By wired2damoon

A/N: Hello everyone! Wired2damoon here, with a brand new story. This is my first Twilight fic so I hope it lives up to people's standards. It is primarily Quil/Claire but has little specks of Nessie/Jacob and Embry/OC here and there too.

- Just a side note: I am an Irish girl attempting to write in an American manner so I hope it turns out alright. I know there will be some spelling and grammatical differences but bear with me, I hope I still manage to get the vocabulary etc. right.

Some of the chapters, (like the following) will be monologues of certain characters. Then, the rest will be just ordinary plot chapters.

This is the very short prologue. Hope you enjoy! -wired2damoon- xx


I never could do anything right.

My whole damn existence has been one, big, massive blunder after another.

When I was four I was always the goose in "Duck, Duck, Goose."

When I was eleven I was the one that Stacy Moreno chose to embarrass on front of my entire school by picking me as her ballroom partner…needless to say I…well…sucked.

(Flapping your arms like a headless chicken and jumping across the room is not a form of ballroom dancing it would appear…)

When I was twelve and at my first hockey game, it was MY head the puck decided to slam into and knock unconscious for ten freaking minutes. Did I mention I was one in three hundred?

I always hated statistics…

When I was thirteen I was the one who decided to fill in my comrades on the amazing-ness that is the female anatomy. Although, I must admit, pulling the "Facts Of Life" book out in the middle of the school yard and pointing and laughing hysterically at it whilst a large group of girls played volleyball just five meters away, may not of been my best idea.

It sure as hell cost me a lot of free time.

I can count how many tiles there are in the detention room.


I can also tell you how many time Mr Warner picked his nose whilst supervising.

78. Gross…

Do you want to know how many times he ate it?

Probably not…

Anyway, all these pitiful moments were quite memorable blunders but it wasn't until I turned sixteen did I really make one of the biggest, most unforgettable blunders of my entire existence.

I met Claire Young.

Now, those of you out there may not understand what I mean by this. I mean surely a young man meeting a young woman at the age of sixteen can't be classed as a blunder can it?

Well…yes…it can.

Especially if you happen to be a little more then just a young man and that young woman happens to be a lot less then a young woman.

Oh…I probably should of mentioned two things earlier.

My name is Quil Ateara and I am a werewolf.

Wow…why did that sound like something out of an AA meeting?

But, yeah, you heard me right. A werewolf.

Well, actually, more of a shape-shifter, but we won't get down to the technicalities.

Being a werewolf or shape-shifter or whatever there is one thing that you either anticipate or dread once you join the pack.


Such a scary, impressive, exciting word don't you think? Well…maybe not…I probably should explain what it means, humm…let's see if I can do this right, I never was the best with words.

Imprinting: basically it means when a werewolf finds his perfect mate. Okay, I know that sounds…weird…but believe me in my case it gets weirder.

Remember Claire Young I was telling you about? The 'young woman' I met when I was sixteen?

Well…I sort of…imprinted on her. You know, she was my perfect mate.

What's so weird about that? I hear you ask.

Uh…well…she wasn't exactly a young woman. She was just young. Very young.

Two years old to be exact.

Now, now don't freak out and run for the hills just yet! I'm not a total pervert or anything I swear!

I know, I know, it sounds like I'm a lost cause when I say I met my perfect mate when I was sixteen and she was two, it sounds downright disgusting if I were to be truly honest with myself.

Unfortunately that's how my Alpha (at the time), Sam Uley saw it too. He nearly took my head clean off my shoulders.

I guess there was something else I forgot to mention.

Claire, my angel, my perfect mate, my imprint, was Sam's niece.

Wow…I'm just so lucky aren't I?

Not only did I imprint on a little girl that was fourteen years younger than I, but she also had to be the niece of a guy who could kick my ass and kick me out of the pack simultaneously.

But luckily, Sam understood how imprinting worked.

It wasn't that I was attracted to or in love with Claire, not at that moment, no.

I felt more like, I was born to protect her from all the harms in the world.

Like she was the only reason for my existence, my main job was to keep her safe.

And I felt like that, for a long, long time.

Then, when she hit about twelve, I started to view her differently.

She was no longer my 'little sister'. She was my 'best friend'.

And that was fine with me.

That is, until my feeling changed again, three years later.

When Claire Young, my baby Claire-Bear, hit sixteen, something dramatically changed in our weird, little relationship.

It was like the world had shifted, the confusing fog that once surrounded us, lifted and the sun shown through…

And I fell in love with her…

Damn. I told you I never could do anything right.

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