Prologue: The Spring Council/ A Normal Day

It was a normal day, well for me and the so-called goddess of wisdom. We were arguing again over the relationship of my son and her favorite daughter's relationship on our way to the Spring Council of the gods. She kept on saying that my boy was unworthy of being even next to her super-intelligent little daughter, but in my opinion it's the other way. My Perseus was the hero of the prophecy and one of the Big Three's children. Compared to that random daughter of Athena he was practically royalty. He's a prince of the sea and the girl is just some smart-aleck brat of a certain illogical goddess. I didn't get what he saw in the girl but then again she was quite for pretty a child of Athena and really smart for anyone's standards. Wait a minute did I just compliment a person who is half of the idiotic goddess of wisdom? Well anyways here we were arguing:

"Your son is a horridly bad influence on her!" Miss Perfectionist said.

"In what way and ya know what I think?"

"You're thinking of just spraying me completely with salt water to end this argument that you will never win or looking at yourself in the mirror?" she sneered back with a smirk.

She loved to make comments about me thinking. It was as if she thought I was incapable of thinking and I'm not. I just have a weird notion to do stuff before I think. I don't like to be restrained just like the ocean. At times in battle I've been known to be a great fighter with the ocean in my power. Ha! I just proved you wrong Athena. Well in my head I did at least.

"No,"I replied, but that wasn't such a bad idea( I mean the part about splashing her, I'm not vain like some other people think. I just like annoying her with my vain comments. That always gets to her.), though I'd never tell her that, 'cause she'd probably go and clean up before we continue 'this continuous battle of wit and intellect' as she always said. By the time she'd be done fixing up her look, I'd be on the other side of the world sitting on my thrown either surfing or scanning the latest hotspot beaches.

"I think it's completely the opposite! Your daughter always gives my son indecision in his choices. She makes him do stupid things. Like because of your perfect daughter my boy ended up kissing her on that mountain. He didn't do anything. She was the one who made a move not him!"

"Are you mad? 'Stupid things' my butt. She's the reason he's gotten through all of those quests. Without her smarts he'd probably still be thinking about how to get past Cerberus. It's his stupidity that's rubbing off on my daughter. Like on that mountain. Her unreasonable actions were caused by his stupidity rubbing off on her because she has been hanging out with him."

I almost laughed out loud at way she said 'hanging out'. It was weird hearing the goddess of wisdom say modern almost slang-like must have seen a slight unintentional smile on my face so she continued her great rant.

"You think this a laughing matter?! Especially since I just said your son is pig-headed. Wow you're stupider than I thought!"

"Okay I'm going to really listen now to what your saying 'cause I apparently didn't hear that part, but if you answer my first question I might actually take interest in this argument."

"Apparently," she mimicked sneeringly. "I was about to but I was rudely interrupted by some Sea god. And if you had been listening you would have heard that I just did answer."

" 'Stupidity rubbing off'! I hate to admit but your a lot smarter than that so it's not good reason for your usual standards. It's a completely irrational reason!"

"Ugh! Fine.," she answered, totally ignoring the only direct compliment I had given her in centuries. " Here's my very rational reason:He is your son so he's probably the same womanizing kind of guy you are. He looks exactly like you with the ugly jet black hair, idiotic sea green eyes, and weirdly rebellious face. With looks sometimes comes personality and I was proved right at last winter's council. When we talked he was just as slow-witted, stubborn, and arrogant as you. Obviously he has your way with girls too if he got the other Sea god qualities."

Today was going to be a long day with the other gods so I didn't want to start a full on fight with her. I just let the insults go like the cool calm sea god I was. Actually I'm kind of very proud( I mean all of us gods are, what can you do?) so I didn't really let it go. Okay I didn't let it go at all. I went defended myself like the stubborn immortal I was.

"Ugly! I've got the greatest hair ever out of all the gods well except Aphrodite, but she's the goddess of beauty, what can you expect? Oh and the eyes. They got voted sexiest eyes out of all the gods and immortal beings in Immortal Boggle magazine. You can't change how they look 'cause the magazine has spoken. And lastly the face. Who does not love the bad boy wild cool face? I mean every girl who's a girl loves the bad boy look. Even you like it too." Okay I was really pushing it. She was getting all red-faced and I don't mean gooey blush red-faced but angry blow-up red-faced.

"Bad boy!? Wild!? Cool!? Exactly! So-called bad boys like your son are the reason for 50% of Western Civilization's 15 year old mothers. He's exactly like you in every way. HE'S A WOMANIZING MAN-WHO-"

She stopped dead and I didn't get why. For a second I thought it was because of my horrid piercing glare I was giving for calling my Percy a womanizing man-whore( My Percy, yeah right. He's a good boy. Though rebellious at times, his heart was set in the right place and that was what made me proud of him. He was brave and loyal beyond belief and those were two qualities I revered the most.) but that didn't seem right because her grey eyes could give just as intimidating glares too.

I realized that we were at the doors to the throne room. One thing I noticed was that we hadn't been exactly watching where we were going. Throughout the whole argument we had stared/glared at each other(One of those polite things Athena always does when talking to others even if it is me and we're in an argument. I do it too so I don't give her anything else to hold against me.) Who knew how long we've been standing here in front of the doorway? Who knew how much the rest of the gods had heard? If a specific love goddess heard what we had been fighting about then we'd be in for one nerve-racking embarrassing council meeting in front of my big taunting brother Zeus. In her grey stormy eyes I could see she had come up with the same conclusion as me with Ares in her thoughts of being taunted instead. She nodded as if to approve for me to open the doors(Wait! Who gave her the what gave her the power to give me an approval!? I'm her uncle. I'm the older and wiser one. Not the other way around! Okay I'll talk to her about it later.) I pushed open the doors and widened eyes to the shock in front of me.

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