wish2 Title: Wish Chapter 2
Author: Pyro
Pairing: None yet
Warning: Sad, Angsty, Percy view.
Disclaimer: I only wish I owned them. The boy-o's belong to J. .

Percy drifted into consciousness feeling warm. He hadn't felt warm in such a long time that he immediately gravitated towards the souce of heat. Whatever it was smelled good, too.
"Mrgf. George, scoot over. You're squishing me. George. GEORGE!"
Percy snapped to attention as he was shaken. His eyes popped open incredulously as he realized it was FRED shaking him. Percy's thoughts ran wild.
'I'm George. I'm a twin! I actually made a wish and it came true!'
"George? You ok?"
"Um, yeah. Just...had a really weird dream."
"Oh. That's cool. So, that new wheeze, what do you think? Will it work?"
"Um.. remind me again?"
"Geeze, you are out of it today!"
Percy listened to Fred prattle on about the latest joke, when something caught his attention.
"No, no! That's not going to work!Try this instead!" And as he gave his suggestion, percy thought,'I'm having fun! And I've only been awake twenty minutes. I love this.'
"Um, Fred? Who are we using this on?"
"Percy, of course! He's too easy, and he never gets mad! Remember second year! That was one of our best pranks."
"Which one?"
"The try-outs of course!"
"Yes, I remember. Percy didn't seem to think it was very funny. And he never tried out again."
"But that was the whole POINT! Can you immagine Percy on the Quidditch team. Light help us all!"
"Ah." 'That hurt. I guess it wasn't just pranks then.'
"Hey, come one! We have to make changes before Percy wakes up!" Fred grabbed Percy's hand and drug him off to the attic.
Meanwhile, George had woken up as well. His first thought was ,' It's cold.' That was promptly followed by,' Where is Fred?' George rolled out of bed and gasped as his feet hit the cold floor. He stumbled to the bathroom, and got the shock of his young life.
"Oh my God! I'm PERCY! What THE HELL?"
To say George was mad would be the understatement of the year. Livid and Fuming got a bit closer to the mark, but Infuriated hit the nail on the head. He was Percy. Perfect, prissy, pain in the ass Percy. But then George's diabolical mind took over. He was Percy. He could get the inside dirt on Percy he, as George, could never get. Starting with diaries. George searched Percy's room, and finally found a collection of little books.
"Score!" and he settled himself down to read.
Dear Journal,
Today I am seven years old. You are my first journal ever. Mother says I should tell all my favouites in my first journal. So here they are.
I am Percy Alan Weasley. I was born on July 3, 1976. I live in the Burrough, just outside Kensing,England. My favourite colour is grey, my favourite food is milk and cookies, and my favourite people are my little brothers George and Fred. I want to be an Auror like Father was when I grow up.

George was stunned. "Fred and I are his favourite people? No way!"
He continued to read.

September 20, 1986
Today the twins said they hated me. I don't know why. They were having milk and cookies with Jamie and when he asked who I was , they said" Oh that's just Old Prissy Percy" They never called me that before. They didn't want me to read to them,either. Said they had better things to do. I asked Mother and she said that they were gorwing up and didn't need me to babysit anymore. But then she asked me to watch Fred, George, Ronnie,and Ginny while she ran to the market. I don't understand.

George was puzzled. "I don't even remember that. Huh." He picked up a new book. This one was their second year a Hogwarts, Percy's fourth year.

Dear Journal.
Try outs were today. I didn't make it. The twins did. I don't think I'll ever try for anything the twins want to do again. Oliver had been so impressed with me last year. He had said I would make a great chaser. Father would have been proud of me, I think. Not as proud as he was of the twins, but still, he would have noticed me. Anyway. The try outs were going ok, but then my broom acted funny. I looked over at the twins and they were laughing. They had spelled my broom. I couldn't tell on them, they're my brothers, so I did the best I could. I suppose everything would have been fine if I hadn't tried to push Fred out of the way of that stray bludger. Oliver was mad when I hit the ground. I could have broken the broom. George spelled the broom to fly me into a tree when I went by him. Oliver told me if I couldn't fly any better than that to stop wasting his time and go back to the dorm. Everyone was laughing as I left. Maybe I 'm not as good at sports as I am at classes. I'll just have to work twice as hard now to make Father proud of me.

"Shit. We screwed up. But Percy's happy now! So we didn't hurt anything! He got the job at the Ministry like he wanted." Then George remembered how Percy had wanted to be an Auror.
"I bet he grew out of it. " This time he found Percy's sixth year book.

Dear Journal!
I got it! I'm a Head Boy! Mother was so proud of me. And Father said Good Job! To me! Arthur Weasley, my FAther told me I'd done a good job! I'm so happy, not even the twin's best pranks could get me down. And tomorrow I get to see Oliver again!

Dear Journal,
Oliver doesn't want to room with me anymore. He says I'm too braggy. I didn't mean to be. He wants to room with Fred, Lee and George. I had to beg him to stay. No one wants to room with me. He finally agreed to stay. I promised I wouldn't brag anymore. He's my only friend here at Hogwarts. I couldn't stand it if he hated me too.

George picked up the last Hogwarts journal. Percy was more complicated than he thought. And maybe he wasn't so prissy.

Dear Journal.
I made Prefect. Mother and Father got me my very own owl. His name is Errol. He is so beautiful. I won't let the twins near him. I'm afraid they will hurt him, not on purpose, but they might. I have a room to myself this year. It's nice, but I miss Oliver. Maybe he'd like to study with me this year.I'll ask him. Ron and Harry are rooming together again this year, and Ginny is rooming with Hermione. That should be interesting. Fred, George ,and Lee are rooming together. They gave me a new nick name. Perfect Percy. Ron hates me with a passion this year. I just don't want any of them to get hurt.

Dear Journal.
They didn't want me. The Aurors. They said I wasn't wild enough. I have no creativity and I follow all the rules. They want Fred,George ,and Ron, though. Said they are spontaneous. MAybe I should go join Hell's Angels. I wonder if that would be spontaneous enough. My NEWTS came in. High marks, as usual. Father says he can get me a job at the Ministry. Crouch needs an assistant. So i'll be a glorified secretary and I won't complain. And no one will ever know that I applied to the Aurors. I never told anyone, so no one will ever know. And I'll save some face. Not like I have much to save. Oliver agreed to study with me, when he has time. He now has a girlfriend. I have Penelope. I'd rather have Oliver. But who am I kidding. Only myself. The day Oliver Wood notices me as someone other than Perfect Percy will be the day the twins become my little brothers again and Ron stops hating me. And as soon as that miricle happens, Father will notice me and be proud of me for no reason at all. And then the Earth will end. Not in this lifetime. But I can dream. And wish. ANd maybe, if I wish enough, someone somewhere will hear me. But I'm not holding my breath.

George uncurled from his cramped position on the floor. It was two thirty in the afternoon. He needed to catch up with Fred and Percy. They had some things to discuss. And maybe Percy would forgive them. ANd maybe he could find the big brother he used to adore hidden behind the cold mask Percy had created to survive the Weasleys. But first he had to find them.