Wish Title: Wish Upon A Star
Author: Pyro
Pairings: none
Warning: Sad, Angsty, Percy view.
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned them. The boy-o's belong to J. .

Percy Weasley sighed as he finished up the last bit of paper work on his desk. He really didn't want to go home tonight. Home where a roaring fire would chase away the chill of the night and the rain that was beginning to fall. All the rooms in the Burough would be warm and inviting. All, he bitterly reflected, except for his own. It wasn't for lack of trying. But his rooms, like him, just never really seemed to warm up. And they were always so terribly lonely. Percy idly wondered if he could crawl in bed with any of his brothers. He then imagined their looks of complete shock. Prim, prissy, proper Percy would NEVER do that. Percy snorted. Yah, right. He only wished. Percy sighed again and closed up his office. 'Last to leave again, Weasley', he thought to himself. Even later than his father. Father. He never had called Arthur Weasley Dad, or anything less than Father. It was sad, really. But then again, Percy was the only one of them without a pet name. Mother was 'Mom' or 'Darling', Ron was 'Ronnie', Ginny was "Angel'. Percy continued to mentally run through everyone's names. The twins were Gred and Forge, Charlie was 'Lizzard', and Bill was "Sherlock'. Hell, he thought, even Harry and Hermione have received pet names. Hermione was 'Herms' or 'Books', depending. Harry, he was 'Rabbit'. But Percy, he was just Percy. "The Prick' when the twins were being nice.
The twins. Percy sighed again. It must be nice to be that close to someone. A sibling who was an extension of yourself. Who you could trust not to laugh at you for every little thing. Whose bed you could crawl into when the nightmares in the closet got too scary, or your room got too cold. Percy grumbled at the thought. He hated being cold. Then he looked at the clock. Ten fifteen. Shit. He'd missed dinner, again. Mother would be worried. Or maybe not, she hadn't sent anyone for him. He wasn't sure whether to be relieved or disappointed. Would anyone notice if he never came home? He doubted it.
Stepping from the fireplace, he shook his robes clear of the floo powder dust. No one was around when he arrived, and as he made his way up to his room, the stairs were empty. Not so odd for a Friday night. Every one would be sleeping in tomorrow, since school was out for the midterm holidays. Perhaps he could find a warm corner and sleep in it. Percy grinned at the thought. Gaining his room, he quickly shucked off his robes and hurried to the shower. As the scalding water washed over him, he wondered where everyone was, then shrugged it off as unimportant. If they had wanted him to come along, they would have said something. Stepping out in a cloud of steam, Percy shivered as he hurriedly climbed into his pajamas. The old flannel was soft and comforting, like the hugs Mother used to give him when he was younger. Percy closed his eyes at the memory.
" Come Percy, watch the twins. That's a good boy. Mother needs to tend Ronnie. Gred, Forge, mind Percy for Mummy." Mother squeezed a six year old Percy in a quick hug and rushed off to another part of the house. Identical pairs of blue green eyes looked up into Percy's golden hazel ones. At three years of age, the twins were already terrors, but they behaved for Percy.
"Perce, can we play wif the blocks?"
"Will you build us a castle?" And Percy would do what ever they wished. And at night, when nightmares chased their dreams, the twins would come and pile into Percy's bed, their hair smelling of shampoo and little boys. This lasted until the twins turned seven and went to school.
Percy wandered into the kitchen where the twins were sitting having milk and cookies with Jamie, a friend form school.
" Who's that?" Jamie had asked. Fred had snorted and replied, "That's just Percy. Old Prissy Percy. Hurry up Jamie. You have to see this cool joke."
That was the beginning of the twins animosity towards Percy.
Percy came to with a start. He hadn't meant to drift off like that. Memories were dangerous things. Especially his memories. His Father's voice in the hall drew his attention.
"Wonderful joke! Why I couldn't have done better myself!"
So they were back, and the twins had pulled off another spectacular joke. Percy snorted. The twins were spectacular at anything. So were Ron, Ginny, Bill, and Charlie. Percy was merely "very good".
A thirteen year old Percy babbles happily to his semi- attentive Father.
"And if my grades stay as high as they are, Headmaster Dumbledore says I have a good chance of being head-boy! And Oliver says there will be extra spaces on the Quidditch team next year and I should try out because I'm good at flying! And.."
"Pappa, Pappa!"
"Hello there, you two! How was your first year?"
"It was great!"
"Yeah, and Ollie says we can try out for the Quidditch team next year!"
"Wonderful. I'm sure you'll be great!"
A twin in each hand, Arthur Weasley walked off to luggage check. Looking back he spoke, "Come on Percy. Come help your brothers with their trunks."
"Yes, Father." Percy's soft, sad voice replied.
"Bye Percy! See you next year!" Oliver Wood's happy voice called.
"Bye Oliver!" Percy smiled. Oliver was always nice to him.
Percy smiled at the memory. Oliver had been his roommate all through Hogwarts. The first three years he had been a wonderful friend. Until fourth year. When Percy had actually tried out for the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Along with the twins. Who had enchanted his broom so he couldn't fly straight. Everyone had laughed, even Oliver. Percy frowned. He had spent the entire summer practicing. Maybe if he was on the Quidditch team Father would be proud of him. But he never made the team. Fred and George saw to that. And Oliver had laughed for days. Percy had been the first Weasley since Bill started Hogwarts to not make the Quidditch team. He never tried out again.
"What's with all the memories tonight, Weasley?" Percy asked himself. At ninteen, he was the youngest Ministry Assistant currently there. He had wanted to be an Auror. They didn't want him.
The representative looked him over and said, "I'm sorry Mr. Weasley. Yes, your grades are top notch, but you just don't have that creative spark we look for in Aurors. You are too much of a 'by the books' type. We like our Aurors a bit wild, if you get my meaning. Like your brothers. The twins, or even your youngest brother, They have ingenuity. You don't. I am sorry."
How ironic. If you break all the rules, you can become an Auror,or be a favorite. But if you are a good boy, you become a Ministry Assistant. Percy sighed and switched off the lamp, closing his small diary in which he had written those last thoughts. How many of those small books did he have, filled to the brim with his hopes and dreams? One for every year since he started primary school. So many. He laughed. Percy doubted anyone ever had read them. No one really wanted to know what he thought. Percy drifted off to sleep, curled in a nest of blankets to ward off the cold, but physical and emotional.
It was two in the morning when something woke him. Percy braved the chill to poke around the house in an age old ritual of the restless sleeper. He padded down the hall to Bill and Charlie's room, and peeked in. They slept in their beds, snores signaling the depth of their dreams. Pulling the door closed, he next looked in on Ginny and Hermiony, who had stayed the night. As Ginny's room only had one bed, the girls were curled up in that, buried under the coverlet. Then it was down the hall to Ron's room, where the boy who lived was attempting to make his brother into a body pillow. Percy smiled at the sight. A quick glance in his parents room assured him and he headed up the stairs to the twins domain. There he did more than just peek in. Fred and George lay flopped together like puppies, arms and legs entwined. Percy smiled.
'They pushed the beds together again.' He knew the twins hated sleeping alone. They had kicked the covers to the foot of the bed. Percy crept in and gently covered them up again. Placing a soft kiss on each head, he wispered a soft, wistful " Dream well" and crept back out, pulling the door shut behind him. As he headed back to his room, Percy snagged the cover on the couch in the living room. He paused for a moment at his window and glanced out at the stars.
"I wish I knew what it was like to have what the twins have. Just for a day. To have Father praise me, to have all that love and happiness. And siblings who didn't despise me. Just for one day. I wouldn't ask for anything else. Because maybe if I knew how they made people like them, I could get people to like me, too." And having made his wish, Percy crawled back into his bed, hugging his pillow.
And outside, the stars twinkled. "Just one wish," they sang, "then I'll be happy." And in the Burrough, Percy's wish came true.