Another random story!

"Ew! Emmett! Why here? Anywhere but here!"

"You are soooo overly dramatic, lil' sis'!"

Emmett had dragged me to the mall, since he was bored, and everyone else was out hunting.

And dragged me into this...cage...

"But seriously, Emmett...Build A Bear?"

He hissed at me.

"Sorry...but how old are you?"

"I wanna make a freaking build a bear, and darsh, gonnet, I am going to."

I just stared at him, wide-eyed, and confused.

"Help me!" he commanded.

I walked over slowly, and like a small child he said:

"Ooo! I want a teddy! Oh, no, that's only ten dollars! I want a piggy! No, that's only twenty!"

And it kept going on like that for ten minutes.

"I'll pick the most expensive one!" he told a worker..

The teenage worker looked very bored an tired.

"And that is a unicorn...sir..."

Emmett jumped up and down clapping his hands.

"Yay!" he sang.

So he picked out his flat stuffed animal, and made his way over to the voice recorders.

"Bella! Speak!" he shouted.


"Eh, that sucked."

He tried this time.

"Hi! I'm your best friend Emmett! You totally rock!"

He played it over and jumped up and down again.

I took his hand and we walked over to the stuffing machine.

"Ooo! Fluff!"

I shook my head.

"No, Emmett. This is stuff. That," I pointed over to the make believe showers. "is fluff."

He childishly stuck his tounge out at me.

I did it back.

I put the long tube in the bear, and it filled up quickly.

"Oh, acne boy!" Emmett called over to the teen worker.

I sighed.

The heart dance was next...