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"But Mr. Moseby, we need to practice with our baseball team, and there's no other place to play" stated a twelve year old boy clad in a baseball uniform. There were eleven other kids clad in the same uniform, and there was another boy who looked just like the one that was being questioned by a very serious, and little distraught looking Mr. Moseby.

"Listen, Zack, Cody, you can practice anywhere else, but not on the Tipton hotel's roof!" stated Mr. Moseby, the hotels manager.

"But Mr. Moseby…" pleaded the two identical twins.

"No! And that's final! Now get of the roof!" he cried out.

"CUT!" shouted somebody.

"Good job people, shooting next scene" said the stage director.

The boys stepped off of the stage, and onto awaiting chairs that had the names Dylan, and Cole Sprouse on them. They both took a seat, and each grabbed a soda.

"Wow, Ashley really looks hot in the schoolgirl uniform," stated Cole as they watched other actors step onto another scene. This one of a hotel lobby, where Ashley Tisdale, and other cast members got into their spots.

This was the set of the famous Walt Disney show, ' The Suite Life of Zack and Cody' where they where filming for the upcoming session.

"Yeah. Damn, she turns me on. And I hear she's single," stated Dylan "do you think I should ask her out?"

Cole almost choked on his soda. He started to laugh. "Yeah right bro, like she'd go out with you" he swallowed what was left of his drink "hey you!" he called over a stagehand, somebody who looked new, and who looked like he really needed the money.

The stagehand came running, his puffy black hair jumping around. "Can I help you sir?" he asked, his Middle Eastern accent was very heavy.

"Yeah, throw this out" he stated. The stagehand nodded and took the trash away.

"Anyway, like I was saying, she'd more likely go out with me then you." the boys started to bicker amongst themselves.

On the set, Ashley gently rubbed the back of her leg, relieving the scratch that she had. She wasn't sure if she should be here, because she just got out of a relationship, and wasn't felling entirely well.

"Those damn stage hands probably didn't clean this stupid thing out" she whispered angrily as she scratched at her shoulder.

She was wearing a pair of black shoes, with stockings, with a green-chequered skirt and a blue blouse, with a tie, and her blonde hair was straightened for the scene today.

"Alright people! Lets start!" yelled the director.

"Maddie!" yelled London Tipton, also know as Brenda Song.

"What is it London?" asked Maddie, a.k.a, Ashley.

"My daddy got me a new car! Isn't that great! Yay me!" she said, clapping her hands together.

"That's great London all my dad gets me is books" she say's, lowering her head and sighing.

"CUT!" yelled the director. "Miss Tisdale, what is it? What seems to be the problem today?"

Ashley stepped off of the set "I'm not feeling too well right now" she stated, "We'll have to do this another time"

She headed away from the studio, outside.

"Miss!" called out someone from behind her. She turned around and it was a stagehand with bushy black hair.

"If it's for an autograph, sorry, but I'm not in the mood right now" she stated, starting to walk off, her body guard bringing her convertible to her, and stepping out so that he could open the door for her.

"No, no miss. But, wouldn't you rather change in your changing room, and leaving the costume there. It is studio property," he stated.

She got into her car "I'll send it in the morning" she told him.

"Wrong answer, Miss Tisdale" replied the stagehand, pulling out a pistol and aiming it at her over the side window, right into her face.

The blood coursing thru her blood turned cold. A shot rang out as her body guard was hit, sending blood all across her face, making her scream in shock, surprise, and desperation.

"Nobody is coming for you, Miss Tisdale," stated the killer as he raised a remote. He smiled and pressed the red button in the middle, and the studio she was just in, exploded in a giant ball of flame. "Get out, and into the trunk if you want to live!"

Her mouth was open in shock. How was this happening to her? How was this happening? Here, in California of all places!

She got out and was pulled to the trunk. She was quietly sobbing; horrid thoughts going threw her mind.

Another shot rang out, she gasped, as her capturer spun around, involuntary. Another shot rang out, sending the killer onto the ground, with two holes in his body.

"Miss Tisdale! Are you alright!" asked an old man from security. He had a six-shooter in his hands. She looked down on her would be capturer, as he gasped, blood coming out of his mouth, his dieing eyes looking up at her.

The old security man took the pistol away from the attacker. "Come on Miss Tisdale, we need to get you to safety" instructed the old man.

"Wait!" She breathed, as she spun around to check on her bodyguard, Derek. When she came onto the other side, she gasped and covered her mouth, as her brown eyes saw her bodyguard with his brains splattered across the pavement, and her convertible.

She collapsed onto her knees, sobbing uncontrollably. The sound of sirens could be heard in the distance.

"Its going to be alright Miss Tisdale, you're safe now" stated an paramedic, as she sat on an ambulances tailgate. Police had arrived, by the dozen, with other emergency response vehicles, to the studio. She was brought to the back of the security area so that she didn't have to see the first responders pull out what was left of her friends.

She had minor bruises on her arms, and knees, and was suffering from shock.

"Hi there miss. Tisdale, my name is James Applegate, and this is my partner, Mathew Olsten, we're with the FBI," stated the two individuals clad in black trench coats. "We'd like to ask you some questions"

She looked at them, her hair all askew, and her eyeliner staining her face. She nodded her head.

"Miss, do you know anybody who would like to hurt you" asked the one called James.

"No, why should they? I've done nothing wrong" she stated.

"Alright." Said the detective, scribbling stuff down on his notepad. "And do you have any sworn enemies?"

"No, not at all" she said, rubbing her arms.

"Did you know the man who tried to harm you?"

"No, he was just a stage hand, but I know most of the stage hands. He seemed new" she told them "he came out saying that I had to return the costume that I'm wearing now, and then…" she stopped, tears forming in her eyes "then he shot Derek, and then blew everything up!" she cried out, sobbing. She pressed her hands into her eyes, her body shaking due to the amount of emotion going thru her body.

"Listen, guys, she's not ready to talk yet, cant you see that?" asked the paramedic as she wrapped a towel around the crying girl.

"Alright, I'll leave you a card Miss Tisdale, call us if anything you remember arises" stated the one called Mathew as the two FBI agents walked away.

"Lets get you home" stated the paramedic as she helped Ashley into the cab of the ambulance.

With the start of the engine, the ambulance pulled out with a few police escorts. Up into the Malibu area of California, where Ashley Tisdale's mansion was situated.

Once there, the paramedic helped Ashley inside.

"Miss Tisdale, there will be two squad cars stationed in front of your house, and there will be a patrol around the perimeter of your residence," stated an old, over weight police officer. "If you need anything, just give us a shout"

She mustered up a smile, and said a little thank you, before going into her room.

She didn't even bother to change as she crawled into bed, and cried herself to sleep.

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