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Well, enough of me, lets continue where we left off oh so long ago...

Chapter 7

His blood went cold. He turned around and looked at her, causing her to look somewhere else. His face bore an expression of complete shock, and hurt.

"Really, well, I'm sorry miss Tisdale for saying something like that, I see its not my place too" he closed his bag. "I'm also sorry for lying to you earlier."

"About?" she asked, her head tilted to the side, looking at him with a face of sympathy.

"My name" he replied, "Sergeant Spinosa, 14 battalion, JTF2, here to protect miss Tisdale, and investigate who tried to kill her" he said, his body tensing as he went to attention.

She was amused by how he reacted when he found who she really was. "Apology accepted," she said, extending her hand. He looked at it, and let out a grin. He took her hand, and shook it gently. "Though, why did you lie to me at the store?"

He let out a sigh, picking up the bag. "Well, ma'am, I'm not supposed to be here, only you, and a few officers know that I'm in the country, so If I told you my name, I would have been compromised."

She stared at him, looking him over. "Mr. Spinosa, please don't call me 'ma'am' it makes me sound old. Call me Ashley"

"No problem, Ashley" he said, smiling.

"But, there's a problem" she stated, walking up to him, looking up into his green eyes "what do I call you?"

He looked puzzled. "You mean, like my first name?" She nodded.

He let out a sigh, and walked towards the stairway leading down to the precinct entrance.

"Uhh… Ashley, there will be some times during our time together, where I cant tell you things. This is one of those things" he told her. She pouted.

"Fine, but, we can't keep secrets from each other"

He turned around, puzzled. "All right…but I'll keep stuff from you that has nothing concerning you" he said. She sighed,


Spinosa, Ashley, the young cop, and the fat cop, all walked out from the precinct.

"I never got your name," stated Spinosa to the young cop.

"Ronald, Archie" stated the young cop, getting in the driver's side of the car.

"And I'm head of the security involving miss Tisdale," injected the fat man "Martin Leblanc" they shook hands before getting into the car.

"So, what type of perimeter do you have set up around miss Tisdale's residence?" he asked Martin.

"Well, we have a cruiser patrolling the street, with five officers patrolling the residence perimeter," he said "and then we have you, who's going to keep a 24/7 watch on her"

"24/7, eh?" asked the soldier, looking at the girl next to him, who smiled.

"Is that going to be too much of a problem?" she asked. He grinned coyly,

"Not with you miss Tisdale"

"Well, that's good then, right?" she asked, letting out a smile.

He nodded.

"Holy crap" breathed out the sergeant as he entered her house, taking in the vastness of the mansion. There was a giant window at the end of the hallway, where the floor was a nice maple, which reflected the sun setting on the horizon. Ashley led him to a super modern kitchen, where everything was stainless steel, and the cabinets where jet-black.

"Thanks," she said, "it's not much, but its cozy and I call this home" she replied, turning to look at the man as he looked around, amazed at how good the house looked.

"Not much?" he scoffed, "this place is amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I've been in tents for the past couple of years"

She giggled. "Well, thanks"

She turned around, and Spinosa couldn't help but notice how the jeans caressed Ashley's butt as she walked out of the kitchen, still holding the store bag that she had.

They walked down another hallway, much like the entrance hallway, without the window at the other end, but rather a pink colored door.

"I'm guessing that that's your room?" he asked.

"Yeah, and yours is right here" she told him as she opened up a beige colored door, revealing a small, but nice looking room. There was a queen size bed covered in white sheets, with at least twenty pillows. There was a small closet, and a desk next to a patio door, which over looked the valley.

"Its great, thank you" he said, gleaming at how nice everything looked.

"Mr. Spinosa, you flatter me too much on my house, please, it's not a problem. Especially for all that you're going to do for me"

He grinned; looking into her brown eyes "thanks again, though, there might be something's that you'll have to get used too with me being here"

She placed her hands on her hips, looking up at him. "Really? Like what?"

"Well," he started, putting his bag on the bed, raising an eyebrow to look at her "first thing is. I'll be with you all the time, except for your personal time, or when I'm working on the case, then I'll post a sign on front of my door when I'm doing something your not supposed to know about"

She nodded her head in acknowledgment, her eyes trying to concentrate on his face, but she found that she just couldn't help but look at his cut chest.

"And one last thing"

"Yes?" she asked, looking back up at his face.

"I get up at five o'clock, and do my warm ups and exercises, and since there's a beach close by, I'll take in the view sometimes"

Ashley smiled and walked up to him "alright, I have no problem with that, though I don't get up until ten, and I get pretty cranky before then, so don't wake me up until then, alright?" she asked.

Spinosa nodded, opening his duffel bag, and noticing his lack of clothes, he let out a sigh

"Damn…I forgot my clothes"

The blonde giggled, and gave him the bag " I think this belongs to you"

He opened it, and smiled. "Thanks miss Tisdale"

"No need, but what did I say about calling me 'miss'?"

"Oh, yeah, sorry" he grinned "thank you Ashley."

"Your welcome" and with that she walked out of the room, giving a last glance before leaving his sight.

He sat down on his bed, putting the bag aside, and pulled out a cell phone, where he pressed a button and placed it near his ear.

"So how was the flight?" asked his commanding officer on the other end.

"Could have been better, sir" replied the sergeant " though I won't say it's been a thrill ride getting to my destination"

"Ah really, how so? Did you have any troubles?" asked Sanders.

"Well, kind of, sir, but nothing I couldn't handle" grinned Spinosa as he opened up the laptop and accessed his international JTF2 page.

"Alright then Sergeant, good luck with the case then" and with that, the commander hung up, leaving the soldier to sit quietly on the bed.

"By mom, I'll be back soon" he said. As he waved goodbye to his parents whom where standing in the doorway of his family's home. He had a duffel bag slung around his shoulder filled with his most prized possessions.

"Don't forget to call when you get there," insisted his father as his mother sobbed quietly. A van was stationed at the end of the walkway, where a man in a military uniform stood. The captain insignia was evident on his shoulder as his arm came out to help Spinosa with his bag. "Take care of yourself"

He waved goodbye and entered the vehicle. The captain drove off with Spinosa sitting next to him.

"How'd your parents take it when you told them you where leaving?" he asked as he turned the corner.

"They didn't take it so well" he told his commanding officer as they stopped at one of the traffic lights. Spinosa let out a small glance to the side, and saw the girl he had a crush on, Rachel kissing his best friend, or ex best friend Gavin.

He stood upright in his bed, sweat glistening his naked chest. He slipped out of bed and sat on the edge, slowly passing his hand through his dripping hair. He let out a sigh, and punched the mattress.

Ten years, and he still couldn't stop thinking of her, Rachel that is. He had such a huge crush on her, but he just ruined it, and he pushed her into the arms of his back then best friend. That's why he left. And after all this time, he still couldn't stop thinking about the mistakes he had done regarding her.

He let out another sigh and got up, opening the balcony window, walking outside to look at the city lights of L.A. A gentle breeze passed, causing his hairs on the back of his neck to rise.

He turned back inside and made his way to the kitchen, where he opened up the fridge and grabbed a carton of orange juice and poured himself a glass.

"urgh, only three" he breathed out as he looked at the microwave clock. He put the empty glass down on the counter. He opened the door and walked outside, making his way down to the beach.

Unbeknownst to the soldier, Ashley had been awakened by the activity in the early morning, so she watched as the soldier walked down onto the beach, a heavy slump in his step.

She let out a sigh and wondered what the problem was, but knew that she probably wont know what the answer was if she did ask. She got back into her bed and thought back to a problem that she had before all of this, the one with her ex and how he broke up with her, and made her hurt so much.

Ashley had cried so much when he called her up to tell her the news

"Hey babe, how are you?" asked Ashley as she walked out of a ice cream parlor with Vanessa and Brenda, each of them sipping at a mocha latte while giggling to a comment from a nearby radio "are you still coming over tonight for movie night with Zac and Ven?"

There was a moment before he replied "Ashley, listen…I really didn't want to do it this way, but I have no other choice"

"What do you mean, Brad?" she asked, concern in her voice.

"Listen Ashley…I think it would be better to…uhhh..see other people" he said in a calm voice.

The girl stopped walking, and looked at her phone, not sure she had just heard him well.

"What do you mean? Are you breaking up with me?"

At the word 'break up' her two friends stopped and turned around, looking at their blonde friend.

"Well, yes, but can we still be friends?" he asked her. Ashley closed her phone and started to cry, while her friends tried to comfort her.

She wondered if her new bodyguard ever went through something like that before.

She dismissed the thought and returned to bed; those thoughts weren't going to do her good, what if the same thing that happened to Derek happen to him too?

She didn't know how much she could take anymore.