Terrible Two's

Chapter 3- Home

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Then she was going to Molly's, she was craving some of her chocolate pancakes.

B.J.'s POV-

Mama has been crying again I can tell. She misses mommy very much. I miss mommy to. Sometimes at night I can feel her. She misses us to. J.D. asked me how I knew and I told her I just could. I have always been able to know when others feel sad or mad. I don't tell mommy this because it makes me feel weird. I don't know why, mama has always told us that J.D. and I could tell them anything. But I haven't got the courage to tell her yet. I don't want her to think something was wrong with me.

Blue would look better here, then red, and a splash of yellow…

Ah oh, I hear mama…

D.J.'s POV-

B.J. say's that mama's been crying again. She always knows. Like me she has a way of seeing.

Mommy is coming home tomorrow! I can't wait, I miss her voice as she read's to us before bed. It kind of was a bummer that she wasn't here for our birthday but we understand. But we got her gifts for us the next day and they were awesome! B.J. nearly wet herself when she opened her and found a pair of overalls, OVERALLS, what is with that? Anyway I got a pair of roller shoes; you know that shoes that have wheels in the sole, I'm not old enough for real skates yet.

"No, not yellow, green…"

Oh no, time to run, I hear mama!

Buffy's POV-

Tara is coming home! God I can almost smell her sent, feel her in my arms, taste her! The slayer is purring inside me, she knows that her mate is coming home.

Tara sent the girls their gifts. They were so happy. D.J. my little tomboy got her wheels and B.J. got a pair of overalls that she wanted. And not two hours she has them covered in paint and smiling like the mini Tara that she is.

It's scary really. Only two years and a day ago they were entering the world and now they're walking talking… using my makeup as paint!

"B.J, D.J!"

Two giggles follow the shout.

"Girls how many times have I told you to not play with my makeup?"

I hear a sigh and a sarcastic one hundred times before comment. It yanks a sigh from me and I turn to look at the master piece that my blue jays have made.

You know, now that I really look at it?

I pick up my almost used up blue eye shadow and dust it over a small spot that they had missed. Pulling back I sit and look at it again.

It's not done but when I really look at it I can see Tara's face smiling back at me. It tugs a smile from me and I sit on the floor and call my girls. They know I miss her so this is their way of trying to help me miss her less and I love them for it.

"Ok, just this once, I am going to let you get away with this, but you can never tell mommy."

They grin and hug my till I thought that my ribs would crack and went back to work.

I sat there and watched my jays paint Tara with my blush and lipstick and I thought to myself.

'These are the moments that make it so worth it to battle the darkness.'

Tara's POV-

My flight leaves in four hours, and I cannot for the life of me find my other shoe! I have looked everywhere and it is getting really old. Everything else is packed, wait maybe I packed it?

So I tear into my suitcase and hope to Goddess that it's there. A few seconds later, no shoe and now I need to pack again. I just want to go home to my girls.

With a sigh I fall back onto the bed and breath. When I have a clearer head I get up and start to pack all over again. Near the end I see a shirt under the bed that had almost skipped town and picked it up, dragged out with it was my other show and a folded piece of paper.

I put the shirt away and I put on my once missing show and unfold the paper.

It's a set of pictures that my jays colored for me before I left. D.J. drew all of us and our house so I could always have a piece of home with me. And B.J. had painted a single heart with all of their names in it so I would know that I would be in their hearts like they are in mine and they knew that.

I wipe the tears away and finish packing away the drawings and take a look around to see if I have missed anything.

With the all clear I pick up my bag and walk out.

Three hours later I am on a plane home and smiling. Two more hours and I will be home. I cannot wait to hold my love in my arms again, to play with my jays again.

'I wonder how Buffy has held up.'

She can barely keep herself feed let alone feed two growing girls. It makes me smile to think that Buffy must be up to her knees with clothes and coiffing on smoke from a failed breakfast.

Her hearts in the right place but she just cannot cook as well as she can swing a sword. But she loves them so I'm sure that they are still breathing and at least eating ok.

I remember when the girls were two months old and they both started crying and I was just too tired to get up even though it was my turn. Buffy had just told me to go back to sleep and she would tend to the girls. I lay there trying to go back to sleep when I heard the monitor sounded when Buffy shut the door and I heard.

'Hey there sweethearts, what's that matter? Come here and let mama take care of you.'

For a moment all I heard was blankets being moved and the creak of the rocking chair as Buffy and girls sat down. A few seconds more of quite I had thought that would be it but then…

'Babies mine, don't you cry
Babies mine, dry your eyes
Rest your head close to my heart
Never to part, baby of mine.

Little one when you play
Don't you mind what you say
Let those eyes sparkle and shine
Never a tear, babies of mine.

If they knew sweet little you
They'd end up loving you too
All those same people who scold you
What they'd give just for
The chance to hold you.

From your head to your toes
Your not much, goodness knows
But you're so precious to me
Cute as can be, babies of mine.'

I fell a little more in love with Buffy that night. She tries to have this heard as rock shell but I know her heart of hearts, she just a big softy.

And in only an hour I will be home and I'll get to hold that softy in my arms again.

I have to smile because it is moments like those that make all this fighting so worth it.

(The lullaby is Baby Mine from the movie Dombo, hope ya liked it and please review, thanks)