Harry Disclaimer: I am not the wonderful JK Rowling who created these wonderful characters' parents, but I take full responsibility for the children and some of the adults.

Charmed Disclaimer: I am also no one to do with Charmed either behind the scenes or in front of them.

However, I just want to play around with these lovely characters' lives.

Phoebe was in her attic looking through her ancestral book, The Book of Shadows. She was looking through a page about empaths before a gust of wind guided her to "helping a young witch".

"Thanks Grams! I've tried this already, so now am I supposed to wait around for an answer?"

"Mama? Are you talking to great grandma again?" Melinda asked her mother, walking in with her father, Coop.

"Hey, ladybug. I was just thanking my grams for bringing me back to this page."

"You still haven't got anyone then?" Coop asked.

"No! And it's getting really frustrating!"

"Just keep trying."

"Nenny, May won't let me watch Digimon," Cody complained.

"But I want to watch Pokemon, Nenny. Cody won't let me though."

"Mummy! Cody and May are arguing again." She ran all the way up the stairs to her room trying to block out all the emotions whirling around the house. She couldn't handle it and couldn't handle all these people around her, so she often went to her room and enjoyed the solitude. But this time she couldn't take it, in a desperate plea she cried out loud, "Somebody, please help me!"

The sound of a woman's voice made her turn round and gasp. "Are you alright?" the woman asked in a rich American accent.

Leo Wyatt, Piper and Paige Halliwell were sitting by the table looking at the bills spread across on top of it.

"I want to move. There aren't any demons here. Phoebe is off on that mission to help someone, and I'm just bored of this place. I want to move," Piper grumbled.

"Piper, I'm surprised at you. You're always so routed to the manor," Paige said incredulously.

"No it makes sense. Look at it this way; the bills are low enough for one person to pay. But someone will have to stay here. The house is still vulnerable to evil taking control."

"I agree. I'll stay here and you should go wherever Phoebe goes," Paige said decisively.

"What if it's abroad?" Piper asked.

"You'll just be an orb away if we get lonely," Paige reassured her.

Wyatt, Chris and Patty, who were Leo and Piper's children, entered with their twin cousins Megan and Rose, who were Paige's girls.

"Oh my gosh! Where is Phoebe now? Wyatt, sense your aunt for me please and bring her back!"

"H-who are you?" she asked in a panic.

"My name is Phoebe Halliwell, and I responded to your call. What's your name?"

"My name is Serenity Lupin."

"Wow, like in the cartoon Yugioh? Oh and where am I?" Phoebe asked. "England or something?"

"Yes, you're in London."

Without warning a figure of a young boy sparkled blue and white and moments later a boy of around the same age as Serenity showed up chattering away.

"Aunt Phoebe, mom has been worried sick about you and when she tried scrying for you, you weren't anywhere to be found. So she told me to sense you and I ended up orbing here," he looked at Serenity and smiled slightly. "Hello, my name is Wyatt Halliwell, what's yours?"

"Serenity Lupin," she responded shyly.

"Like in Yugioh. Joey Wheeler's sister?" Serenity smiled and nodded. The child took in his surroundings. "Where am I and how comes I don't know your accent?"

"Wyatt, you're in London. That is probably why your mom couldn't scry for me."

"London?! How did I get here?" the child was sincerely scared.

"You orbed," Phoebe and Serenity said in unison.

"Renity!" boomed her mother's voice. "Who has come in?!"

"Oh no, we have an alarm for when people come in. you'll have to go," Serenity said in a hurry but by the time her words sunk in the minds the door to her door opened revealing a woman with shocking pink hair, holding a small baby in her arms.

Back in auror-mode, the woman whipped out her wand and trained it on Phoebe. "How did you enter?"

"Mum, don't hurt them. They're here to help me," Serenity cut in nervously. At the mention of the word 'hurt' Wyatt cast a translucent bubble of a blue colour around him, his aunt and new friend. Tonks was taken aback.

"No, Wyatt, she wouldn't hurt her daughter. Put your forcefield down." He obeyed.

"Serenity, you don't know them. They could be anyone," the woman held her gaze on her oldest daughter but kept her wand pointed at Phoebe.

"One of them is a child, mum, he looks my age! Can't you see he couldn't do anything to me? Not to mention they don't even have wands." Tonks thought then lowered her arm.

"Come downstairs, you can meet my husband and children."

"Is dad home?" Serenity said quietly, although her mother didn't hear due to the noise in the living room.

The four of them trudged down the stairs and when they came into the living room both Serenity and Phoebe put their hands on their forehead as emotions hit them head on. They both looked at each other in surprise.

"The same thing happens to you."

"Yes, you're an empath."

"What is an empath?" a male voice asked.

"Dad! You're back from school!" Serenity jumped up into her father's arms.

The children went quiet at the appearance of Phoebe and Wyatt and they sat on the sofa. Phoebe and Wyatt both took turns in explaining how they had got there and what their intentions are. Finally they explained that an empath was a type of person that could read emotions.

"Like a clairvoyant person, only they're clairsentient."

"Exactly, I'm both."

The parents looked at each other and both said "The Divinations teacher."