It was a normal Tuesday morning. Well as normal as it can get for a demigod half-blood. I ran to the kitchen and found my mortal family eating breakfast. My dad sat at the head of the table reading the newspaper while my stepmother flipped and cooked pancakes and bacon with a faint sizzle. Bobby and Matthew, my two brothers, were fighting other who got the last bacon piece which soon turned into a battle of flicked bacon pieces. It was compromised by Bobby getting it and my step-mom cooking a little more each brother.

As I entered the kitchen my father lowered the newspaper a fraction and said, "Good morning sleepy head."

"Yeah," taunted Bobby, " you're usually up at dawn. What happened? Have more dreams about you're boyfriend Percy?"

With that comment I blushed as dark as a tomato, but quickly composed myself, poking him on the back harshly while saying, "No I just had jet lag from coming all the way from the other side of the US. And when am I going to get it through your thick head that Percy and I are just friends. You're a complete idiot." I took a seat at the table.

"Well you're in denial," said Bobby with a smirk on his face while Matthew gave a taunting 'yeah' in agreement.

"Okay that's enough," said my stepmother. "Stop bothering your sister about things that are none of your business."

"You're right mom. She'll admit her feelings when she's good and ready. We just have to be patient," Matthew intervened. I gave both my brothers an intimidating glare that said 'I'm going to kill you' but my dad gave me a look right back which replied 'They're only teasing. Be nice'. To make sure the fight didn't go any farther he advised me to go outside and get the mail, but Matt wasn't finished just yet. "That's a great idea. Maybe Percy sent you a love letter." That was the last straw. I dropped all objects in hand and stomped out of the room angrily while simultaneously planning to kill Bobby and Matthew when I got the chance.

As I walked to get the mail, I knew Bobby and Matthew were partially right about Percy. I did like him more than a friend. Just a little crush maybe. What I am thinking?! Percy is a total seaweed brain. I can't like him can I? I threw those thoughts from my mind and ran out to our mailbox. Inside were bills and business letters addressed to both my father and step-mom. I flipped through them and finally came to the last envelope. What I found made me stand shocked in front of the door. There written in scrawl was a letter addressed to me:

Annabeth Chase

4098 Woodview Pass

San Francisco, CA 941772

The return address written very quickly by the looks of it read:

Percy Jackson

Upper East Side

Manhattan New York, NY

Love letter? Nah. Silena was getting to me and so were my bros.

I stuffed the letter in my pocket and like a robot marched to the kitchen then scurried upstairs. I could tell by the fuzzy sensation on my back my family was staring at me in wonder at my sudden closure to all reality. I was hardly paying attention to what I was doing. My mind was entirely focused on the scrawl written on the envelope to me. It was like my body could work without my mind telling it what to do. Before I knew it I was locking my bedroom door and sitting on my desk chair. I grabbed a pair of scissors and used it to open the envelope carefully. This is the first time Seaweed Brain had talked to me since I had left him on top of Half-Blood Hill without looking back. Well the first time he had contacted me. We hadn't even IM-ed each other. With my hand trembling or fear of his anger at me leaving him I read what it had to say:

Dear Wise Girl,

There were loads of things that went unsaid on top of that hill. Like how much of a loon Hera is to think families can be perfect, (Yeah right) least of all our family of Olympians. And how you really needed to stop stuttering and say what you need to say (How unAnnabeth-like) Wise Girl (Emphasis on the wise).

Also, and most importantly, I wanted to say at that very moment Argus blew the car horn ( Darn him and his impeccable timing, and yes I know what that means) that I don't want to be distant with you. I mean with all that happened this summer with our uh, not-a-date getting ruined and Rachel and me being 'dead' for two weeks and well Calypso (I know you're smart enough to know where I was) and the quest and well... Luke, just forget it. I'm sorry I was all jerky about Luke being a traitor (There I go again) but the truth is I was jealous. Yes you heard me right I Perseus Poseidon Jackson, Son of Poseidon, was jealous of Annabeth Minerva Chase, Daughter of Athena. I was afraid of losing your friendship especially since, no offense, all through the end of the quest you seemed really mad at me. I still haven't figured out why you're mad at me but just know that I'm really really incredibly sorry for whatever I did that made you even angrier than usual at me. I'm really sorry. Just don't be so distant. I want things to got back to us being best friends again before this whole quest. Do you forgive me?

To make a further apology I found a song that I think (You: Whoo! Seaweed Brain actually thinks. Me: And yes I actually do.) represents our friendship. Why don't you listen to it. It's called Just The Girl by the Click Five. Here's the lyrics and a few comments on why I think this represents our friendship pretty well:

Just The Girl

By the Click Five

(And comments by the one and only Percy Jackson)

She's cold and she's cruel

But she knows what she's doin' You're smart and decisive

And Athena always has a plan

She pushed me in the pool

At our last school reunion

You almost got me killed in Capture the Flag

At Camp Half-Blood my first year

She laughs at my dreams

But I dream about her laughter

You gave me advise on my dreams

And it helped me loads, thanks Wise girl

Strange as it seems

She's the one I'm after

Though we annoyed each other

I found that you're always the right person to questing with


'cause she's bittersweet

She knocks me off of my feet

When we're having a good chat we almost always end up insulting each other

Literally, you're great with that knife of yours

And I can't help myself

I don't want anyone else

We're still friends

And I wouldn't have it any other way

She's a mystery

She's too much for me

Who would have thought you'd be good with a three-headed dog

You're the smart one who always wins all our arguments

Though I'd never admit it

But I keep comin' back for more

She's just the girl I'm lookin' for

After any fight between us

We're still friends

She can't keep a secret For more than an hour

Quite the opposite

You've got great will power

Bet you'd never give in for anything

She runs on 100 proof attitude power

No way will anyone be able to bring you down without you fighting back

And the more she ignores me

The more I adore her

The more we fight

The closer we get

What can I do?

I'd do anything for her

So we're friends

I'd kill a spider for you anytimeand anyplace


And when she sees it's me

On her caller ID

She won't pick up the phone

She'd rather be alone

You're independent and willful

You can do your own thing alone

No damsel in distress

No need for stupid heros with no brains

But I can't give up just yet

Cause every word she's ever said

Is still ringin' in my head

Still ringin' in my head

You really get annoyed by me at times

I'm trying my best to be a friend to you

You may think I don't listen

But I know 'bout all those architect things you like

She's cold and she's cruel

But she knows what she's doin'

You're brave and resourceful

Don't ask a Seaweed Brain like me to make the plans

Knows just what to say

So my whole day is ruined

We're best friends

But we do get on each other's nerves

And we as friends both know how to do it


Cause she's bittersweet

She knocks me off of my feet

You're my best friend I know you'll help me up when

I fall Even if it's you pushing me down

And I can't help myself

I don't want anyone else

Hey we're best friends

No one else can replace you on a quest

She's a mystery

She's too much for me

I was definitely impressed when you stood up to the Sphinx

Even though it almost got us killed

But I keep comin' back for more

Oh, I keep comin' back for more

Even if there's no hope I'll always be there for you

I'd never leave a friend like you behind

She's just the girl I'm lookin' for

Just the girl I'm lookin' for

You're my ally

Poseidon and Athena reconciled

Just the girl

I'm lookin' for

You're my questing friend

I'll always need you on a quest no matter what

She's just the girl

I'm lookin' for

You're my friend

Someone who has my back

Just the girl I'm lookin' for

You're my best friend

I'll always be around for you

Just the girl I'm lookin' for

Intelligent, Determined, Independent, Amazing

And well... plus... uh...really beautiful from what I've seen

Princess curls and intimidating pretty stormy grey eyes

(Well that's what I first noticed when I first saw you) :

Who could ask for more Wise Girl

Okay I know what you're saying. I'm obviously not charming or sensitive enough to write something like that. But I actually did write it. Do believe me? If you do then please talk to me. I'll keep sending letters until you do. Come on Annabeth will you forgive me. I'm going crazy not being able to talk to one of my real friends from camp who understand us half-bloods. Goode High is driving me nuts with all the other kids who are bugging me. Plus we have to write a report on Greek Mythology. I'm really hating this 'cause have you ever gotten a lesson about mythology from mortals who just happen not to be a centaur in disguise. If you haven't lucky. If you have you understand my pain. The teacher who just happens to be my mom's boyfriend, Paul Blofis (I know it sounds almost like the word 'blowfish'. Hahaha. The only son of the sea god might end up having a last name that has to do with fish which live in the sea or ocean. I know I'm off topic) always talks about how terrifying monsters are, especially a specific monster called Typhon which this specific son of the sea god accidently awakened with an earthquake. Now the report is about if these Greek monsters were alive now, what would they be doing and where would they dwell. That's a pretty easy report but the last part really is a punch in the face for any demigod especially for yours truly. Here's the question: If Typhon was alive now, how much destruction and damage do you think he could do based on the fact that even the Olympian gods couldn't defeat him. Well you can just see how I find this very distressful 'cause soon thanks me, Seaweed Brain, everyone won't have to imagine, they can watch before there eyes as a horrid monsters destroys the whole of New York, NY in maybe a few weeks or even days.

See what I have to deal with. Annabeth please talk to me. Sorry for all that happened this year that killed our friendship, but can't we both just put it behind us? Well write back or IM me if you accept this apology over us arguing about stupid stuff because I was too stupid to not reveal that I was jealous. Did I mention I am the stupidest Seaweed Brain in the history of Seaweed Brains? Okay I think I've taken enough of your time. You've probably got other better things to do like looking for Kronos. Shoot! There I go again talking about L-U-K-E. I should go before I totally ruin this apology letter with my lack of common sense and brains.

Your Best Friend,

Percy Jackson

Seaweed Brain of the Year

I just sat there staring at the very long letter that my best friend had written all for me. Wow. For a guy who has a brain full of kelp he really knew how to apologize well. He had written all of this for me and called me beautiful. Was this what friends who were really sorry did? I remembered a letter Grover had sent me apologizing for a fight we had at the end of camp the year of the Sea of Monsters. Me and Grover were arguing about his search. I told him that he should take a break because of being captured by a cyclops. Being the stubborn goat boy he is he said no and we had a big fight about it. It wasn't resolved even after I left camp. A few days after leaving I received a note for Goat Boy that he was sorry and in the end we made a compromise via Iris Messaging. He'd take a little break of a few months then continue his search. But the letter he gave me was only half a page and not as endearing as this. Was this a letter from my best friend or someone who cared for me more than just a friend? And lose a love to worse than death, rang through my ears. It had been Luke not Percy that had been lost. The prophecy proved that I loved Luke not Percy. It was always not Percy. I had always said that I didn't like Percy because he was a Seaweed Brain but was that true? Am I falling for him? Okay slow down Annabeth and think. I needed to deal with this now before Percy turned sixteen, before the world's fate was decided, and before Percy could actually die. Why do I deny I like him? I knew what I needed to do. I'd make a list. Lists usually helped me get my life in line or make decisions. I'd just list all the pros and cons of a decision then decide if it was good or not. Seven things I hate about him and seven things I like about him. So I started making it. I did the hate list first because then I'd have the good things fresh in my mind after making both.