know why she fell for someone like Edward."

He gently rubbed her shoulder, "you'll get along in time."

"Yeah," she said quietly.

"In the meantime though," Shane quickly said turning her head so that she was facing him, "you've got me."

He crushed his lips against her lightly brushing her lips and she allowed him entrance. They sat for about 5 minutes of a full-make out session.

"Mmmm, you're a good kisser," she said as they broke away.

"Thank you." He gave a small chuckle and pulled her closer.

You're the voice I hear inside my head

The reason that I'm singing

I need to find you

I gotta find you

Her phone was ringing. She loved her ringtone, and she had never changed it since Camp Rock. She read the caller's name, her mom.

"Hi mom," she said trying her best to act sweet.

"Honey, where are you?"

"I'm at Shane's."

"Well come back home, it's time for dinner and your dad-"


"Fine! Your step-dad is going to get angry if you're not there with us in time."

"Can't I stay a little bit more with Shane, I hardly see him."

"He can come with you."

"Ugh, why can't I stay here with him?"

"Because I said so." Her mom hung up and Mitchie looked back at Shane.

"My mom wants me back at home, but she said you can come, too."

"Yeah I heard," he gave me a smile, that one million dollar worth smile of his. Suddenly I felt happier, just because of that smile.

"Come one pop star, before my mom's sent to an asylum."

"That's rock star to you" he said as he winked. Mitchie was head over heels for him, hopefully she wouldn't do anything crazy at dinner.

"Hi, Mom," she said with a cheesy smile.

"Hi sweetie, Hi Shane."

"Hi," Shane replied, "so what're we eating today?" Cooking was my moms specialty, eating was Shane's.

"Steak!" her mom answered happily. Her step-sister Nora came running down the stairs.

"SHAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNNNNEEEEEEY!" she sreamed as she hugged his legs. He lifted her up into a hug.

"How's my favorite Nora?" he asked he gave her a small kiss.

"I'm fine, and mommy bought me a dolly. Do you wanna see it?"

"I'll go see it later, right now we have to help mommy set the table." Shane was awesome with kids. He knew how to get them hooked into something very easily.

"YES!" She shouted happily. He slung an arm over Mitchie's shoulder and they headed to the dining room. They finished setting the whole table just in time for her step-dad to come in. He kissed her mom and put his stuff down.

"Hello Mitchie," he said giving her a smile which she returned with a frown, "hi Shane."

"Hello, sir," Shane said shaking his hand.

"How's it going? You've been pretty busy lately, am I right?"

"Yes I have. I've been recording my new album, it takes a lot of work."

"Ugh" Mitchie muttered under her breathe and took her usual seat on the dining table.

"Hon," her mom called from the kitchen, "could you give the food to your grandma, she doesn't want to eat with us on the table."

"Neither do I," Mitchie whispered as she headed to her grandmothers room.

"Hey Gran," she said setting the tray next to her grandmother.

"Hello, darling. Your stepfather home yet?"

"Yes," she sighed.

"That evil know-it-all. Both of us should move somewhere else to rid ourselves of this torture," she said with a chuckle. Her Gran agreed with her in almost everything.

"Shane's here for dinner," Mitchie said heading for the door.

"Really, why don't you bring him in to say hi?"


On the dining table everyone had started eating. Mitchie sat next to Shane, "Gran wants to see you later."

"Oh, sure," he said confused.

They were half way through when her Grandmother came out of the room.

"Oh hello Shane," she said ignoring Edward.

"Hi," he replied with a smile.

She took some salad and started heading out to the room when Nora screamed loudly, "Auntie don't want to say hi to daddy." She put her hands over her chest and looked crossly at Mitchie's Grandmother.

"You better discipline that daughter of yours, Connie. Before she turns this house into a hooligan house," her grandmother pointed at Connie threateningly.

"She's just a child, she doesn't understand," her mother said defensively.

"Well you better make her understand," her grandmother went into her room and put the T.V on very loud. That's what she did when she was angry, put the T.V on. Edward looked sternly at her grandmothers door and went back to eating his food.

"Sorry about that Shane," Connie said nicely.

"No problem."

They continued eating quietly and then Mitchie and Shane headed towards her room. "Why don't you stay down here kids?" Edward asked.

"Umm, we sort of want to be alone," Mitchie replied continuing up the stairs.

"But I want to talk to Shane about some stuff, you too."

"Can't you save it for another time?" she snapped at him.

"Mitchie Torres, come down here, I only want to talk to both of you about your relationship and how your dealing with it."

"It's OUR relationship, and you're not my dad to be checking out if Shane's good for me or not, 'cause he is."

"Mitchie, talk to your dad respectfully," said Connie heading towards her husband.

"HE'S NOT MY DAD!" Mitchie ran to her room and pulled Shane along with her. This was obviously going to be a long night.

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