Ella and Sweeney Todd talked all morning, talking about life, their regrets, their dreams, and of course, Clara.

"I loved it when she sang," Sweeney admitted.

"She had such a pretty voice," Ella said wistfully. "Do you sing?"

He stared at her. "At one point I did, though I wasn't very good."

Ella giggled, trying to imagine Sweeney Todd singing a lullaby in his low gravelly voice.

They suddenly stopped conversing when they heard footsteps down the hall. "You have five minutes," said a gruff voice. Ella and Todd turned around, and a guard came into view, followed by Blake and Helena Sutton.

"Oh, my god, Ella!" shrieked Helena upon seeing Ella so ragged. She ran to the bars, grabbing them and pressing her face in.

Ella ran to meet her. "What are you doing here?"

Helena hugged Ella through the bars. "What do you think?" She looked at Ella with sad blue eyes. "We were going to see if we could bail you out, but since your sentence is so soon..." Her face wrinkled up in agony, but she held her tears back. "We at least needed to see you."

Ella smiled at Helena, but then looked over at Blake warily. "I never wanted you two to see me like this."

"It's alright," Helena said.

Blake stepped forward, gripping one of the bars. "I'm just sorry I couldn't protect you from this," he said, his dazzling smile absent from his handsome face.

"I had a bad feeling Judge Turpin was going to get me," Ella admitted. "I just hate that I caused a scene at the party. I hope you two aren't shunned for associating with me."

"No," Blake assured her. "Sure, it was a nasty shock for us all, but no one thinks any less of you for it. No one that matters, anyway." There it was – a flicker of his charming smile.

"You two are all that matter to me," Ella said. "You and Mr. Todd – I mean, Dad."

"He really is your father?" Helena asked, astonished.

"Yeah," said Sweeney from the shadows. "I was a different man then," he added, noticing their nonplussed expressions.

"I have his ears," Ella giggled.

"You certainly take after your lovely mother," Blake said, taking her hand through the bars. He squeezed it hard. "I really wish I could get you out of this." Pain contorted his gorgeous face as he looked at her and stroked her hand with his thumb.

"It's alright," Ella said. Then, knowing she only had hours left, she added, "but you can help me"

"Anything," he said.

"I'd be able to face my fate easier if you'd...kiss me."

Behind the brother and sister, the guard rolled his eyes. Even Sweeney wasn't too keen on being present for his daughter's first kiss. But Ella wasn't going to let bars or even death get between them. She stood on her tip-toes and pressed her lips against his between the bars.

His lips were warm beneath hers, and they pressed closer together. Ella could smell his musk, and it made her dizzy. She wrapped her arms around his strong shoulders. Blake put a hand in her hair, pulling her even closer as he licked her bottom lip. Ella, her head spinning, opened her mouth for him to enter. She could still taste his morning apple. Kissing him was even more wonderful than she'd imagined!

"Time's up!" the guard said, pulling Blake away from Ella. Helena looked slightly sick, but mostly happy for her brother and best friend.

Ella stood, behind bars, watching them walk out of sight. She desperately wanted to call out to them, but what would she say? She didn't want them seeing her grisly death, and they couldn't do anything to stop it from happening. At least she could still taste Blake.

When the sun began to head for the horizon, Ella and Sweeney Todd were ushered out of their cells and escorted to the town square, where a portable scaffold had been set up for their executions. Thousands had gathered to see the hanging of the infamous Sweeney Todd. The crowd was so thick, the guards had to sandwich them to move them through it. When they had been led to the platform, Judge Turpin spoke.

"We have gathered here today to witness the execution of a couple of murderers."

There were many boos coming from the crowd. Ella scanned the faces, and found Blake and Helena amidst the jeering men and women. They were the only ones standing perfectly still and somber.

"Do you have any last words?" His beady eyes seemed to beg Ella to change her mind and run to him in the hopes of living. She wasn't going to budge. Sweeney said nothing, and neither did she. Ella stood straight, her head held high, facing her tormenters. "Very well."

Ella took slow deep breaths through her nose. She didn't want to know when it was coming. She stared straight ahead, her heart pounding in her ears. She heard a lever being pulled, and ground suddenly disappeared out from under her. She winced –

Black – and she was dead.

A/N: Hello, my lovely readers! So sorry to see this end. I hope you enjoyed the re-write! I wanted to stick with the true story's ending for this fic ever since the beginning. When it was described how someone announced what was in the pies in the middle of a rush, I thought that was such an interesting scene to re-create. Mrs. Lovett poisoned herself in her cell, and Sweeney was hanged and became a cadaver for med students. If you enjoyed this, check out my profile where I have two other Sweeney Todd fanfictions, as well as countless other stories. Right now, I'm working on The Magical World of Pokemon, which is a DisneyXPokemon crossover, and I just started a new Harry Potter fic called At Odds, if you want to check those out! Have a magical day!