Terrible Two's

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Sequel: There are two of them and Do not touch the pudding

Summary: The title says it all

"REBECCA JOY AND JULIET DEE, you both get back here, it is time for your bath!"

The sound of laughter was the only answer that Buffy got.

It had been two years today since they brought the twins home. It was their birthday and every birthday has to have cake, or so Faith says, and because of said cake, both her girls were covered in icing.

"Next time I see you Faith you're in so much trouble."

She had been chasing the girls for nearly an hour and still she couldn't find them, she heard them but could not see them but she could see the icing smears on the walls.

Sighing, nearly half an hour, she bit the bullet and tuned into her slayer skills, if mama couldn't catch them then mama slayer would.

Buffy hunkered down in a shadowy area in the kitchen knowing that they would try to sneak a cookie before bed. She waited for a few minutes, and sure enough the door opened and a little dirty blond head with dry icing on it peaked in.

Little eyes severed the room and Buffy crouched down further in the corner. Seeing the coast clear JD turned and waved in BJ. It turned out that JD was the master mind behind nearly all of the schemes that they planned. Buffy had known, from day one, she was going to be a strong willed spirit, she had always been more outgoing then her sister. BJ was a sweetie, a little shy but still if she wanted to she could keep up with her sister. They were both so bright that it took everything she had to keep up with them!

They had pulled the bar stool from the center island and dragged it over to the counter with the cookie jar on it. JD climbed up and BJ held the chair.

Buffy silently crept up behind the girls; JD was reaching for the jar.

She was so close, just a few more seconds and they would have their prize.

"Hey blue jays, what you doing?" both girls squeaked and turned to their mama.

"Um, nothing?" and they both flashed the patented Buffy puppy look, both sporting a dark blue and light blue eye at her.

It wasn't fair, is this how her mom felt when she did this to her? How did she defend against it?

Sighing she was going to let them go when she noticed the icing and remembered that they both needed baths.

The girls squealed when Buffy picked them up around the middle and carried them up to the bathroom. It was at times like this that she wished that Tara was here. But she was in Washington at a teachers confronts and was there till the day after tomorrow. Till then she would have to deal and clean up the latest scheme.

That was not a fun talk, the confronts was needed to keep Tara's teaching license updated but it over lapped the girls birthday and the girls were upset the their mommy wasn't going to be there. But they somehow understood that Tara's job was important to her, again they were just too bright for their age.

"Mama, don't be sad, mommy will be back soon."

Sweet BJ, the more empathetic of the two, she could just sense it in people when they felt sad or upset and she would try to cheer them up. JD was wild and free; she loved to wrestle and rough house with her and anyone willing to play with her. Buffy knew better, while JD did like to rough house she also had moments of such stillness that it was like she was a different girl, Buffy and the gang still could not figure out why this happened to her or what was happening to her at those times, she had asked once and JD shook her head and ran off.

"I know baby, but I still miss her" Buffy picked up the bucket that the girls toys were stored in and poured water over their heads and scrubbed shampoo in their hair.

They spent about an hour in the bath playing and getting cleaned up and talking about the party and the gift they got. Buffy loved her girls from the top of their heads and down to their toes; she would do anything to keep them safe.

There where time she was scared that she was doing something wrong or in her line of work she was scared that she wouldn't come back one night. Tara helped calm her down and sooth her fears, but strange things have been happening lately and every slayer was needed to fight the growing swarm of evil.

BJ tugged on her arm, Buffy snapped out of her thoughts and looked at her daughter. BJ smiled up at her with that look in her eye she got every time she picked up on sad emotions that look of 'please don't be sad'.

"I'm ok babe, now let get you two dried off and into bed and then will call mommy and have her read you a story how does that sound?"

BJ smiles and stood up but JD just kept on playing.

"Honey lets go it's time for bed" still she didn't get out of the tub.

She had finished drying and dressing BJ and was now brushing her hair.

"DJ, please get out of the tub you're going to get all prune so please get out."


Such a stubborn kid, Tara says she gets it from her; really she has no idea where she gets it from. Buffy took BJ to bed and told her to get ready to sleep and wait for her to get back to call mommy to read that story.

She went back to the bathroom and rested her shoulder up against the door jamb just watching her little girl playing in the water like any other normal child. It was sad that she knew that would never be for her or her family.

Walking up to the tub and kneeling by its side she ran her fingers through JD's wet hair. The girl turned and smiled at her, Buffy smiled back and reached to unplug the drain. As the water level lower Buffy picked up JD and got her dried off and dressed for bed. She brushed her hair and as she did that JD stilled.

"JD, what wrong?" but again all she got was a head shack on and then she claimed off her lap and ran into hers and her sister's room.

One of these days she would find out what that was about. Following her in, Buffy brought the phone from the hall typing in the number of the hotel that Tara was staying in. it rang twice before she picked up.

"Hello sweetheart, how are you and the girls?" she always knew when it was home calling.

Buffy face light up at the sound of her wife's voice.

"We're doing ok, the girls and I miss you so much. We can't wait to have you back home."

"I will be home tomorrow sweetie and then we will all go some were together for a belated present for the girls" Tara sighed then continued.

"I love you, now, what story are we reading tonight" you could hear the smile in her voice.

"Let's go ask them," Buffy walked into the girl's room. "Hay what story to you to want to hear tonight?"

Buffy hit the speaker button and Tara's voice filled the room.

"Hay babies, how are my Blue Jays?"

The girls squealed and called out they loved her and they were fine.

After a small squabble they both settled on sleeping beauty.

"All right," you could hear pages flipping in the back ground.

"Once upon a timeā€¦"

Tara read till Buffy told her that they both had fallen asleep.

"Goodnight my love" Tara must have done something because a warm gentle breeze filled the room and Buffy thought she could feel Tara's lips on hers. She had to smile and say.

"Thanks for the kisses and goodnight as well and sweet dreams my heart."

After a few more words they both hung up and went to bed, both missing the other.