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I Don't Give A...

"I don't give a fuck what you think!" screamed Naruto as his temper flared higher. He and Sakura had been arguing for a few minutes now, and it looked like it wasn't going to end pretty for either of them.

"And what would make me think that this isn't just something you'd say just to piss me off more!? Huh? Not caring what I think. That's like saying you don't care about Sasuke!" she yelled back at the young blond man.

Naruto didn't answer her verbally. Instead he reached into his orange and black jacket and pulled out a hitai-ite and threw it against the wall. "Proof enough for ya!?" he yelled.

Everyone in the room just stared. They knew exactly what that was and who it had belonged to, what it meant to both people arguing. The fact that Naruto would toss it away meant more than he was just pissed. It meant he had given up as well.

"All you ever did was pine over the fact he was gone. You never cared about anything else as long as it lead to trying to get him back. Instead of focusing on getting the one back, you should have tried keeping this one here," he said calmly, a defeated look on his face. He walked towards the door and had it opened before he turned around. "Thank you," was all he said before the door shut behind him.

The pink-haired medic walked over towards the fallen hitai-ite and made it halfway before collapsing in a heap, sobs wracking her body. The male ninja in the room shifted uncomfortably as the kunoichi tried to soothe their friend. It was going to be a long night.

Naruto barely had the door closed before tears started to make their way down his whiskered face. He didn't want anyone else to see that argument, but everything just went out of control. It started with a few sarcastic remarks and snowballed into hell after that.


"Ah, it's so good to get to relax once in awhile," Sakura said as she stretched out languorously across a very comfortable reclining armchair.

"Yeah, it's so what we needed," Ino added as she too stretched out only in the corner of a couch.

"It's so troublesome to have so many missions so close together," Shikamaru added as he sat down next to the blond, who was followed on the other side by Chouji. Miraculously Chouji was not munching on a bag of chips though he did have a small bag of M&Ms. Others in the room also included Kiba, Hinata, Lee, Shino, Tenten, and Naruto.

"Baa-chan sure knows how to run us ragged!" Naruto exclaimed as he sat on the floor beside Sakura's chair. He leaned back and slightly rested his head against her leg.

"Yes she does, but she does it for the good of the village," Shino added almost too quietly.

"Yeah, but running so many missions like that exhausted poor Akamaru," Kiba said. He was sitting next to Hinata, at an angle to Shino, Lee, and Tenten. It was only a few days ago that Akamaru collapsed from exhaustion and since then he had clung onto Hinata more then usual.

"So what kinda missions has everyone been doing lately?" Tenten asked as she leaned on Lee. "Lee, Neji, and I mostly have been doing escort missions."

"Yes, and the last two were very difficult to handle. If not for luck, hard work, and great teamwork we might not have completed them at all," Lee added as he leaned slightly into Tenten as well.

"W-we mostly did reconnaissance missions," Hinata said. She had been getting better at not stuttering around Naruto lately, although none but Neji had figured out it was because of the time she had been spending with Kiba. She started to like him almost as much as Naruto, and she felt more comfortable around the scruffy ninja.

"She's kept us doing patrol about everyday," said Shikamaru. "The only bad thing about it has been the fact that there's been hardly a cloud in the sky. It was such a drag."

"Twice in the past week we had to deal with escaped nin from the prison. They were not easy. And they smelled really bad," Ino said, crumpling her nose on the last comment.

"What have you and Sakura-chan been doing on missions Naruto-kun?" Lee asked. They both lowered their eyes at this.

"She's had us doing missions that might lead to information on Him or Akatsuki," Naruto said. No one questioned who Him was. They all knew it meant Sasuke, a taboo subject to bring up unless mentioned first by them two. And Akatsuki was almost as taboo.

"Are you guys getting along with Sai any better?" Tenten asked.

"Yeah, but he still reads those damn books! You have to interact with people to see how they are, not read it from some damn self help book!" Naruto whined.

Sakura bopped him on the head. "At least he's trying to learn something from a book, unlike some people i hang out with," Sakura told him.

"I read more than people think I do Sakura-chan," he said, his face that of a pouting child.

"Really, like what?" Kiba asked, a huge grin on his face.

"I wonder if Sasuke-kun is reading any books while he's out there," Sakura said, more to herself than to anyone else.

"Who cares if he's reading anything while he's with Orochimaru," Naruto started as he stood up to look at her. "I..."

"I care!" she said before he could even start his second sentence. "And you should too!"

"Why should I care about whether or not he's reading with that snake bastard?" he said, his voice rising a little.

"Because he's your friend and you should care about whether or not he's being educated in something besides jutsu," she said raising her voice to just above his.

"It's not like he didn't know enough when he left Sakura. And I can guarantee all he's learning is how to get more powerful!" said the blonde, his hands beginning to tremble in anger.

"Is that all you can think of him? And I thought you were his friend!" she said, her voice on the breaking line of a yell and a scream.

"I don't give a fuck what you think!" screamed Naruto as his temper...

(End Flashback)

That argument had long been waiting to erupt, ever since Naruto fought Orochimaru and hurt Sakura with Kyuubi's power. He just didn't want it to be around all his friends. That just made it worse. 'Why does this shit keep happening to us?' he thought as he made his way home.

It was to be one of the longest nights of his life as he thought about how much Sakura was hurt by his actions once again...

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