"I'm sorry but she has to get this operation done with no one beside her. She must be helped." a nurse told him

"But she told me to be with her when she was in the room and I promised her."Danny argued

"I'm sorry but the doctors need to be alone with her." the nurse explained, Danny just stared at the men taking Sam away.

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Danny paced back and forth in the waiting room awaiting his moment where he could be back with Sam, he was wondering if she was ok, if she was scared. He was thinking since he's the hero of the world then they would let him go and see her, but he was wrong. Danny saw Kyle the nurse that took Sam came out of the hallway to his left; Danny went over to him and asked him something.

"What about Sam? Is she ok?" Danny was so scared, he was afraid that she may have to lose her legs.

"How do you know her name?" he asked.

"Uh…" Danny stuttered "She told me her name before we got here, now tell me, is she ok?"Danny demanded to know.

"She has some damage to her legs not enough to lose them. But I don't know if she's completely alright you can go and see for yourself." Kyle told him, Danny was so nervous to see her, what if she was in pain, a lot more than Kyle says she is, what if, she's not ok. Danny raced to her room of where they kept her, he finally reached it, and when he did the first thing he did was look through the glass on the door of the room, and saw her. She's beautiful, I think I might tell her I love her- what are you thinking Fenton, IDIOT! If I do it'll ruin our friendship, and that's too precious to give away. Danny fought with himself in his head; he kept pushing those great thoughts away. But that's never going to happen even if I do tell her, it'll never happen I know it; I don't have a chance with her, its impossible. Well…will I…or will I not and chicken out, no…. I have to tell her. But if you do it might ruin your friend ship. His in his head kept fighting with one another. He decided to go in after a long argument with himself and try to ignore them. And it worked, he was in the same room as Sam and, they weren't fighting anymore.

"Hey." Sam greeted

"Hey" he responded "Are you feeling any better?" he asked nervously closing the door behind him.

"Well the doctor's said I have to stay here for a couple of weeks until my legs heal, and after their done all of the test's of course."

"I just wanted to see if you were feeling any better." he didn't have nothing to say, ok Fenton, now's your chance. He thought to himself, well I can just go to Tuck's and ask for his advice… right advice... like he has any. Well it's better than going to my dad.


"You see Danny it's how to pick em' that counts, you have to threaten them at the same time say gentle words…. That's how I met your mother!" his dad was having a conversation about girls and Danny was getting really frustrated with him, considering his dad knows nothing about them.

"Look dad I appreciate all that you're TRYING to do… but I'm not looking for a relationship right now." Danny was very turned on by talking about girls; he just wanted it to stop.

"Hey we'll use that Sam person as an example-"Jack was cut off by Danny

"WHAT? I'm not… I mean were just….." Danny was having trouble getting the words out of his mouth. He was trying not to show a blush, but he did anyway. He had an uncomfortable feeling in his pants as he was thinking of Sam in a way he shouldn't have been. He took a deep breath trying to get rid of it, but it was no use.

"Danny?" His dad was trying to get his attention. Danny just started at him for a minute, with confusion… and the pain in his lower part.

"Mmm-hmm." Danny said hoping his dad wouldn't see it.

"Are you ok Danny?" Jack asked attempting to figure out what's wrong. Danny just sat there, totally anonymous, unreadable.

"Well, I know you like er'. It's by the way you act around er'. ?" His dad has been asking him that since the first time Danny couldn't stop talking about her, and Danny kept on getting that uncomfortable felling in his pants more and more, and the torturing just wouldn't stop.

End of Flashback

Danny felt a shiver grow throughout his entire body and then just jumped.

"Brrrr." Danny said getting really cold.

"Are you ok?" Sam asked him

"Yeah, I just got a chill up my spine that's all." Come on Fenton you can do this…awl who am I trying to fool, I don't' have a ghost of a chance with her. The chances of being with her are 1 in 1000000. Danny just stared at her for a long time, the silence was broken by Sam`s doctor coming in through the door.

"Hello Ms. Manson how are you?" He asked her.

"I'm ok, I guess." Sam responded in the most positive way she could. Danny could tell it was bugging her being in the hospital, with nothing to do and a whole bunch of people looking out for you. Sam didn't like that much attention.

"Well I was just going through your stats and you have a very unusual amount of… uh… well… we don't know yet but, if you want we could check to see what it is in your-"He was cut off by Danny butting in.

"WHOA,WHOA, WHOA! You're saying that theirs something in Sam and you don't' know what it is?" Danny was as confused as Sam.

"Yes that's pretty much it." Danny and Sam both looked scared.

"Would you like to find out?" The doctor asked.

"Well no shit Sherlock." Sam said sarcastically. After she told the doctor that he told her to get up and follow him to a room where they could check out her human body. He was going to go in and chill with her while they did it, but he got kicked out again. So he just waited out in the waiting room still in Phantom form. It gave him time to think about him and Sam. Than this random little girl… the same one Danny saved as a human walked up to him. (This is the little girl that Danny helped up and than heard Sam screaming after, in the last chapter)

"Escuse me?" Danny looked at the girl as she stared at him. (I will explain what she looks like as I didn't in the first one.) She has long smooth blond hair, turquoise eyes, and a blue sleeveless to with dark blue shorts.

"Can I have your atogwaph?" She asked in a sweet tone that for some reason, reminded him of Sam.

"Sure." Danny said asking for a piece of paper and a pen.

"Uh-oh, howld on." The little girl went back to a woman that appeared to be her mother and asked her for a utensil and a picture of him. The woman looked about mid 20's with short blond hair. The woman obeyed and reached into her purse and grabbed a picture of Danny and a pen, then the little girl quickly but quietly walked/jogged back to him.

"Here you go." She said with a smile in her face, Danny reached for the one of the pictures Danny modeled for, it was actually one of the good pics of him. He grabbed the pen and signed the paper in his neatest signature; he was bored so he took his time so that he had something to do. Once he was finished with it he handed the paper back to her.

"Tank you." After she said that she proceeded back to her mother and showed her the picture that he signed. Danny sighed at just watched them for about half and hour as they were waving back and forth. Then Danny started to get really bored and just walked up to the mother and striked up a conversation.

"Hi." Danny just started out with the basics.

"Hi Mr. Phantom, how are you?" The tiny woman asked.

"Please, call me Danny, I'm not a teacher or married or what not." Danny told her.

"Very well. What is it that you want?" She asked him.

"Well, I'm just reeeeeeeally bored." Danny let out a little giggle as did she.

"Well, I'm available to talk so, just take a seat." Danny sat down next to her, then Danny looked at the little girl on the opposite side of her.

"That your daughter?" Danny asked.

"Yeah." She replied

"Huh…she's really cute." Danny just randomly popped up.

"Yeah, she looks just like her father." She answered.

"What's her name?" Danny asked.

"Roxy." Danny thought that was fairly cute, he liked the name…Roxy…

"That's a nice name, how old is she, cuz she looks like she's like…5."

"She's actually almost 9 believe it or not." Danny was surprised to his knowledge.

"Really? She looks really young, and so do you, what's your name?"Danny asked.

"Yeah," She looked at her daughter" I had her when I was 16; I got pregnant for her when I was 15, and my name's Angela." She reached out a hand and shook with him, Danny at the same time thought, wow there are a lot a teens getting pregnant these days.

"Well you look young to so you must be like 24, 25."

"Almost 24, I'm 23 now; I'm going to turn 24 in August." It's June 4th 2009.

"Well, when's her birthday?" Danny was interested on this little girl right now.

"July 18th." She said

"Ah." Danny sat there for a minute or two then Sam and her doctor came out. Danny looked at Angela and excused himself and walked over to Sam and her doctor.

"Ok, so…did you find out what's in her?" Danny wondered

"Yes, but Samantha's going to tell you, Samantha." The doctor told Sam

"No-n-oo." Sam was crying holding her hands up to her face and covering her eyes.

"Sam?" Danny hugged her and rubbed her back with his hand.

"Sam, if you don't tell him I will." But Sam just kept on shaking her head soaking Danny's shirt in tears.

"Alright Sam you had your chance, Danny…Sam's pregnant." Danny just stood there wide eyed, looking from the doctor to Sam and back again.

"And not only that…" Danny now at this point looked really concerned. "She told me that…she was raped." Now Danny's eyes went from worry to closed tight. Then Danny looked at Sam bundled in his arms.

"Sam do you know who it was?" Danny said now almost crying himself, and Sam just kept on shaking her head no.
"No, no…" Sam's lip trembled. Danny repeated.

"Sam…tell me who." Danny's eyes now brightened a litter green.

"I-ca-an-'t te-l-l, oth-ther wi-ise he-he'll ki-ll m-ee." Sam seemed serious about this.

"Don't worry Sam….I'll find out… now this guy… is going to become… the hunted."

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